Muses in 'The Catalogue'

Written by David Sokol on Thu, 13 Oct 94 00:20:17 CDT.

I managed to find the issue of 'The Catalogue' with the somewhat tongue-
in-cheek description of each of the _Hunkpapa_-era members' favourite
things. One problem is that the flexi was nowhere to be found. Does anybody
have this?  I think it's a special mix of "Fall Down". Anyway, here it

TANYA'S: Favourite Song Today: "Ruler Of My Heart" (Irma Thomas)
		   Book Today: "I'm With The Band" (Pamela Des Barres)
		   Movie Today: "Night Of The Hunter"
		   Film Today: "The Sperminator"
		   City:       "New Orleans"
		   Accessories: Glass Beads
		   Food:        Pickled things in jars
		   Chicks:      Calamity Jane & Madonna
		   Weirdo:      Dylan H. Going
		   Stripper:    Gary de Paree
		   Dream Date:  Harry Dean Stanton

LESLIE'S Favourite Album:       "Greatest Hits of Funkadelic/Parliament"
		   Hotel:	The Tulucan
		   Song:	"Hang On Me" (Wolfgang Press)
		   Drug:	"Love,baby"
		   Food:	"Sweetsop juice"
		   Authour:	Louie L'Amour
		   Singer: 	Christina Amphlett (Divinyls)
		   Journalist:	Nils Bernstein
		   Expression:	"Do you want that coffee regular?"
		   Movie:	"Evil Dead II"
		   Word:	"Doodyhead"

KRISTIN'S Favourite Thing:	Angst
		    Weather:	Grey
	Personality Type:	Melancholic
		    Animal:	Lemming
		    Food:	Blowfish
		    Movie:	"Deathwish II"
	Recreational Drug:	Hemlock
		    Song:	"Killing Me Softly"
		 TV Show:	"The Ghost and Mrs. Mueller"
		    Sport:	Torture
	Fashion Trend:		Funereal
	Dream Date:		Suicide Pact

DAVID'S Favourite Madonna Song: "Open Your Heart"
		  Madonna Video: "Borderline"
		  Madonna Image: "Brunette" (Natural Look)
		  Madonna Wanna-Be: none
		  Madonnna Movie: "Desperately Seeking Susan"
		  Madonna Record Cover: "Like A Prayer" (Patchouli Scented)

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