208 Modern English - Life In The Gladhouse

12 BAD208 (1982): Life In The Gladhouse [R CAD206], The Choicest View

12ep BAD208 (1982): Life In The Gladhouse [BAD208], The Choicest View [BAD208], Fragments Of Fear [BAD19], Legion

Sleeve by 23 Envelope. The run-out grooves read «Ooh la, ooh la, 23 Envelope!». Some versions of this EP has four tracks, and some have two, I have heard from several sources.

9 Cupol - Like This For Ages

12 BAD9 (1980): Like This For Ages, Kluba Cupol

Cupol are Graham Lewis (Wire) and Bruce Gilbert (Wire). Recorded at Blackwing. The a-side runs over 4 minutes on 45 rpm, the b-side over 20 minutes on 33 rpm.

8005 Kristin Hersh - Like You

cd TAD8005CD (1998): Like You (3:24) [CAD8003CD], Shake (live to tape) (2:39) [R CAD8003CD], Your Ghost (live to tape) (3:05) [R CAD4002]

Limited edition tour single. Released in a card sleeve. Engineered by Steve Rizzo and Joe Henry. Sleeve by v23. «Like You» coproduced by Steve Rizzo.

NONKH2 Kristin Hersh - Like You

cd5 NONKH2 (1998): Like You [CAD8003CD], Your Ghost [CAD4002]

Promo released by Rykodisc (VRCD 0429).

Lilliput 1 & 2 Various - Lilliput

cd Lilliput1&2 (1992): Bauhaus: Dark Entries [AXIS3 (7")], The The: Controversial Subject [AD10], The Birthday Party: Nick the Stripper [CAD104], Modern English: I Melt With You [CAD206], This Mortal Coil: Song To The Siren [CAD411], Xmal Deutschland: Incubus Succubus II [AD311], Cocteau Twins: The Spangle Maker [BAD405], Clan Of Xymox: Stranger [CAD503], Colourbox: Baby I Love You So [AD604], Throwing Muses: Hate My Way [CAD607], Dif Juz: No Motion [GAD109/116CD], M/A/R/R/S: Pump Up The Volume [AD707], Ultra Vivid Scene: Mercy Seat [CAD809], Dead Can Dance: The Host Of Seraphim [CAD808], Pixies: Monkey Gone To Heaven [CAD905], Lush: De-Luxe [GAD2K22CD], Pale Saints: Throwing Back The Apple [CAD2004], Pale Saints: Featherframe [CAD2004], The Wolfgang Press: A Girl Like You [BAD2006], The Wolfgang Press: Birmingham [CAD1011], Michael Brook: Breakdown [CAD2007], Michael Brook: Urbana [CAD2007], Spirea X: Chlorine Dream [AD1004], Spirea X: Signed D. C. [CAD1017], Heidi Berry: Gloria [CAD1012], His Name Is Alive: Are We Still Married? [CAD1013], Swallow: Tastes Like Honey [CAD2010], Swallow: Follow Me Down [CAD2010], Pale Saints: A Thousand Stars Burst Open [rib1]

The nicely silkscreened cd's are built into the front and back cover of a 10" book. The covers are thick chipboard with a blue and orange Chris Bigg scibble on the front and a cryptic number thing on the back (33 and 45 rpms, 15 and 300/500). The first half of the book has a short story about the development of 4AD along with various v23 photos. The second half of the book gives each of the bands on disc 2 two pages and a very short description. Also, the book has a shiny gold 4AD logo stuck on the front and the whole thing is bound with binding tape. At first, it looked like it was taped back together, but after closer examination, it is part of the design. A t-shirt came with the package. It's grey with the blue and orange design and the number thing. The shirt is 25% polyester! Limited edition of 3000 copies. 2500 were shipped til the USA as a promo item for Warner Brothers and US retailers. Also released in Taiwan as «The Sounds of 4AD», which might be a bootleg. «A Thousand Stars Burst Open» plays as a part of the last track and not listed on the cover.

6014 Throwing Muses - Limbo

lp cas cd CAD6014, CADC6014, CAD6014CD (Aug 19 1996): Buzz, Ruthie's Knocking, Freeloader, The Field, Limbo, Tar Kissers, Tango, Serene, Mr. Bones, Night Driving, Cowbirds, Shark, White Bikini Sand

The last track is not listed on the packaging. Also released by Throwing Music in the US (RCD/RAC 10354). That release features a video track for «Ruthie's Knocking». Featuring Martin McCarrick (Siouxie and the Banshees) and Robert Rust. Engineered by Trina Shoemaker, Ethan Allen and James Sayberth. Recorded at Kingsway USA, New Orleans and Larabee Studio. Mixed by David Bianco. Sleeve by David Narcizo, MaryAnn Southard, Gilbert Hernandez and Steve Gullick.

