9009 Lakuna - So Happy

12 TAD9009 (1999): So Happy [GAD9010CD], So Happy (Thunderball Mix) [R GAD9010CD]

Limited edition 12".

NONSOIL1 Various - Soil Samples

7 NONSOIL1 (1993) (excerpt): His Name Is Alive: Darling

Clear vinyl promo with a track by HNIA on one side (PR6107). The track «Darling» is an outtake from the «Mouth By Mouth» sessions.

NONSS2 Various - Soil Samples 4

7 NONSS2 (1991) (excerpt): Kristin Hersh: Counting Backwards [CAD1002]

Recorded live at Maxwells november 8, 1990.

NONSOIL2 Various - Soil Samples 13

7 NONSOIL2 (1993): Unrest: Folklore, Heidi Berry: Unholy Light [BAD3010]

Promo released by Warner in the US (PRO-S 6414).

NONSS1 Various - Soil Samples 24

12 NONSS1 (1997) (excerpt): Polymovie (Polyesterday Moviemix) (6:21) [R (*Polyesterday*) BAD6013]

Promo released in the US by Warner Bros (PRO-A-8746).

NONSS3 Various - Soil Samples 22

7 NONSS3 (1997): Tarnation: Do You Fancy Me [CAD5010], Liquorice: Team Player [CAD5008]

Promo release on yellow vinyl (PRO-S-7802).

2101 His Name Is Alive - Someday My Blues Will Cover The Earth

cd CAD2101CD (2001): Nothing Special (04:18), Interlude (00:25) [CAD5006], Happy Blues (04:30), Solitude (01:41), Write My Name In The Groove (05:51), Your Cheating Heart (03:38), Our Last Affair (04:28), One Year (03:36), Interlude (00:48) [CAD5006], Karin's Blues (03:14), Are We Still Married? (03:37) [CAD1013], Someday My Blues Will Cover The Earth (05:33), Last Time (00:40)

8016 Mojave 3 - Some Kinda Angel

cd5 BAD8016CD (1998)

NONMJ2 Mojave 3 - Some Kind of Angel

cd5 NONMJ2 (1998): Some Kind of Angel, Go Lady Go, All I Want

Promo cd released by 4AD. Note: The title of this song was changed to «Some Kinda Angel» before release.

NONVAR34 Various - Some of Our Best Friends Are

cd NONVAR34 (1997) (excerpt): Tarnation: Little Black Egg [DAD7004], Tarnation: There's Someone [DAD7004]

Promo released by Reprise (PRO-CD-8664).

309 Modern English - Someone's Calling

7 AD309 (1983): Someone's Calling [R CAD206], Life In The Gladhouse [R CAD206]

12 BAD309 (1983): Someone's Calling [R CAD206], Life In The Gladhouse [R CAD206]

blank 309 (flyer) (1983)

blank 309 (poster) (1983)

The 12" versions are extended remixes.

NONME5 Modern English - Someone's Calling

7 12 NONME5 (7"), NONME5 (12") (1983): Someone's Calling (edit for album radio) [R CAD206], Carry Me Down (edit) [R CAD206]

7 NONME5 (7") (1983): Someone's Calling [CAD206], Someone's Calling [CAD206]

Released by Sire in the US (7-29598 [AAA 1777S/AAA 1799V1S] & PRO-A-2035 (promo)); mono/stereo promo by Sire in the US (7-29598 [AAA 1777S/AAA 1777DJM]).

908 Ultra Vivid Scene - Something to Eat

7 AD908 (1989): Something to Eat (demo), H Like in Heaven (demo) [R BAD906]

blank 908 (postcard) (1989)

Promotional release. Written by Kurt Ralske. Recorded at Bair Tracks, New York. The label of this single reads: «This record is a gift from Ultra Vivid Scene, available free of charge, via 4AD. Anyone who takes money for this record is no friend of ours.»

210 Rowland S. Howard / Lydia Lunch - Some Velvet Morning

12 BAD210 (1982): Some Velvet Morning, I Fell In Love With A Ghost

An insert was included. Featuring Barry Adamson and Mick Harvey (The Birthday Party). Engineered by Peter Williams. Recorded at Riverside Studios. «Some Velvet Morning» written by Lee Hazelwood.

