NONMORT1 Various - Dr. Death's Volume 1

lp NONMORT1 (1987) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Fish [R TAD2019CD]

«Fish» is slightly different from the «Lonely Is An Eyesore» version, but it is not the video version.

NONPS6 Various - Dreams and Desires

cas NONPS6 (1984) (excerpt): Xmal Deutschland: Tag Fur Tag (demo) [R CAD407], The Wolfgang Press: Ecstacy (instrumental) [R CAD514], Colourbox: Sex Gun (demo) [R MAD509], Cocteau Twins: Pearly-Dewdrops'Drops (demo) [R AD405], Dead Can Dance: The Arcane (demo) [R BAD408], Andrew Gray: Illustrated

Released as Pleasantly Surprised 006.

NONME2 Modern English - Drowning Man

7 NONME2 (1980): Drowning Man, Silent World

Released by Limp Records (LMP 2).

608 This Mortal Coil - Drugs

10 BAD608 (1986): Drugs [DAD609], Come Here My Love [DAD609]

Limited edition 10" single.

NONHNIA11 His Name Is Alive - Drugs Farm

7 NONHNIA11 (1998) (excerpt): Drugs Farm

Split single with Little Princess on Rocket Science / Time Stereo.

202 The Birthday Party / Lydia Lunch - Drunk On The Pope's Blood / The Agony Is The Ecstacy

lp JAD202 (1982): The Birthday Party: Pleasure Heads [L], The Birthday Party: King Ink [L CAD104], The Birthday Party: Zoo-Music Girl [L CAD104], The Birthday Party: Loose [L], Lydia Lunch: The Agony Is The Ecstacy [L]

Featuring Murray Mitchell, Christian Hoffman and Steven Severin (Siouxie And The Banshees). Sleeve by Chantal Coves and Bleddyn Butcher. «Loose» written by The Stooges.

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