2019 Throwing Muses - The Curse

cd TAD2019CD (Nov 16 1992): Manic Depression [L], Counting Backwards [L CAD1002], Fish [L], Hate My Way [L CAD607], Furious [L CAD2013], Devil's Roof [L CAD901], Snailhead [L], Firepile [L CAD2013], Finished [L], Take [L CAD901], Say Goodbye [L CAD901], Mania [L CAD901], Two Step [L CAD1002], Delicate Cutters [L CAD607], Cottonmouth [L], Pearl [L CAD2013], Vic [L CAD2013], Bea [L CAD901]

Recorded live 8th. and 9th. Oct., 1992. The Grand Theater, Clapham, London on the Advision Mobile.

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