2003 The Breeders - Safari

12ep cd5 BAD2003, BAD2003CD (1992): Do You Love Me Now? [R CAD3014], Don't Call Home, Safari, So Sad About Us

Exit Shannon Doughton. Enter Kelley Deal. Featuring Mike Hunt and John Matlock. Recorded at Looking Glass Studios, NYC, First Protocol, London and Nomis Studios. Engineered by Paul Berry, Dante Desole, Guy Fixsen and Ben Darlow. Comixed by Paul Berry. Remixed by Mark Freegard. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Paul McMenamin, Shinro Ohtake and IQ videographics. «Don't Call Home» cowritten by John Murphy.

NONSB2 Hector Zazou - Sahara Blue

cd NONSB2 (1994) (excerpt): Dead Can Dance: Youth, Dead Can Dance: Black Stream

This CD is a collaboration between Zazou and a number of artists. DCD appear on two tracks. Released by Crammed Disks in Belgium (MTM 32). At least two versions exist -- an earlier pressing apparently doesn't feature the DCD tracks.

NONTB3 The Breeders - Saints

cd5 NONTB3 (1994): Saints [45789 (cd)], Grunggae [R (*Grungé*) BREED2], New Year (demo) [BREED2]

Released in Canada by PolyGram (76974-3018-2); two track cassingle released by Elektra in the US (64528-4); two track cd single by Virgin in France (92515 2); one track promo cd single by Virgin in France (SA 3422); three track cd single by Rough Trade in Germany (120.1938.3); three track cd single by Play It Again Sam in Belguin (170.9000.22); one track promo cd single by Elektra in the US (PRCD 8932-2).

DCD 4 Dead Can Dance - Sambatiki

cd5 DCD4 (1996): Sambatiki

Included with the 1996 Tour Programme.

NONDCD6 Dead Can Dance - A Sampler

cas NONDCD6 (1996): The Snake and the Moon [DAD6008], Indus [DAD6008], The Song of the Sibyl [R DAD4015], Yulunga (Spirit Dance), American Dreaming [R DAD4015]

Promo cassette (PRO C 8394).

STEELE 1 CD Thievery Corporation - Samples From The Thievery Hi-Fi

cd5 STEELE1CD (1998): The Foundation [CAD8006], Shaolin Satellite [CAD8006], 38:45 (A Thievery Number) [CAD8006]

Promo release.

NONBB1 Various - A Sampling Above the Rest

7 NONBB1 (1983) (excerpt): Cocteau Twins: In The Gold Dust Rush [CAD313], Cocteau Twins: Sugar Hiccup [CAD313]

Promo released in Canada by Vertigo (VTO1). 33 rpm. Included with the Canadian version of Ricochet Days (and possibly other releases.)

NONDCD3 Dead Can Dance - Sanvean

cd5 NONDCD3 (1994)

Promo released by Virgin in France (VISA 3466).

NONTM3 Throwing Muses - Saving Grace

12 NONTM3 (1988): Saving Grace (2:44) [CAD802], An intimate piece of conversation with David Narcizo and Kristin Hersh (4:05)

Promotional release. The second track is not an interview, but an actual song of sorts... (PRO-A-3157).

403 Colourbox - Say You

7 AD403 (1984): Say You [R CAD508], Fast Dump [R MAD509]

12 BAD403 (1984): Say You [R CAD508], Fast Dump [AD403]

Featuring Ian Robbins. Sleeve by 23 Envelope.

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