PUP 1 Various - Kiddy's Got Four Fingers

cd PUP1 (1998): This Mortal Coil: You And Your Sister [DAD1005], His Name Is Alive: Universal Frequencies [CAD6010], His Name Is Alive: Country Girl, Lisa Germano: Reptile [CAD8013], Dead Can Dance: The Host Of Seraphim [CAD808], This Mortal Coil: I Come And Stand At Every Door [DAD1005], Starry Smooth Hound: Dreamt U In A Dream, The Birthday Party: Nick The Stripper [CAD104], Throwing Muses: Fish [CAD703], Cocteau Twins: Crushed [CT1CD], This Mortal Coil: Song To The Siren [CAD411], The Hope Blister: Dagger [TAD8001CD], This Mortal Coil: Late Night [DAD1005], M/A/R/R/S: Anitina [AD707], Bauhaus: Terror Couple Kill Colonel [CAD13CD], M/A/R/R/S: Pump Up The Volume [AD707], Bauhaus: Telegram Sam [AD17]

Promo release limited to 2500 copies.

5004 Belly - King

lp cas cd cd CAD5004, CADC5004, CAD5004CD, CADD5004CD (Feb 14 1995): Puberty, Seal My Fate, Red, Silverfish, Super-Connected, The Bees, King, Now They'll Sleep, Untitled and Unsung, L'il Ennio, Judas My Heart

CAD D 5004 CD is a limited edition 22x15cm hardcover «book» with the cd mounted on the inside of the back cover. Produced by Glyn Johns. Engineered by Jack Joseph Puig, Oswald «Wiz» Bowe and Rail Jon Rogut. Recorded at Compass Point, Nassau, Bahamas and Oceanway Studios, Hollywood. All tracks written by Tanya Donelly, except 1 & 5 co-written with Gail Greenwood, and 3, 4, 8 & 11 co-written with Thomas Gorman. Sleeve by Chris Bigg, Chris Gorman and Stephen DiRado.

NONBEL2 Belly - King

cd NONBEL2 (Feb 13 1995): CADD5004CD

Released by PIAS (170.5004.20) in the BeNeLux countries. Initial copies included KING-2.

NONME7 Modern English - King Bisquit Flower Hour 5/22/1983

lp NONME7 (1983) (excerpt): Rainbow's End [L CAD402], Carry Me Down [L CAD206], Someone's Calling [L CAD206], I Melt With You [L CAD206]

Double lp radio promo released by DIR Broadcasting Corp in the US (KB 472).

NONME7 Modern English - King Bisquit Flower Hour 4/29/1984

lp NONME7 (1984)

Double lp radio promo released by DIR Broadcasting Corp in the US (KB 512).

804 The Wolfgang Press - King Of Soul

12ep BAD804 (1988): King Of Soul (K. O. S. 7" mix) [R CAD810], King Of Soul (Crowned Mix) [R CAD810], King Of Soul (Dethroned Mix) [R CAD810]

Produced by Flood. Engineered by Lincoln Fong. Remixed by Jay Burnett. Featuring Ruby James and Lorna Wright. Sleeve by Chris Bigg and The Wolfgang Press. There was also a DJ promo release of BAD804.

NONHNIA7 His Name Is Alive - King of Sweet

cd NONHNIA7 (1993): Take A Look Around You [Re (*Why People Disappear*) CAD1013], A Bird In Evry Tree, This Weekend, Drive The Dreamy Demon Down, Lake (Theme For Sweet Hearts), Blissfield (Sweet Corn), Bears (King Of Sweet), Ode On A Dave Asman [NONHNIA3], A Dave In The Life, Honey Babe, My Blue-Eyed Babe, The Shepherds Flute Is Always Playing, Are You Coming Down This Weekend? [NONHNIA3], Soul Resides In The Horse Barn [JAD7009CD], Driftin Blues, Meet Me By Moonlight, Alone

Released by Perdition Plastic, limited to 2000 copies. Various recordings from the four self-released tapes. The cd says that tracks 1-3, 5-9 are from the cassette «Hecklebuck 7a 7b» (91), 10-12 from «Love Can't Buy Happiness» (90), 13-15 from «Blissfield, Mouth» (92) and 4 from «New Stars, New Tongue» (92).

1009 Pale Saints - Kinky Love

7 AD1009 (1991): Kinky Love [BAD1009], Hair Shoes (demo version) [BAD1009]

«Kinky Love» written by Dave Ellington. «Kinky Love» originally released by Nancy Sinatra.

NONLU11 Lush - Kiss Chase

cas NONLU11 (1994): Kiss Chase [CAD4011], Undertow [CAD4011]

Promo cassette (pro-c-6996).

NONCT10 Cocteau Twins - A Kissed Out Red Floatboat

12 NONCT10 (1988): A Kissed Out Red Floatboat [CAD807], A Kissed Out Red Floatboat [CAD807]

US release. 12" (SPRO-79512). 33 1/3 rpm.

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