GU6 That Dog.

lp cas cd GU6LP, GU6C, GU6CD (1993): Old Timer (2:08), Jump (3:15), Punk Rock Girl (2:07), Zodiac (2:02), You are Here (4:36), She (2:56), Angel (3:45), Westside Angst (1:49), She Looks at Me (2:30), Family Functions (2:19), Ralna (2:11), She Looks at Me (reprise) (0:52) [R GU6LP], Just Like Me (2:22), Paid Programming (2:50), This Boy (5:12)

That Dog. are Anna Waronker, Rachel Haden, Petra Haden and Tony Maxwell. The LP included a 7" single. Featuring Tanya Haden. Coproduced by Tom Grimley and Chrisa Sadd. Licenced from the Geffen Company. Recorded at Poop Alley Studios, Los Angeles. Sleeve by Chris Bigg, That Dog. and Paul McMenamin. Write to That Dog., P.O. Box 491999, Los Angeles, CA 90049-1999, USA.

7000 Tarnation - There's Someone

12 TAD7000 (Jan 20 1997): There's Someone [DAD7004], I Didn't Mean It

Limited edition 7" single. Exit Lincoln Allen, Michelle Cernuto and Matt Wendell Sullivan.

7625 Various - ...think I'm getting the hang of it

cd 7625 (1995): Lisa Gerrard: Sanvean (I am your Shadow) [CADC5009], Air Miami: Dolphin Expressway [CAD5011], Liquorice: Cheap Cuts [CAD5008], Heidi Berry: Miracle (new version) [FTWW1], Scheer: Sometimes [BAD5012], The Wolfgang Press: Christianity (Wicked Man Remix) [FTWW1], Tarnation: The Well [CAD5010], Kendra Smith: Valley of the Morning Sun [CAD5006], Red House Painters: Cabezon [CADC5005], Mojave 3: Love Songs On The Radio

Promo release given away in conjuction with the Body Shop in the US (PRO-CD-7625). The last track is not listed on the packaging. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver and Jason Love. «Christianity» remixed by P. Steir.

NONTHF1 The Happy Family - This Business of Living

cas NONTHF1 (1985): The Salesman (demo) [R CAD214], Letter from Hall (demo) [R CAD214], Revenge (demo) [R CAD214], The Luckiest Citizen (demo) [R CAD214], The Man On Your Street (demo) [R CAD214], March in Turin (demo) [R CAD214], Two fo a Kind (demo), Innermost Thoughts (studio) [R AD204], The Distance (studio), My Double (studio)

Cassette released by Les Temps Modernes (LTM V:VI) including a booklet telling us about the band. Later rerelased with just a typed info sheet. Tracks 1-7 are demo versions recorded at Pier House Studio in '83, while 8-10 are early studio versions recorded at the Palladium in Edinburgh in late 82.

NONVAR29 Various - This is Fort Apache

cd NONVAR29 (1995) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Run Letter [CAD802]

MCA Records (MCAD-111179).

9006 Gus Gus - This Is Normal

lp cas cd CADD9006, CADC9006, CAD9006CD (Apr 26 1999): \cddb [CAD9002CD], 9c0c960b 182 18073 37178 58453 86972 113359 130441 148544 167416 197672 218195 3224, Ladyshave, Teenage Sensation, Starlovers, Superhuman, Very Important People, Bambi, Snoozer, Blue Mug, Acid Milk, Love vs Hate, Dominique

cd5 9006 (cdsingle) (1999): Ladyshave [CADD9006], Very Important People [CADD9006], Teenage Sensation [CADD9006], Acid Milk [CADD9006]

NONGUS13 Gus Gus - This Is Normal

cd5 NONGUS13 (1999): Love vs Hate [CADD9006], Very Important People [CADD9006], Starlovers [CADD9006], Teenage Sensation [CADD9006]

Promo released by 4ad / PIAS in the Netherlands (CAD 9006 CD GUSCD). Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Chris Bigg and Steph.

? v23 - This Rimy River

blank ? (book) (1994)

blank ? (flyer) (1994)

A poster with the same image as the cover of the book was also released.

Lisa Gerrard & Jeff Rona - A Thousand Roads

cd (2005): Good Morning Indian Country (02:13), Rowing Warriors (00:57), Canyons of Manhattan (02:33), Coming to Barrow (02:21), All your Relatives (02:41), Dawn Across the Snow (02:27), The Northern Lights (01:00) [CAD2K02], Johnny in the Dark (00:54), Walk in a Beauty's Way (03:27), A Healer's Life (01:31), Who Are We to Say (04:33), A Thousand Roads (02:45), End Titles (03:13), Who are We to Say (vocal) (04:35) [R Shaman's Call (02:52)], Nemi (03:55), Mahk Jchi (02:40), All My Relations (03:50), Song of the Trees (02:32), Crazy Horse (06:01)

Soundtrack album.

