404 Dead Can Dance

lp CAD404 (1984): The Final Impact, The Trial, Frontier, Fortune, Ocean, East Of Eden, Threshold, A Passage In Time, Wild In The Woods, Musica Eternal

cas cd CADC404, CAD404CD (1984): CAD404, BAD408

Dead Can Dance are Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry.

NONDCD7 Dead Can Dance

cd NONDCD7 (1994): De Profundis (Out Of The Depths Of Sorrow) [CAD512], The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove [CADC3013], Persephone [CAD412], The song of the Sybil [CAD0007], The Host of Seraphim [CAD808], The Carnival is Over [CADC3013], Ariadne [CADC3013], Severance [CAD808], The Arrival and the Reunion [CAD0007], Yulunga [CADC3013], Spirit [CADC1010], Ocean [CAD404], The Protagonist [CAD703]

This limited edition, promotional only CD contains selections from all six Dead Can Dance albums. It is made available to coincide with the debut U.S. release of the first five Dead Can Dance albums, orginally released in Europe between 1984-1990 (PRO-CD-6805).

NONTBP2 The Birthday Party - Dead Joe

7 NONTBP2 (1982)

Free with «Masterbag» magazine #15, August 1982 (BAG 005).

7011 Pixies - Death To The Pixies

cas cd DADC7011, DAD7011CD (Oct 6 1997): Cecilia Ann [CAD0010], Planet of Sound [CAD1014], Tame [CAD905], Here Comes your Man [CAD905], Debaser [CAD905], Dig for Fire [CAD0010], Wave of Mutilation [CAD905], Caribou [MAD709], The Holiday Song [MAD709], Nimrod's Son [MAD709], U-Mass [CAD1014], Bone Machine [CAD803], Gigantic [R CAD803], Where is my Mind? [CAD803], Velouria [CAD0010], Gouge Away [CAD905], Monkey Gone to Heaven [CAD905]

cd DAD7011CDGT (1997): DAD7011CD

cd DADD7011CD (1997): DAD7011CD, \live, Debaser [CAD905], Rock Music [CAD0010], Broken Face [CAD803], Isla de Encanta [MAD709], Hangwire [CAD0010], Dead [CAD905], Into the White, Monkey Gone to Heaven [CAD905], Gouge Away [CAD905], Here Comes your Man [CAD905], Allison [CAD0010], Hey [CAD905], Gigantic [CAD803], Crackity Jones [CAD905], Something Against You [CAD803], Tame [CAD905], Wave of Mutilation [CAD905], Where is my Mind? [CAD803], Ed is Dead [MAD709], Vamos [MAD709], Tony's Theme [CAD803]

blank cd DADD7011, DAD7011CDGT (1997): DADD7011CD, DAD7011CD, I'm Amazed (demo) [NONPIX5], Broken Face (demo) [NONPIX5]

DADD 7011 is a 4x10" box set limited to 9000 copies. DADD 7011 CD is a limited double cd. The "GT" versions of the cd contains the two extra demo tracks. The second CD was recorded at Vrendenburg, Utrecht, The Netherlands on September 25, 1990 for VPRO Radio 3.

7010 Pixies - Debaser

7 AD7010 (Sep 22 1997): Debaser (demo) [R CAD905], Number Thirteen Baby (demo)

cd5 BAD7010CD (1997): Debaser (remix) [R CAD905], Bone Machine (VPRO) [R CAD803], Gigantic (VPRO) [R CAD803], Isla de Encanta (VPRO) [R MAD709]

cd5 BADD7010CD (1997): Debaser [L CAD905], Cactus [L CAD803], Nimrod's Son [L MAD709], Holiday Song [L MAD709]

The three B-sides on BAD CD are from a Dutch VPRO studio session in 1990. BAD D 7011 CD recorded 19891008 at Cabaret Metro for Chicago's WXRT. Comixed by Rob Genadek. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Timothy O'Donnell, Nicola Schwartz and Chris Bigg.

NONLU1 Lush - De-Luxe

cd5 NONLU1 (1990): De-Luxe (single edit) (3:02) [R GAD2K22CD], De-Luxe (alternative single edit) (3:03) [R GAD2K22CD], De-Luxe (3:02) [GAD2K22CD]

US promo released by Reprise (PRO-CD-4662).

