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Demo 1983

cas NONTM7 (1983): Nuke Your Heart, A Silent Promise, Don't Look Back, There's No Excuse, (Don't) Look At Me That Way, Lizzie Sage [DAD8014CD], Eyes That See, Happy Birthday (Glenn Sheldon)

Throwing Muses were Kristin Hersh, Tanya Donelly, Elaine Adamendes and Becca Blumen at this point and were called «Kristin Hersh and the Muses».

Demo '84

cas NONTM10 (1983): Catch [DAD8014CD], Let's Go Outside, Machismo, It's Not Too Soon, Bird Of Paradox, The burrow [CAD901], Capital A, Clear And Great [DAD8014CD], Desert, Ant Song

Becca Blumen had left prior to this cassette and been replaced by David Narcizo. «Catch» written by Hersh. «Let's Go Outside» written by Donelly. «Machismo» written by Hersh. «It's Not Too Soon» written by Donelly. «Bird Of Paradox» written by Hersh. «The burrow» written by Hersh. «Capital A» written by Donelly. «Clear And Great» written by Hersh. «Desert» written by Adamedes. «Ant Song» written by Hersh.

Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.ThrowingMuses.NONTM1.jpg

Throwing Muses

7 NONTM1 (1985): Stand Up [R CAD607], Dirt is on the Floor, untitled, The Party, Santa Claus (^2) [R CAD901CD]

Released by the Muses on the label «Blowing Fuses» in 1985. Re-pressed by the fan club in 1989. «Dirt is on the Floor» written by Elaine Adamedes.

The Doghouse Cassette

cas NONTM13 (1985): Call Me (demo) [R CAD607], Sinkhole (demo) [R TAD5017CD], Green (demo) [R CAD607], Hate My Way (demo) [R CAD607], Vicky's Box (demo) [R CAD607], America (She Can't Say No) (demo) [R CAD607], Fear (demo) [R CAD607], Raise the Roses (demo), And A She-Wolf After The War (demo) [R MAD706], Fish (demo) [R TAD2019CD]

Cassette of a Muses demo from 1985. Included on the ``In A Doghouse'' CD in 1998.

Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.ThrowingMuses.CAD607CD.jpg Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.ThrowingMuses.CAD607.jpg

Throwing Muses

lp cas cd CAD607, CADC607, CAD607CD (1986): Call Me, Green, Hate My Way, Vicky's Box, Rabbits Dying, America (She Can't Say No), Fear, Stand Up, Soul Soldier, Delicate Cutters

Throwing Muses are Kristin Hersh (Kristin Hersh), David Narcizo, Leslie Langston and Tanya Donelly. Featuring Ronnie Stone and Dave Knowles. Produced by Gil Norton. Sleeve by 23 Envelope and Richard Donelly.

Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.ChainsChanged.ep.jpg

Chains Changed

12ep cassingle BAD701, BADC701 (1987): Finished [R TAD2019CD], Reel, Snail Head [R TAD2019CD], Cry Baby Cry

Initial copies came with a poster. Produced by Gil Norton. Sleeve by 23 Envelope and Andrew Catlin. Original quantities of the 12" included a poster.

Various - Lonely Is An Eyesore

lp cas cd lp lp video CAD703, CADC703, CAD703CD, CADD703, CADX703, VAD703 (1987) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Fish [R TAD2019CD]

Various - Dr. Death's Volume 1

lp NONMORT1 (1987) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Fish [R TAD2019CD]

Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.TheFatSkier.lp.jpg

The Fat Skier

lp cas MAD706, MADC706 (1987): Garoux Des Larmes, Pools In Eyes, A Feeling, Soap And Water, And A She-Wolf After The War, You Cage, Soul Soldier [R CAD607]

Produced by Mark van Hecke. Engineered by Warren Bruleigh, Trow Doolittle and Hideki Sunada. Sleeve by Kurt DeMunbrun, Kar, Richard Donelly and Kate Whitney. Side 2 of MAD706 is 45rpm and features a long version of «Soul Soldier» that has Kristin, Tanya, and a couple friends sitting in a park in Newport, RI looking at clouds and kites. The baby noises are Dylan's, through various effects, and sometimes backwards with the rest of the dialogue. «Soul Soldier» coproduced by Gil Norton.

