AXIS1 The Fast Set - Junction One

7 AXIS1 (1980): Junction One, Children Of The Revolution

The Fast Set are D. Knight. Sleeve by J. Maybury. Produced by Peter Kent and John Lewis. «Children Of The Revolution» written by Marc Bolan.

207 The Birthday Party - Junkyard

lp CAD207 (1982): She's Hit, Dead Joe, The Dim Locator, Hamlet (Pow, Pow, Pow), Several Sins, Big-Jesus-Trash-Can, Kiss Me Black, 6" Gold Blade, Kewpie Doll, Junk Yard

cd CAD207CD (1982): CAD207, AD111, Dead Joe [R CAD207]

Featuring Barry Adamson, Anita Lane, Harry Howard and Richard Mazda. Produced by Tony Cohen. Sleeve by Ed «Big Daddy» Roth. Richard Mazda says that he produced the album. The bulk of 'Junkyard' was recorded at Matrix Studios in Little Russell St, Bloomsbury, London. Barry Adamson plays most of the bass on this album because Tracy Pew was in jail in Australia.

NONROE1 Various - Just Say Roe

cd NONROE1 (1994) (excerpt): Kristin Hersh: Hysterical Bending

Album celebrating the Roe v. Wade US High Court decicion.

NONVAR36 Various - Just Say Yes (Sire's Winter Cd Music Sampler)

cd NONVAR36 (1997) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: A Feeling [MAD706]

NONVAR35 Various - Just Say YO (Volume 2 Of Just Say Yes)

cd NONVAR35 (1998) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Mexican Women [CAD802]

Released by SIRE (25745-2).

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