STEELE 4 CD Thievery Corporation - 38.45 (A Thievery Number)

cd5 STEELE4CD (1998): 38.45 (A Thievery Number) [CAD8006], Assault On Babylon

Promo release.

STEELE 5 Thievery Corporation - 38.45 (A Thievery Number)

7 STEELE5 (1998): 38.45 (A Thievery Number) [CAD8006], Assault On Babylon [STEELE4CD]

Promo release. Similar sleeve as STEELE 2.

16 B. C. Gilbert / G. Lewis - 3R4

lp CAD16 (1980): Barge Calm, 3, 4..., Barge Calm [CAD16], R

Featuring Davyd Boyd and Russell Mills. Engineered by Eric Radcliffe and John Fryer. Recorded at Blackwing Studios.

2008 Pale Saints - Throwing Back The Apple

12ep cd5 BAD2008, BAD2008CD (1992): Throwing Back The Apple [CAD2004], Blue Flower, Half-Life Remembered [R BAD0015CD], Reflections From A Watery World

Produced by Hugh Jones. Mixed by Hugh Jones. Recorded at Monnow Valley and Rik Rak. Featuring Fedja Franklin. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver and Paul McMenamin. «Blue Flower» written by Peter Blegvad and Anthony Moore.

PS 2 CD Pale Saints - Throwing Back The Apple

cd PS2CD (1992): Throwing Back the Apple [CAD2004], Featherframe [CAD2004], Babymaker, A Thousand Stars Burst Open [CAD2004]

Promo release.

NONTM1 Throwing Muses

7 NONTM1 (1985): Stand Up [R CAD607], Dirt is on the Floor, untitled, The Party, Santa Claus (^2) [R CAD901CD]

Released by the Muses on the label «Blowing Fuses» in 1985. Re-pressed by the fan club in 1989. «Dirt is on the Floor» written by Elaine Adamedes.

607 Throwing Muses

lp cas cd CAD607, CADC607, CAD607CD (1986): Call Me, Green, Hate My Way, Vicky's Box, Rabbits Dying, America (She Can't Say No), Fear, Stand Up, Soul Soldier, Delicate Cutters

Throwing Muses are Kristin Hersh (Kristin Hersh), David Narcizo, Leslie Langston and Tanya Donelly. Featuring Ronnie Stone and Dave Knowles. Produced by Gil Norton. Sleeve by 23 Envelope and Richard Donelly.

2301 Throwing Muses

cd CAD2301CD (2003): Mercury (04:14) [CAD3009], Pretty or Not (03:30), Civil Disobedience (03:14), Pandora's Box (05:21), Status Quo (04:19), Speed and Sleep (05:10), Portia (03:38), SolarDip (03:34), Epiphany (03:17), Los Flamingos (03:07), Half Blast (06:14), Flying (05:49)

NONDEW1 Various - Thurtene

cd NONDEW1 (1993): The Moon Seven Times: Michelle [Re CAD613], Hover: When I Was A Painter [Re CAD0006], immer essen: Not In Love (Hit By A Truck) [Re BAD806], Livia: Mizake the Mizan [Re AD0011], Red Zoo: 5/10 [Re CAD201], Independent Machanical Industry: Swing Like A Baby [Re CAD810], GLE: Hate My Way [Re CAD607], Clarity: Saltarello [Re CAD0007], Orange: Gigantic [Re CAD803], The Gosh Guys: Where Is My Mind? [Re CAD803], Floral Majority: Blue Flower [Re BAD2008], Firecracker: There's Something Between Us And He's Changing My Words [Re CAD1013], Tel Basta: I Melt With You [Re CAD206]

A collection of 4AD covers released by Dewdrops Records, featuring mostly people with some connection to the 4ad-l mailing list (DEW001). 1000 copies made with a green and white cover. Sleeve by Brant Nelson and Tony Evans. «Michelle» featuring Lynn Canfield, Henry Frayne and Brendan Gamble. «When I Was A Painter» featuring Bob Higgins, Nick Nichols, Brad Searles and Jan Tofferi. «Not In Love (Hit By A Truck)» featuring Molly Black and Steven Schuldt. «Mizake the Mizan» featuring Keith Richmond and Heather Flower. «5/10» featuring Red West, Regan Merante and Crazy Ivan. «Swing Like A Baby» featuring Robert Warnock and Steve Hill. «Hate My Way» featuring Misha, Protein 93 and Mike Sikinger. «Saltarello» featuring Travis Kidd and Victor Virreira. «Gigantic» featuring Sonya Waters, Michael Papenbury, Topper and Mike Burns. «Where Is My Mind?» featuring Slender Fungus, Dead Dog, Humongous Fungus Amongus and Dittany Dingus. «Blue Flower» featuring Heather Flora, Kevin Majors, Cathy Weeks and Jen Maser. «There's Something Between Us And He's Changing My Words» featuring Michael Plaster, Jason Farrell and Tim Dever. «I Melt With You» featuring Pine, Brett Klinker, Daniel James and Jason Kleinberg.

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