Various - Rhythm & Noise

cas NONUND1 (Oct 1987) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: America (She Can't Say No) (demo) [NONTM13]

Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.HouseTornado.lp.jpg Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.HouseTornado.ep.jpg

House Tornado

lp cas CAD802, CADC802 (1988): Colder, Mexican Women, The River, Juno, Marriage Tree, Run Letter, Saving Grace, Drive, Downtown, Giant, Walking In The Dark

cd CAD802CD (1988): CADC802, Garoux Des Larmes [MAD706], Pools In Eyes [MAD706], Soap And Water [MAD706], And A She-Wolf After The War [MAD706], You Cage [MAD706]

In short, CAD802CD features side one of MAD706. It doesn't have side two, which consisted of a re-recording of «Soul Soldier» and various noises. Featuring Rich Gilbert. Produced by Gary Smith. Engineered by Paul Kolderie. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver and Shinro Ohtake.

Saving Grace

12 NONTM3 (1988): Saving Grace (2:44) [CAD802], An intimate piece of conversation with David Narcizo and Kristin Hersh (4:05)

Promotional release. The second track is not an interview, but an actual song of sorts... (PRO-A-3157).

The River

12 NONTM4 (1988): The River [CAD802]

Promo released by Sire in the US, PRO-A-3070.

Various - The Sounds Machine EP 1

7 NONSOU1 (May 1 1988) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Mania [L CAD901]

Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.Hunkpapa.cd.jpg


lp cas CAD901, CADC901 (1989): Devil's Roof, Bea, Dizzy, No Parachutes, Dragonhead, Say Goodbye, Fall Down, I'm Alive, Angel, Mania, The Burrow, Take

cd CAD901CD (1989): CADC901, Santa Claus

Two versions of the lp was released: One in brown and one in gray. Featuring Bernie Warrell, Russ Gershon, Tom Halter, Russell Jewell and Guy Yarden. Produced by Gary Smith. Engineered by Steve Haigler. Sleeve by v23, Richard Donelly and Obigail Simon. Write to Michell Alorim, P.O. Box 1909, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA 02238, USA.

Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.Dizzy.cdsingle.jpg Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.Dizzy.BADD903.jpg


7 AD903 (1989): Dizzy [R CAD901], Santa Claus [R CAD901CD]

12ep 10 cd5 BAD903, BADD903, BAD903CD (1989): AD903, Mania [L CAD901], Downtown [L CAD802]

BADD903 is a limited edition 10".

Various - The Catalogue

7 NONCAT1 (June 1989) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Fall Down (New Orleans version) [R CAD901]

Various - Gigantic

cas NONNME4 (1989) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Santa Claus [R CAD901CD]

Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.CountingBackwards.BAD1001CD.jpg

Counting Backwards

7 AD1001 (1991): Counting Backwards [CAD1002], Same Sun

12ep cd5 BAD1001, BAD1001CD (1991): AD1001, Amazing Grace [R TAD5017CD], Cottonmouth [R TAD2019CD]

Exit Leslie Langston. Enter Fred Abong. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Archer, Quinell and Dave Coppenhall. Engineered by Paul Kolderie. «Counting Backwards» engineered by John Beverly Jones. «Counting Backwards» produced by Dennis Herring.

Counting Backwards

cd5 NONTM5 (1991): Counting Backwards [CAD1002], Same Sun [AD1001], Amazing Grace [BAD1001]

Released in the US.

Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.TheRealRamona.cd.jpg

The Real Ramona

lp cas cd CAD1002, CADC1002, CAD1002CD (1991): Counting Backwards, Him Dancing, Red Shoes, Graffiti, Golden Thing, Ellen West, Dylan, Hook In Her Head, Not Too Soon, Honeychain, Say Goodbye [R CAD901], Two Step

This version of «Say Goodbye» is extremely different from the version on CAD901. «Dylan» is the name of Kristin Hersh's son. Produced by Dennis Herring. Engineered by John Beverly Jones. Sleeve by David Narcizo, Andy Catlin and Jim Anderson. «Red Shoes» coremixed by Paul Kolderie. «Not Too Soon» remixed by Csaba Petocz.

Counting Backwards

12ep MUSE1 (1991): Counting Backwards [CAD1002], Say Goodbye [CAD901], Hook In Her Head [CAD1002]

Promotional release.

Various - Volume 1

cd NONVOL1 (Sep 1991) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Red Shoes [R CAD1002]

Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.NotTooSoon.BAD1015CD.jpg

Not Too Soon

7 AD1015 (1991): Not Too Soon [CAD1002], Cry Baby Cry

12ep cd5 BAD1015, BAD1015CD (1991): AD1015, Him Dancing [R CAD1002], Dizzy [R CAD901]

Produced by Dennis Herring and Gary Smith. Engineered by Paul Kolderie. Sleeve by Christine Cano and The American Bandana. Released in the US by Sire on CD (40135-2) in a digi-pak featuring a blow-up of the artwork of BAD1015. «Cry Baby Cry» written by Lennon and McCartney.

