NONVAR4 Various - Brace Yourself

cd NONVAR4 (1994): Frank Black: Handyman, Frank Black: Breathless

Tribute album to Otis Blackwell. «Handyman» written by Otis Blackwell. «Breathless» written by Otis Blackwell.

1 AMP The Amps - Bragging Party

7 1AMP (1995): Bragging Party [CAD5016], Bragging Party [CAD5016]

Promotional release in white sleeve.

215 Colourbox - Breakdown

7 AD215 (1982): Breakdown [R MAD315CD], Tarantula [R DAD609]

12 BAD215 (1982): Breakdown [R MAD315CD], Tarantula [R DAD609]

Colourbox are Martyn Young and Steven Young. Featuring Debian Curry. The 12" versions are extended remixes.

304 Colourbox - Breakdown

7 AD304 (1983): Breakdown [R MAD315CD], Tarantula [R DAD609]

12 BAD304 (1983): Breakdown [MAD315CD], Tarantula [R DAD609]

blank 304 (advertisement) (1983)

Enter Lorita Grahame. The 12" versions are extended remixes. Produced by Mick Glossop. BAD 304 was also released as a promo on A&M Records in the USA (SP-12067), it features the same tracks and the only difference is the promo sticker on the sleeve.

CAN001CD Various - Breakdown

cd CAN001CD (1999): Michael Brook: Breakdown [AD215], Cocteau Twins: Fifty-Fifty Clown [CAD0012], Brendan Perry: Saturday's Child [CAD9015], Kristin Hersh: San Francisco [CAD9008CD], Cuba: Black Island [CAD9014], Pixies: Gouge Away [CAD905], Thievery Corporation: Lebanese Blonde [CAD2K06], The Hope Blister: The Outer Skin [CAD8008], His Name Is Alive: Up Your Legs Forever [BAD6007CD], Gus Gus: Starlovers (Edit) [BAD9004], The Breeders: Hag [CAD3014], Mojave 3: Yer Feet [CAD8018], Red House Painters: Drop [CADC5005], Lakuna: Vega [GAD9010CD], The Birthday Party: A Dead Song [CAD104]

Promo compilation released in Canada by 4AD.

2413 Vinny Miller - Breaking Out Of Your Arms

7 AD2413 (2004): Breaking Out Of Your Arms (03:39) [CAD2404CD], Hastener (demo) (02:18)

cd5 BAD2413CD (2004): AD2413, Tanglebot (05:49)

NONBPM1 Various - The Bride Of Post Modern

cd NONBPM1 (1988) (excerpt): Cocteau Twins: Blue Bell Knoll [CAD807]

NONNY1 Various - The Bridge: A Tribute To Neil Young

lp cd NONNY1 (lp), NONNY1 (cd) (1990) (excerpt): Pixies: Winterlong [GAD2103CD]

Produced by Gary Smith. «Winterlong» written by Neil Young.

7012 Tanya Donelly - The Bright Light

7 AD7012 (1997): The Bright Light, The Bright Light [L AD7012]

cd5 BAD7012CD (1997): The Bright Light [AD7012], Bury My Heart, How Can You Sleep

cd5 BADD7012CD (1997): The Bright Light [AD7012], Life on Sirius, Moon Over Boston

Coproduced by Wally Gagel. Sleeve by Chris Bigg and Andrew Catlin. Featuring Dean Fisher, Rich Gilbert, David Narcizo (Throwing Muses), Wally Gagel, Jonathan Williams, Russ Gershon, Garrison Fewell, Larry Roland, Syd Smart and Dave Lovering. «Moon Over Boston» written by Greg Kendall.

4018 Throwing Muses - Bright Yellow Gun

7 AD4018 (1994): Bright Yellow Gun [CAD5002], Like a Dog

12ep cd5 BAD4018, BAD4018CD (Dec 1994): Bright Yellow Gun [CAD5002], Crayon Sun, Red Eyes, Like a Dog [AD4018]

Enter Bernard Georges. Basic tracks co-produced by Phill Brown. Engineered by Trina Shoemaker. Recorded at Kingsway Studios, New Orleans. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver and Stine Schyberg. «Crayon Sun» written by D. Hidago (Latin Playboys) and L. Perez (Latin Playboys).

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