NONTM12 Throwing Muses - Freeloader

cd5 NONTM12 (Jan 21 1997): Freeloader [CAD6014], If, Take [L CAD901], Heel Toe

Released in a flip pack by Ryko/Throwing Music. «If» written by Latin Playboys.

NONFW1 50 Foot Wave - Free Music

cd5 NONFW1 (2006): Hot Pink, Distorted (03:36), Vena Cava (03:59), Pretty Ugly (02:57), Animal (03:08), Fuchsia Wall (02:33)

Originally released as a set of free mp3s, and then released on cd later.

NONGL1 The Glee Club - Free to Believe

7 NONGL1 (1994) (excerpt): Free to Believe [R 45496 (lp)]

Free flexi released in the US by Setanta (CAO 009). «Free to Believe» remixed by Ivo Watts-Russell (The Hope Blister).

12 The Birthday Party - The Friend Catcher

7 AD12 (1980): The Friend Catcher [R CAD9005CD], Waving My Arms, Catman

The Birthday Party are Nick Cave, Rowland Howard, Mick Harvey, Phil Calvert and Tracy Pew. Engineered by Tony Cohen. Recorded at Richmond Recorders.

307 The Birthday Party - The Friend Catcher

12ep BAD307 (1983): AD111, AD114, The Friend Catcher [AD12]

NONVAR12 Various - From Greer to Eternity

7 NONVAR12 (1994): Lush: The Childcatcher [45789 (cd)]

Double 7" released by Fierce Panda (NING05).

NONPS13 Pale Saints - From the 4AD/Reprise album SLOW BUILDINGS

cd5 NONPS13 (1994): Henry (10:48) [CAD4014], One Blue Hill (5:25) [CAD4014]

Promo released by Reprise in the US (PRO-CD-7131). It's an orange disc with blue/purple writing; no cover (it came that way), in a jewel case with the 4AD squigles on the back in orange and white on a white and blue background with a Los Angeles, CA address.

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