Various - Rough Trade - Music for the 90's: Vol 3

cd NONRT4 (1991) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Not Too Soon [CAD1002]

Various - Lilliput

cd Lilliput1&2 (1992) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Hate My Way [CAD607]

Various - Soundtrack from «Matter of Degrees»

lp cd NONSOU2 (lp), NONSOU2 (cd) (1992) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Matter of Degrees [Re (*Backroad*)]

Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.Firepile.BADD2012CD.jpg Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.Firepile.cdsingle.jpg


12ep cd5 BAD2012, BAD2012CD (1992): Firepile [CAD2013], Manic Depression [R TAD2019CD], Snailhead [R TAD2019CD], City of the Dead

12ep cd5 BADD2012, BADD2012CD (1992): Firepile [R CAD2013], Jak, Ride into the Sun, Handsome Woman

Exit Tanya Donelly and Fred Abong. Engineered by Steve Boyer and Paul Kolderie. Featuring Leslie Langston and Bernard Georges. Sleeve by v23. «Manic Depression» written by Jimi Hendrix. «Jak» written by Peter Prescott (Volcano Suns / Misson of Burma). «Ride into the Sun» written by Reed/Cale/Morrison/Tucker.


12ep MUSE2 (1992): Firepile [CAD2013], Manic Depression [BAD2012], Jak [BADD2012], Rosetta Stone [CAD2013]

Promo release.

Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.RedHeaven.cd.jpg

Red Heaven

lp cas cd CAD2013, CADC2013, CAD2013CD (1992): Furious, Firepile, Dio, Dirty Water, Stroll, Pearl, Summer St, Vic, Backroad, The Visit, Dovey, Rosetta Stone, Carnival Wig

lp cd CADD2013, CADD2013CD (1992): CAD2013CD, KH1 (cd)

Limited editions of the LP sold through The Chain With No Name included the free LP KH1. The initial quantities of the CD was a slim-line double CD box and was mislabeled CAD2013CD. (The «D» for «Deluxe» was dropped.) Coproduced by Steve Boyer, Paul Q. Kolderie and Artie Smith. Featuring Leslie Langston and Bob Mould (Hüsker Dü). Recorded at Power Station, NYC and Fort Apache, Cambridge, MA. Engineered by Steve Boyer and Victor Deyglio. A Japanese version of «Red Heaven» was released that had most of the tracks from KH1 on the same disc as «Red Heaven». It lacked «Bea» and «Delicate Cutters».

Various Tracks

cd5 NONTM6 (1992): Dio [CAD2013], Summer St [CAD2013], Manic Depression [BAD2012], Handsome Woman [BADD2012], Jak [BADD2012], City of the Dead [BAD2012], Firepile [BADD2012]

US promo release (PRO-CD 5832).

Various - Volume 4

cd NONVOL4 (1992) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Firepile [R CAD2013]

Various - ...and dog bones, too

cas cd 21512 (cas), 21512 (cd) (1992) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Pearl [CAD2013]

Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.TheCurse.cd.jpg

The Curse

cd TAD2019CD (Nov 16 1992): Manic Depression [L], Counting Backwards [L CAD1002], Fish [L], Hate My Way [L CAD607], Furious [L CAD2013], Devil's Roof [L CAD901], Snailhead [L], Firepile [L CAD2013], Finished [L], Take [L CAD901], Say Goodbye [L CAD901], Mania [L CAD901], Two Step [L CAD1002], Delicate Cutters [L CAD607], Cottonmouth [L], Pearl [L CAD2013], Vic [L CAD2013], Bea [L CAD901]

Recorded live 8th. and 9th. Oct., 1992. The Grand Theater, Clapham, London on the Advision Mobile.

Various - 4AD Presents The 13 Year Itch

video (shuffle) (video) (1993) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Counting Backwards [CAD1002]

Various - Independent20 #16

cd NONVAR20 (1993) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Firepile [CAD2013]

Various - Trademark of Quality

cd NONTOQ2 (1994) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Teller (demo) [R CAD5002]

Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.BrightYellowGun.cdsingle.jpg

Bright Yellow Gun

7 AD4018 (1994): Bright Yellow Gun [CAD5002], Like a Dog

12ep cd5 BAD4018, BAD4018CD (Dec 1994): Bright Yellow Gun [CAD5002], Crayon Sun, Red Eyes, Like a Dog [AD4018]

Enter Bernard Georges. Basic tracks co-produced by Phill Brown. Engineered by Trina Shoemaker. Recorded at Kingsway Studios, New Orleans. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver and Stine Schyberg. «Crayon Sun» written by D. Hidago (Latin Playboys) and L. Perez (Latin Playboys).

Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.University.CADD5002CD.jpg Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.University.cd.jpg


lp cas cd cd CAD5002, CADC5002, CAD5002CD, CADD5002CD (Jan 16 1995): Bright Yellow Gun (3:43), Start (2:48), Hazing (3:15), Shimmer (3:15), Calm Down, Calm Down (1:49), Crabtown (4:20), No Way In Hell (4:45), Surf Cowboy (2:46), That's All You Wanted (3:26), Teller (2:52), University (2:12), Snakeface (3:29), Flood (3:14), Fever Few (6:47)

CAD D 5002 CD is a limited edition cd in a red, soft plastic box with 8 postcards and the cd itself in a digipak. Engineered by Trina Shoemaker. Basic tracks co-produced by Phill Brown. Recorded at Kingsway Studios, New Orleans and Larrabee North Studios, N. Hollywood. Mixed by David Bianco. Featuring Jane Scarpantoni. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Shinro Ohtake, Steve Gullick, Stine Schyberg and Crane Anderson. «University» featuring Lenny Kaye, Dylan Hersh Going and Ryder James O'Connell. «Snakeface» featuring Trina Shoemaker.

Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.Snakeface.cdsingle.jpg


cd5 NONTM8 (1995): Snakeface [CAD5002]

500 promo copies made for the Pinkpop Festival (PROMO 4AD 001).

Various - Radio Odyssey

cd NONRO1 (1995) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Hazing [L CAD5002]

Various - Facing The Wrong Way

cd FTWW1 (1995) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Snakeface [CAD5002]

Various - Out Loud

cd NONOL1 (1995) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Finished [L TAD2019CD]

Various - Volume 13

cd NONVOL13 (1995) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Hillbilly

Various - This is Fort Apache

cd NONVAR29 (1995) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Run Letter [CAD802]

Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.Shark.postcard.jpg Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.Shark.ADD6016.jpg Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.Shark.AD6016.jpg Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.Shark.german-flyer.jpg Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.Shark.cdsingle.jpg


cd5 BAD6016CD (July 29 1996): Shark [CAD6014], Tar Moochers [Re (*Tar Kissers*)], Serene Swing [Re (*Serene*)], Limbobo [Re (*Limbo*)]

7 AD6016 (1996): Shark [CAD6014], Tar Moochers [ReRe (*Tar Kissers*)]

blank ADD6016 (1996): Shark [CAD6014], Limbobo [ReRe (*Limbo*)]

blank 6016 (postcard) (1996)

The two 7"'s are limited editions. Engineered by Steve Rizzo. Recorded at Stable Sound. Sleeve by Gilbert Hernandez and Steve Gullick. «Shark» engineered by Trina Shoemaker and Ethan Allen. «Shark» mixed by Mike "Spike" Drake and Steve Cook.

Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.Shark.MUSE3.jpg


12 MUSE3 (1996): Shark [CAD6014], Ruthie's Knocking [CAD6014]

Promo release.

Ruthie's Knocking

cd5 NONTM9 (1996): Ruthie's Knocking [CAD6014], Tar Moochers [RR (*Tar Kissers*)], Serene Swing [RR (*Serene*)], Limbobo [RR (*Limbo*)]

Released by Throwing Music in the US (RCD5-1052).

Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.Limbo.cd.jpg


lp cas cd CAD6014, CADC6014, CAD6014CD (Aug 19 1996): Buzz, Ruthie's Knocking, Freeloader, The Field, Limbo, Tar Kissers, Tango, Serene, Mr. Bones, Night Driving, Cowbirds, Shark, White Bikini Sand

The last track is not listed on the packaging. Also released by Throwing Music in the US (RCD/RAC 10354). That release features a video track for «Ruthie's Knocking». Featuring Martin McCarrick (Siouxie and the Banshees) and Robert Rust. Engineered by Trina Shoemaker, Ethan Allen and James Sayberth. Recorded at Kingsway USA, New Orleans and Larabee Studio. Mixed by David Bianco. Sleeve by David Narcizo, MaryAnn Southard, Gilbert Hernandez and Steve Gullick.

Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.RuthiesKnocking.TAD6017.jpg

Ruthie's Knocking

12 TAD6017 (Sep 23 1996)

Limited one-sided 7" release (1500 copies) available only to The Chain With No Name and mail order customers. Side two of the vinyl is embossed.