NONFB13 Frank Black - L'Interview

video NONFB13 (1994)

In-store promo released by Virgin in France. Interview and music.

5008 Liquorice - Listening Cap

lp cas cd CAD5008, CADC5008, CAD5008CD (1995): Trump Suit, Team Player, Keeping the Weekend Free, Drive Around, Cheap Cuts, Trump Suit Edit, Jill of All Trades, No Excuses, Breaking the Ice, Blew It

Liquorice are Jenny Toomey (Tsunami), Dan Littleton (Ida) and Trey Many (His Name Is Alive). Produced by Warren Defever (His Name Is Alive). Recorded at Warren's House. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Kees Hubers, Tom Croes, Julia Bardsley and Petra von Asperen. «Keeping the Weekend Free» written by Franklin Bruno. «Jill of All Trades» written by Maggie A. Roche.

NONTAR1 Tarnation - Live

cd NONTAR1 (1995): Your Thoughs and Mine [L], Halfway to Happiness [L], A Place Where I Know [L DAD7004], The Hand [L CAD5010], I Didn't Mean It [L TAD7000], Two Wrongs Won't Make Things Right [L CAD5010], Game of Broken Hears [L]

Promo released in France.

KH1 Kristin Hersh - Live at Maxwell's, Hoboken

lp cd KH1 (lp), KH1 (cd) (1992): Juno [L CAD802], Marriage Tree [L CAD802], Pearl [L CAD2013], Stand Up / Dovey / Mexican Women [L], Run Letter [L CAD802], Soap & Water [L MAD706], Rabbits Dying [L CAD607], Cry Baby Cry [L BAD701], Counting Backwards / Handsome Woman [L], Take [L CAD901], Soul Soldier [L CAD607], Bea [L CAD901], Delicate Cutters [L CAD607]

Free album given away with initial quantities of CAD D 2013 and CAD D 2013 CD. Engineered by Andy Peters.

NONKH4 Kristin Hersh - Live at Noe Valley Ministry (1)

cd NONKH4 (2001): \live [DADD7011CD], Gazebo Tree (04:12) [CAD8003CD], Sundrops (04:01) [CAD4002], T+A (01:04), Uncle June + Aunt Kiyote (02:52), Heaven (03:06) [CAD8003CD], Serene (03:20) [CAD6014], Same Sun (02:58) [AD1001], Mouse Day (02:14), Soap + Water (02:28), Pearl (03:53) [CAD2013], Me + My Charms (05:06), O Death (02:55), Cuckoo (02:41) [CAD4002], Houdini Blues (04:31) [CAD4002], Hope (04:04) [CAD8003CD], Like You (03:23) [CAD8003CD], Teeth (04:15) [CAD4002], Stained-Shake (05:34), Your Ghost (03:03) [CAD4002], Cartoons (03:03) [CAD8003CD], Sweden (02:59), Sparky (09:13) [CAD4002], Where Am I? (01:32), Delicate Cutters (04:25) [CAD607], You Cage (02:37) [MAD706]

2011 Michael Brook - Live at The Aquarium

cd TAD2011CD (Sep 21 1992): Shona Bridge [L CAD2007], After Image / Urbana [L (*Urbana*) CAD2007], Andean [L CAD2007], Ultramarine [L CAD2007], Lakbossa [L CAD2007], Cascade [L], Red Shift [L CAD2007]

This live album was recorded at the press launch for the «Cobalt Blue» album at The Aquarium, London Zoo on 21st May 1992. It was taped by Michael, as he always does with his rare solo performances, with no intention of releasing it. But once all parties heard the recording, it was agreed that it deserved a far wider audience than the original gathering of media and friends. To this end, it has been made avalable in a limited edition. Mastered by Tony Cousins. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Chris Bigg, Simon Larbalestier, Bob Draper and Pirate Design.

