NONPS12 Various - Document: Pleasantly Surprised 82-85

cas NONPS12 (1985) (excerpt): The Birthday Party: The Hairshirt [R NONBP2], Cocteau Twins: Perhaps Some Other Aeon (demo version) [NONPS1], Bauhaus: Dark Entries (very live) [R AXIS3 (7")], Dif Juz: Don't Worry, Cocteau Twins: In Our Angelhood [NONPS2], Modern English: Tables Turning [NONPS2], The Wolfgang Press: Prostitute [NONPS2]

Pleasantly Surprised 012 - The last release from Pleasantly Surprised. «Tables Turning» remixed by Ivo (This Mortal Coil).

NONTM13 Throwing Muses - The Doghouse Cassette

cas NONTM13 (1985): Call Me (demo) [R CAD607], Sinkhole (demo) [R TAD5017CD], Green (demo) [R CAD607], Hate My Way (demo) [R CAD607], Vicky's Box (demo) [R CAD607], America (She Can't Say No) (demo) [R CAD607], Fear (demo) [R CAD607], Raise the Roses (demo), And A She-Wolf After The War (demo) [R MAD706], Fish (demo) [R TAD2019CD]

Cassette of a Muses demo from 1985. Included on the ``In A Doghouse'' CD in 1998.

NONINS1 Various - Donde esta los Insects

cas NONINS1 (1989) (excerpt): Lush: Etheriel (demo?) [R JAD911], Lush: Second Sight (demo?) [R JAD911]

Released in England as INSECTS 03.

PIXONE Pixies - Doolittle

12ep PIXONE (1989): Debaser [CAD905], Wave of Mutilation [CAD905], I Bleed [CAD905], Gouge Away [CAD905]

This is a 12", one-sided promotional single. 2000 copies were released. Postcards were included in the German copies. Pixies logo on the cover.

905 Pixies - Doolittle

lp cas cd lp CAD905, CADC905, CAD905CD, CADD905 (1989): Debaser, I Bleed, Tame, Wave Of Mutilation, Here Comes Your Man, Dead, Monkey Gone To Heaven, Mr. Grieves, Crackity Jones, La La Love You, There Goes My Gun, No. 13 Baby, Hey, Gouge Away

blank 905 (postcard) (1989)

CAD D 905 featured an illustrated lyrics booklet. Featuring Karen Karlsrud, Corine Metter, Arthur Fiacco and Ann Rorich. Produced by Gil Norton. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver and Simon Larbalestier. Released in the US by Elektra (9 60856).

905 Pixies - Doolittle

blank blank PAD905, WAD905 (1989)

PAD905 is a set of «Doolittle» postcards and WAD905 is a set of «Doolittle» posters. The 9 card postcard set from «Doolittle» is in its own paper folder. Contains 6.5« x 4.75» postcards of the tracks: «Tame», «Wave of Mutilation», «I Bleed», «Dead», «Monkey Gone To Heaven» (2 different images), «Mr. Grieves», «Hey» and «Gouge Away». All images are the same as those on the CD insert booklet.

2014 Red House Painters - Down Colorful Hill

lp cas cd CAD2014, CADC2014, CAD2014CD (Sep 14 1992): 24 (6:47), Medicine Bottle (9:49), Down Colorful Hill (10:49), Japanese to English (4:40), Lord Kill the Pain (5:03), Michael (5:22)

Red House Painters are Anthony Koutsos, Mark Kozelek, Gorden Mack and Jerry Vessel. Original demos. The CD was released in a DigiPak. Sleeve by Simon Larbalestier. Also released in a jewel case in the US by Warner Bros (9 45062-2).

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