Various - Are You Ready For This? Music from the Extreme Games

cd NONVAR18 (1996) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Hillbilly (3:23) [NONVOL13]

Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.LiveToTape.cd.jpg

Live to Tape

cd5 NONTM11 (1997): Shark [Re CAD6014], Ruthie's Knocking [Re CAD6014], Night Driving [Re CAD6014], Serene [Re CAD6014], Bright Yellow Gun [Re CAD5002], Bea [Re CAD901]

Limited promo released by Ryko/Throwing Music. Recorded at Stable Sound, Portsmouth RI on 5/20/96.

Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.Freeloader.cd.jpg Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.Freeloader.cdsingle.jpg


cd5 NONTM12 (Jan 21 1997): Freeloader [CAD6014], If, Take [L CAD901], Heel Toe

Released in a flip pack by Ryko/Throwing Music. «If» written by Latin Playboys.

Various - Shoe Pie

cd unknown (1997) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Freeloader [CAD6014]

Various - Volume 17

cd NONVOL17 (1997) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Like A Dog (demo) [R AD4018]

Various - MediaAmerica Radio Presents All Access

cd NONVAR27 (1997) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Limbo [L CAD6014], Throwing Muses: Shimmer [L CAD5002], Throwing Muses: Bright Yellow Gun [L CAD5002], Throwing Muses: Ruthie's Knocking [L CAD6014], Throwing Muses: Two Step [L CAD1002]

Various - Just Say Yes (Sire's Winter Cd Music Sampler)

cd NONVAR36 (1997) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: A Feeling [MAD706]

Various - Clustered and Clipped

cd 4ADCD1 (1998) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Fish [CAD703]

Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.InADoghouse.cd.jpg

In A Doghouse

cd DAD8014CD (Sep 14 1998): BADC701, CAD607CD, NONTM13 (cas), Catch, Lizzie Sage, Clear and Great, Doghouse, People

Also released by Throwing Music/Rykodisc (RCD10377/78) in the US. Double cd release. Includes the video to ``Fish''. The last five tracks on the second CD are older TM songs that were recorded in 1997; produced by David Narcizo. Sleeve by David Narcizo, Chris Gorman (Belly), Vicky Cessna, Joseph Narcizo, Richard Donelly and Ryder.

Various - Uncut CD

cd NONVAR25 (Nov 1998) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Mania [CAD901]

Various - Kiddy's Got Four Fingers

cd PUP1 (1998) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Fish [CAD703]

Various - Just Say YO (Volume 2 Of Just Say Yes)

cd NONVAR35 (1998) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Mexican Women [CAD802]

Kristin Hersh - Selected Videos from Throwing Muses & Kristin Hersh

video M3 (1999) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Shark [CAD6014], Throwing Muses: Bright Yellow Gun [CAD5002]

Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.LiveInProvidence.cd.jpg

Live in Providence

cd NONTM15 (2001): Firepile (03:18) [CAD2013], Snailhead (03:01) [BAD701], Fish (04:19) [CAD703], Fear (02:57) [CAD607], Hate My Way (04:07) [CAD607], Vic (01:19) [CAD2013], Take (04:36) [CAD901], Teller (03:07) [CAD5002], Bea (04:29) [CAD901], Soap & Water (02:43) [MAD706], Say Goodbye (03:50) [CAD901], Two Step (05:41) [CAD1002], Catch a Falling Star (02:18), Mania (04:19) [CAD901]

Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.ThrowingMuses.cd.jpg

Throwing Muses

cd CAD2301CD (2003): Mercury (04:14) [CAD3009], Pretty or Not (03:30), Civil Disobedience (03:14), Pandora's Box (05:21), Status Quo (04:19), Speed and Sleep (05:10), Portia (03:38), SolarDip (03:34), Epiphany (03:17), Los Flamingos (03:07), Half Blast (06:14), Flying (05:49)

Live in Brussels, March 1989 at the Ancienne Belgique

cd NONTM14 (2004): Intro-You Cage (02:22), Fall Down (03:46) [CAD901], Take (04:50) [CAD901], Dizzy (03:33) [CAD901], Devil's Roof (03:36) [CAD901], Soap & Water (02:25) [MAD706], Pools In Eyes (03:18) [MAD706], Red Shoes (04:35) [CAD1002], America (She Can't Say No) (03:01), Cottonmouth (03:05) [BAD1001], Dragonhead (04:44) [CAD901], A Feeling (03:24) [MAD706], Say Goodbye (04:06) [CAD901], Bea (04:25) [CAD901], Vicky's Box (05:29) [CAD607], Santa Claus (05:02) [AD903], Mania (03:30) [CAD901], Stand Up (03:42) [NONTM1]

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