NONUNB1 Various - Unbelievable

cd NONUNB1 (1991) (excerpt): The Wolfgang Press: Time [BAD1003]

Released by Posh Music For Kids.

NONVAR25 Various - Uncut CD

cd NONVAR25 (Nov 1998): Pixies: Debaser [CAD905], Lush: Hypocrite [CAD4011], Mojave 3: Go Lady Go [NONMJ2], Tanya Donelly: Lantern [CAD7008], His Name Is Alive: Wishing Ring [R BAD8015CD], Throwing Muses: Mania [CAD901], This Mortal Coil: You & Your Sister [DAD1005], Thievery Corporation: Shaolin Satellite [CAD8006], Gus Gus: Barry (Gi Gi Galaxy Remix) [R DAD7005CD], Cuba: Urban Light [CAD9014], Colourbox: Unofficial World Cup Theme, The Breeders: Saints [CAD3014], The Birthday Party: Big Jesus Trash Can [CAD207], Lisa Germano: Tomorrowing [CAD8013], Red House Painters: New Jersey [DAD3008], Kristin Hersh: Your Ghost [CAD4002], Dead Can Dance: American Dreaming [NONDCD6], The Hope Blister: Sweet Unknown [CAD8008], Cocteau Twins: Pearly Dewdrops Drop (7" Version)

Included with the November 1998 issue of Uncut magazine, who did a huge spread on the cds these tracks came from (UNCUT 4AD 6).

M2 The Hope Blister - Underarms

cd M2 (Apr 6 1999): \cddb [CAD9002CD], 56098e07 150 35173 65181 76366 85430 103656 165146 2448, Sweet Medicine, Friday Afternoon, Iota, Dagger Strings, White on White, Sweet Medicine 2, Happiness Strings

Mail order album featuring remixes of tracks from the album.

6007 His Name Is Alive - Universal Frequencies

7 AD6007 (May 17 1996): Universal Frequencies [CAD6010], Summer of E. S. P. (edit)

cd5 BAD6007CD (1996): Universal Frequencies [CAD6010], Up Your Legs Forever [R CAD8009], Summer of E. S. P. [R AD6007], Your Word Against Mine, Untitled

AD6007 is a limited release and has hand-painted unique covers. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Timothy O'Donnell, Dominic Davies and Mr. Teasdale.

5002 Throwing Muses - University

lp cas cd cd CAD5002, CADC5002, CAD5002CD, CADD5002CD (Jan 16 1995): Bright Yellow Gun (3:43), Start (2:48), Hazing (3:15), Shimmer (3:15), Calm Down, Calm Down (1:49), Crabtown (4:20), No Way In Hell (4:45), Surf Cowboy (2:46), That's All You Wanted (3:26), Teller (2:52), University (2:12), Snakeface (3:29), Flood (3:14), Fever Few (6:47)

CAD D 5002 CD is a limited edition cd in a red, soft plastic box with 8 postcards and the cd itself in a digipak. Engineered by Trina Shoemaker. Basic tracks co-produced by Phill Brown. Recorded at Kingsway Studios, New Orleans and Larrabee North Studios, N. Hollywood. Mixed by David Bianco. Featuring Jane Scarpantoni. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Shinro Ohtake, Steve Gullick, Stine Schyberg and Crane Anderson. «University» featuring Lenny Kaye, Dylan Hersh Going and Ryder James O'Connell. «Snakeface» featuring Trina Shoemaker.

NONPRO1 Various - unknown

blank NONPRO1 (1990): CAD0007CD, CAD0012CD, NONPIXL1 (cd), CAD0017CD, JAD911CD, BAD0003CD

Four CD set with each CD in a paper sleeve. To hold the four CDs together there is a wraparound piece of cardboard with a piece of string to tie the package closed. Promotional item released by Polygram Canada (CDP 434).

GUP 1 Various - unknown

lp GUP1lp (1992): Unrest: Suki [GU1LP], Underground Lovers: I Was Right [GU2LP]

Promo release.

NONHNIA6 His Name Is Alive - unknown

cd5 NONHNIA6 (1993): In Every Ford [CAD3006], Lip [CAD3006], Drink, Dress and Ink [CAD3006], Can't Go Wrong Without You [CAD3006], The Dirt Eaters [CAD3006]

Promo release with a few tracks off «Mouth by Mouth».

NONBS1 Various - unknown

cd NONBS1 (1993) (excerpt): Heidi Berry: Little Fox [CAD3009], Belly: Gepetto [CAD3002]

CD released by the Body Shop. Proceeds go the San Francisco AIDS foundation.

