In A Doghouse

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Comprised entirely of material which has never been commercially available in the USA, this specially-priced double CD release collects Throwing Muses' self-titled 1986 debut album, 1987's Chains Changed EP, the band's first self-released demo ("The Doghouse Cassette"), and five recordings of some of co-founder Kristin Hersh's earliest songs which were cut by the final Muses lineup in August 1996. In addition, the second disc features Throwing Muses' award-winning music video, "Fish" as an enhanced program.

An exhaustive compendium of the band's first phase (many fans' favorite period), In A Doghouse represents the body of work that established the Muses' fervent following. Often cited as influential by both artists and critics alike, this release will reaffirm the band's pivotal and groundbreaking role in what has become "alternative rock."

"Throwing Muses pioneered a dense, dreamy, guitar-based sound long before 'alternative' was a musical term." - The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll

"The early work of Throwing Muses bears no resemblance to any other group or artist in recent memory" - The Trouser Press Record Guide

Throwing Muses have been: Kristin Hersh, Tanya Donelly, David Narcizo, Leslie Langston, and Bernard Georges (and yes, Fred Abong).

US: Throwing Music/Rykodisc:  RCD10377/78 Sept. 15th
UK: 4AD:  DAD8017CD Sept. 14th

Track List: DISC ONE Throwing Muses (the self-titled debut album) (1986) 1. Call Me 2. Green 3. Hate My Way 4. Vicky's Box 5. Rabbits Dying 6. America (She Can't Say No) 7. Fear 8. Stand Up 9. Soul Soldier 10. Delicate Cutters Chains Changed EP (1987) 11. Finished 12. Reel 13. Snail Head 14. Cry Baby Cry

DISC TWO "The Doghouse Cassette" (1985) 1. Call Me 2. Sinkhole 3. Green 4. Hate My Way 5. Vicky's Box 6. America (She Can't Say No) 7. Fear 8. Raise The Roses 9. And A She-Wolf After The War 10. Fish Bonus Tracks (1996) 11. Catch 12. Lizzie Sage 13. Clear And Great 14. Doghouse 15. People Enhanced Program: "Fish" Music Video

* The material on this release has been long sought-after by fans and collectors alike.

* Throwing Muses (the self-titled debut) and Chains Changed have never been available domestically, and have been out-of-print as imports for a substantial period of time.

* Everything else contained on this double disc release is either previously unissued or has never been available on CD.

* Disc Two features the band's video for "Fish,"" which won an American Film Institute award for Best Music Video, as an enhanced program.

* CD package will feature new artwork, exclusive photos of all band members, and liner notes from Kristin.

* In A Doghouse is an exhaustive collection of the band's early, influential, and groundbreaking material.

* Rykodisc and 4AD's websites will feature sound clips and additional information.

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