NONNR1 Belly - Live At The Town & Country Club, London 1993

cd NONNR1 (1993): Low Red Moon [L CAD3002], Dusted [L CAD3002], Full Moon, Empty Heart [L CAD3002], Dream On Me [L AD3001], Feed The Tree [L CAD3002], White Belly [L CAD3002], Angel [L CAD901], Slow Dog [L CAD3002]

Released by Westwood in the In Concert: New Rock series. (show # 94-04 for broadcast the week of january 17, 1994)

NONTM14 Throwing Muses - Live in Brussels, March 1989 at the Ancienne Belgique

cd NONTM14 (2004): Intro-You Cage (02:22), Fall Down (03:46) [CAD901], Take (04:50) [CAD901], Dizzy (03:33) [CAD901], Devil's Roof (03:36) [CAD901], Soap & Water (02:25) [MAD706], Pools In Eyes (03:18) [MAD706], Red Shoes (04:35) [CAD1002], America (She Can't Say No) (03:01), Cottonmouth (03:05) [BAD1001], Dragonhead (04:44) [CAD901], A Feeling (03:24) [MAD706], Say Goodbye (04:06) [CAD901], Bea (04:25) [CAD901], Vicky's Box (05:29) [CAD607], Santa Claus (05:02) [AD903], Mania (03:30) [CAD901], Stand Up (03:42) [NONTM1]

NONPIXL1 Pixies - Live in Chicago

cd NONPIXL1 (1990): Bone Machine [L CAD803], Cactus [L CAD803], Debaser [L CAD905], Gigantic [L CAD803], Gouge Away [L CAD905], The Holiday Song [L MAD709], Nimrod's Son [L MAD709]

Promo item released by Polygram Canada and by Elektra/4AD in the US (PR8127). Recorded August 10th 1989 at the Cabaret Metro. Also released as a promo in France by Virgin (SA 2113).

NONTM15 Throwing Muses - Live in Providence

cd NONTM15 (2001): Firepile (03:18) [CAD2013], Snailhead (03:01) [BAD701], Fish (04:19) [CAD703], Fear (02:57) [CAD607], Hate My Way (04:07) [CAD607], Vic (01:19) [CAD2013], Take (04:36) [CAD901], Teller (03:07) [CAD5002], Bea (04:29) [CAD901], Soap & Water (02:43) [MAD706], Say Goodbye (03:50) [CAD901], Two Step (05:41) [CAD1002], Catch a Falling Star (02:18), Mania (04:19) [CAD901]

9005 The Birthday Party - Live 1981-82

cd CAD9005CD (Jul 5 1999): Junkyard [L CAD207], A Dead Song [L CAD104], The Dim Locator [L CAD207], Zoo Music Girl [L CAD104], Nick The Stripper [L CAD104], Blast Off [L], Release The Bats [L], Bully Bones [L], King Ink [L CAD104], Pleasure Heads Must Burn [L], Big Jesus Trash Can [L CAD207], Dead Joe [L CAD207], The Friend Catcher [L], Six Inch Gold Blade [L], Hamlet [L], She's Hit [L CAD207], Funhouse [L DAD3008]

NONFB14 Frank Black - Live (Thursday, June 24, 1993, 10pm EST)

cd NONFB14 (1994)

Promo released by Elektra in the US.

NONTM11 Throwing Muses - Live to Tape

cd5 NONTM11 (1997): Shark [Re CAD6014], Ruthie's Knocking [Re CAD6014], Night Driving [Re CAD6014], Serene [Re CAD6014], Bright Yellow Gun [Re CAD5002], Bea [Re CAD901]

Limited promo released by Ryko/Throwing Music. Recorded at Stable Sound, Portsmouth RI on 5/20/96.

0008 His Name Is Alive - Livonia

lp cas cd CAD0008, CADC0008, CAD0008CD (1990): As We Could Ever, e-nicolle, If July, Some and I, fossil, E-Nicolle, Caroline's Supposed Demon, Fossil, reincarnation, You And I Have Seizures, How Ghosts Affect Relationships, Darkest Dreams

blank 0008 (poster) (1990)

His Name Is Alive are Warren Defever, Karin Oliver and Angie Carozzo. Featuring Damian Lang, Jymn Auge and Tracy. Mixed by Ivo (This Mortal Coil) and John Fryer. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Beverley Carruthers and Christopher Bigg. They have released several cassettes in the US. The original mixes of this album is available on cassette from Warren.

NONHNIA2 His Name Is Alive - Livonia

cd NONHNIA2 (1990): CAD0008CD, Livonia (4:10)

Released in the US by Rykodisc (10244).

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