2105 Piano Magic - Son de Mar

cd MAD2105CD (2001): (untitled) (06:14), (untitled) (02:44) [MAD2105CD], (untitled) (02:06) [MAD2105CD], (untitled) (01:31) [MAD2105CD], (untitled) (09:35) [MAD2105CD], (untitled) (15:33) [MAD2105CD]

NONRHP2 Red House Painters - Songs for a Blue Guitar

cd NONRHP2 (1996): Have You Forgotten, Song for a Blue Guitar, Make Like Paper, Priest Alley Song, Trailways, I Feel the Rain Fall, Long Distance Runaround [Re K9], All Mixed Up, Revelation Big Sur, Silly Love Songs, Another Song for a Blue Guitar

Originally recorded for release by 4AD, but they declined. Released by Island (162-531 061-2). Sleeve by Paul McMenamin and Michele Turriani. «Long Distance Runaround» written by Jon Anderson. «All Mixed Up» written by Ric Ocasek. «Silly Love Songs» written by Paul McCartney.

310 This Mortal Coil - Song To The Siren

7 AD310 (1983): Song To The Siren (3:30) [CAD411], Sixteen Days Reprise (4:11) [R (*Sixteen Days*) CAD105]

This Mortal Coil are Ivo and John Fryer. «Song To The Siren» sampled on Messiah's «Temple Of Dreams». «Sixteen Days Reprise» written by Modern English.

2213 The Breeders - Son Of Three

cd5 BAD2213CD (2002): Son Of Three (Re-Recorded) (01:53) [R CAD2205], Buffy Theme (01:14), Safari (Live At Melkweg Amsterdam) (04:00) [R BAD2003]

NONUNR4 Unrest - So Sick

7 NONUNR4 (1993): So Sick [CAD3012], Vibe Out [BAD3015]

Limited edition single released by Teen Beat given away at shows Aug-Sep '93 (TB98).

NONVAR16 Various - Sound Affects

7 NONVAR16 (1989) (excerpt): Pixies: Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf) [GAD2103CD]

Flexi included with the Swedish Sound Affects Magazine #5.

2K09 Thievery Corporation - Sound File 001

10 TAD2K09 (2000): Focus On Sight (04:22) [R CAD2K06], Barrio Alto (03:57) [BAD2K24CD]

2K24 Thievery Corporation - Sound File 002

10 TAD2K24 (2000): Shadows Of Ourselves (03:39) [CAD2K06], A Guide For I & I (04:00)

cd5 BAD2K24CD (2000): TAD2K24, DC 3000 (04:27), Barrio Alto (03:57)

109/116 Dif Juz - Soundpool

cd GAD109/116CD (1999): BAD109, BAD116, No Motion

8006 Thievery Corporation - Sounds From A Thievery Hi-Fi

lp cd CAD8006, CAD8006CD (Jun 29 1998): A Warning (dub), 2001 Spilff Odyssey, Shaolin Satellite, Vivid, Universal Highness, Imcident At Gate 7, Manha, The Glass Bead Game, The Foundation, Interlude [CAD5006], The Oscillator, So Vast The Sky, 38:45 (a thievery number), Walking Through Babylon

Originally released in the US on Eighteenth Street Lounge Music.

NONSOU1 Various - The Sounds Machine EP 1

7 NONSOU1 (May 1 1988) (excerpt): Pixies: Hey [L CAD905], Throwing Muses: Mania [L CAD901]

Four track seven inch single given away with an issue of Sounds Magazine. Both «Mania» and «Hey» were recorded at the Town and Country Club, May 1 1988.

NONSO1 Various - Sounds Waves 3

7 NONSO1 (1988) (excerpt): Pixies: Down to the Well [PIX3], Pixies: Rock A My Soul

These two Pilgrim out-takes were released on a 7" EP that was given away free with the English rock mag Sounds.

NONSOU2 Various - Soundtrack from «Matter of Degrees»

lp cd NONSOU2 (lp), NONSOU2 (cd) (1992) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Matter of Degrees [Re (*Backroad*)]

«Matter of Degrees» is the same song as «Backroad», with Tanya on backing vocals, and an extra line that includes the different title.

NONOST1 Various - Soundtrack from «Floundering»

cd NONOST1 (1992) (excerpt): Red House Painters: Lord Kill the Pain [Re CAD2014]

Released in the US by Caroline (CAR-1775-2).

NONBAR1 Various - Soundtrack from «Baraka»

cd NONBAR1 (1993) (excerpt): Dead Can Dance: Yulunga [CADC3013]

Cat. no. Milan 73138-35652-2.

NONVAR5 Various - Soundtrack from «With Honors»

cd NONVAR5 (1994) (excerpt): Kristin Hersh: Your Ghost [CAD4002]

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