NONTM10 Throwing Muses - Demo '84

cas NONTM10 (1983): Catch [DAD8014CD], Let's Go Outside, Machismo, It's Not Too Soon, Bird Of Paradox, The burrow [CAD901], Capital A, Clear And Great [DAD8014CD], Desert, Ant Song

Becca Blumen had left prior to this cassette and been replaced by David Narcizo. «Catch» written by Hersh. «Let's Go Outside» written by Donelly. «Machismo» written by Hersh. «It's Not Too Soon» written by Donelly. «Bird Of Paradox» written by Hersh. «The burrow» written by Hersh. «Capital A» written by Donelly. «Clear And Great» written by Hersh. «Desert» written by Adamedes. «Ant Song» written by Hersh.

NONPIX5 Pixies - Demo 86

cas NONPIX5 (1986): Leviate Me (demo) [R MAD709], The Holiday Song (demo) [R MAD709], I've Been Tired (demo) [R MAD709], Break My Body (demo) [R CAD803], Down To The Well (demo) [R CAD0010], Rockaway Soul (demo), I'm Amazed (demo) [R CAD803], Build High (demo) [R GAD2103CD], In Heaven (demo) [R GAD2103CD], Caribou (demo) [R MAD709], Here Comes Your Man (demo) [R CAD905], Subbacultcha (demo) [R CAD1014], Vamos (demo) [R MAD709], Broken Face (demo) [R CAD803], Nimrod's Son (demo) [R MAD709], Isla de Encanta (demo) [R MAD709], Ed Is Dead (demo) [R MAD709]

Demo tape from '86 or '87.

SCHEER 1 Scheer - Demon

7 SCHEER1 (1995): Demon (live demo version) [R CAD6006], Howling (live demo version)

Promo release.

7006 Scheer - Demon

cd5 BAD7006CD (1997): Demon [CAD6006], Obsession, (Green Room) Sex Kitten [SCHEER4CD]

Produced by Head. Limited edition. «Demon» mixed by Mike "Spike" Drake.

NONTM7 Throwing Muses - Demo 1983

cas NONTM7 (1983): Nuke Your Heart, A Silent Promise, Don't Look Back, There's No Excuse, (Don't) Look At Me That Way, Lizzie Sage [DAD8014CD], Eyes That See, Happy Birthday (Glenn Sheldon)

Throwing Muses were Kristin Hersh, Tanya Donelly, Elaine Adamendes and Becca Blumen at this point and were called «Kristin Hersh and the Muses».

NONNME1 Various - Department of Enjoyment

cas NONNME1 (1985) (excerpt): Cocteau Twins: Millemillenary

Cassette released by the NME.

4010 Lush - Desire Lines

7 AD4010 (May 30 1994): Desire Lines (7:29) [CAD4011], Girl's World (4:56)

12ep cd5 BADD4010, BAD4010CD (May 30 1994): Desire Lines (7:29) [CAD4011], White Wood (4:14), Girl's World (4:56) [AD4010], Lovelife (Suga Bullit remix) (8:15) [R CAD4011]

Track 1, 2 & 4 by Anderson; 2 by Anderson/Berenyi. Coproduced by Mike Hedges. Mixed by Alan Moulder. Arranged by Martin McCarrick (Siouxie and the Banshees) and Audrey Riley. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Chris Bigg, Richard Caldicott and Melodie McDaniel. The run-out grooves read AD «back to the draining board» «two bars on and vim under the sink». The run-out grooves read BAD «I've seen a belly flop» «and a record shop». «Lovelife» remixed by Suga-D and Co-Co-T.

LUSH 3 Lush - Desire Lines

12 LUSH3 (1994): Desire Lines [CAD4011], Lovelife (Suga Bullit Remix) [BADD4010]

Promo release.

2420 TV On The Radio - Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes

lp cd CAD2420, CAD2420CD (2004): The Wrong Way (04:40), Staring at the Sun (03:27) [CAD0005], Dreams (05:09), King Eternal (04:28), Ambulance (04:55), Poppy (06:07), Don't Love You (05:31), Bomb Yourself (05:32), Wear You Out (07:21)

NON2 His Name Is Alive - Detrola

cd NON2 (2006): Introduction (02:30), After I Leave U (03:46), I Thought I Saw (04:16), In My Dream (02:58), *C*A*T*S* (03:30), Your Bones (04:17), You Need A Heart (04:08), You And Me (00:18), Get Your Curse (03:40), Seven Minutes (03:56), Send My Face (04:59)

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