701 Throwing Muses - Chains Changed

12ep cassingle BAD701, BADC701 (1987): Finished [R TAD2019CD], Reel, Snail Head [R TAD2019CD], Cry Baby Cry

Initial copies came with a poster. Produced by Gil Norton. Sleeve by 23 Envelope and Andrew Catlin. Original quantities of the 12" included a poster.

115 Dance Chapter - Chapter II

12ep BAD115 (1981): Backwards Across Thresholds, Demolished Sanctuary, Attitudes, She [CAD2205]

Dance Chapter are Cyrus Bruton, Stuart Dunbar, Steve Hadfield and John Turner. Coproduced by Hugh Allen. Engineered by Gary Lucas. Recorded at Spaceward. The run-out grooves read «19 yrs of scars» «Dave drives».

401 Modern English - Chapter 12

7 AD401 (1984): Chapter 12 (twelve inch mix) [R CAD402], Ringing In The Change

12ep BAD401 (1984): AD401, Reflection

NONPS9 Pale Saints - Children Break

7 NONPS9 (1988) (excerpt): Children Break

Flexi released by Panic Recordings. Free with some fanzine prior to first 4ad release (summer 1988).

CHIN 1 Various - Chin 1

7 CHIN1 (1994): Insides: Walking in Straight Lines [GU4LP], The Glee Club: Bad Child's Dolly [R 45496 (lp)]

Promo single. (The catalogue number refers to Bev Chin, 4AD-US.) Sleeve by Chris Bigg. This version of «Bad Child's Dolly» does not feature a fade-out, but a clean end.

1004 Spirea X - Chlorine Dream

7 AD1004 (1991): Chlorine Dream [R CAD1017], Spirea Rising

12ep cd5 BAD1004, BAD1004CD (1991): AD1004, Risk

Produced by Legion Of Universal Soul. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Ian McKinnell and Pirate Design.

GUS 1 Gus Gus - Chocolate

12ep GUS1 (1996): Chocolate, Chocolate (Techno) [R GUS1], Barry (Grave) [R DAD7005CD], Cold Breath '79 (Craze) [R DAD7005CD]

Promo release.

NONTWP5 The Wolfgang Press - Christianity

cd5 NONTWP5 (1995): Christianity [CAD4016], Christianity (Wicked Man) [R CAD4016], Love Will Surface, Instrumental

Promo released (PRO-CD-7468).

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