GUP3 Various - unknown

cd GUP3cd (1993): That Dog.: Old Timer [GU6LP], That Dog.: Angel [GU6LP], That Dog.: She [CAD2205], Spoonfed Hybrid: Heaven's Knot [GU5LP], Spoonfed Hybrid: Boys in Zinc [GU5LP], Spoonfed Hybrid: Lynched [GU5LP], Insides: Distractions [GU4LP], Insides: Carly Simon [GU4LP], Insides: Skykicking [GU4LP]

Promo cd given away at the Guernica launch November 4 '93 at the Borderline, London.

NONLU10 Lush - unknown

7 NONLU10 (1993): Lit Up (demo) [R CAD4011], Rupert the Bear

Flexi disk sent out to fans. Later released in the US by Warner as a promo (Soil Samples (WB7181)). «Rupert the Bear» written by Robert Johnson.

NONFB3 Frank Black - unknown

cd5 NONFB3 (1994): Sir Rockaby (2:58) [Re DAD4009], Calistan (3:24) [Re DAD4009], Space is Gonna Do Me Good (2:22) [Re DAD4009], Duke of Earl (2:42)

Cdsingle released through the Hello Recording Club (set up by They Might Be Giants). Featuring Eric Drew Feldman (Pere Ubu).

NONDCD11 Dead Can Dance - unknown

blank NONDCD11 (1994): CAD512CD, CAD705CD, CAD808CD, CAD0007CD, CAD404CD, CAD404, BAD408

US promo release (PRO-CD-6822.)

TWP 6 CD The Wolfgang Press - unknown

cd5 TWP6CD (1995): Executioner (Adamson Mix) [GAD2104CD], Christianity (Sherwood Mix) [R CAD4016], Going South (Adrenalin Mix) [R CAD4016], 11 Years (Sabres Main Mix 1) [R CAD4016]

Included with CAD D 4016 CD.

TWP 3 The Wolfgang Press - untitled

12ep TWP3 (1991): Sucker [R CAD1011], Sucker [R CAD1011], Mama Told Me Not To Come [R GAD2104CD]

Included with initial quantities of CAD1011. Remixed by Martyn Young (Colourbox).

CT1CD Cocteau Twins - untitled

cd CT1CD (1991): Dials, Crushed, High Monkey Monk, Oomingmak (instrumental) [R CAD602]

Included in the CT box set. The version of ``Oomingmak'' included here is the music played while the titles are rolling on the "Lonely is an Eyesore" video.

rib1 Pale Saints - untitled

7 rib1 (1992): A Thousand Stars Burst Open [Re CAD2004], A Revelation [Re BAD0015CD]

Free single included with initial copies of CAD 2004. Played by the Tintwhistle Brass Band directed by Graham Hethrington and Geoff Bradley. After «A Revelation» there's a track of general weirdness and noise (perhaps from a sound check) that might be called «The Hell Continues». Or not. Recorded at Clapton's Club.

GU1S Unrest - untitled

7 GU1S (1992): Yes She Is My Skinhead Girl [Re GU1CD], Hydrofoil no. 3 [Re (*Hydrofoil no. 1*) GU1CD], Range Recording [R (*Imperial*) GU1LP]

Single included with GU1LP.

GU2S Underground Lovers - untitled

7 GU2S (1992): Leaves Me Blind (demo version), Mumble Head (demo version)

Free single included with the first pressing of GU2LP.

GU3S Bettie Serveert - untitled

7 GU3S (1992): Brain-Tag, Get The Bird, Smile

Free 33 rpm single included with initial pressing of GU3LP.

BREED 2 The Breeders - untitled

7 BREED2 (1993): Grungé (demo) [R (*Cannonball*) (shuffle) (video)], New Year (demo) [R CAD3014]

Included with CAD D 3014.

GU4S Insides - untitled

7 GU4S (1993): Further Distractions, Turning Absentmindedly

33 rpm single included with GU4LP.

GU5S Spoonfed Hybrid - untitled

7 GU5S (1993): Bullet and Bees, Messrs. Hyde

One sided 7" single included with GU5LP. Some symbols are scribbled on side two; probably an encoded message, I'd guess.

GU6S That Dog. - untitled

7 GU6S (1993): Buy Me Flowers, Untitled

Single included with GU6LP.

KH2 Kristin Hersh - untitled

7 KH2 (1994): Velvet Days (demo) [R CAD4002], Houdini Blues (demo) [R CAD4002]

Free mail order single.

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