NONP3 Various - Rubiayat

lp cas cd NONP3 (lp), NONP3 (cas), NONP3 (cd) (1990) (excerpt): Pixies: Born In Chicago

Album released to celebrate Elektra Record's fortieth anniversary. «Born In Chicago» written by Paul Butterfield Blues Band.

NONLU13 Lush - Rupert the Bear

7 NONLU13 (1994): Lit Up (demo) [NONLU10], Rupert the Bear [NONLU10]

Soil Samples #17, PRO-S-7181. «Rupert the Bear» written by Robert Johnson.

NONTM9 Throwing Muses - Ruthie's Knocking

cd5 NONTM9 (1996): Ruthie's Knocking [CAD6014], Tar Moochers [RR (*Tar Kissers*)], Serene Swing [RR (*Serene*)], Limbobo [RR (*Limbo*)]

Released by Throwing Music in the US (RCD5-1052).

6017 Throwing Muses - Ruthie's Knocking

12 TAD6017 (Sep 23 1996)

Limited one-sided 7" release (1500 copies) available only to The Chain With No Name and mail order customers. Side two of the vinyl is embossed.

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