muses tab: Juno

Written by (Edmond Hum) on Wed, 9 Nov 94 02:44 WET.


by kristin hersh
from 'house tornado'
transcribed by edmond hum (

    F#9       F      D    D11    G*


--- start ---

F#9     F      F#9
i can't play
              F              F#9
when he wakes up  she said
         F              F#9
he can't play when he
           F            D
thinks i'm growing up

     F                D          F
that song  juno  they did in the street
D       F               D  D11  G*   D
so many places to go
and not one for me
said the she

   F#9               F        F#9
if they were pretty  it'd be okay to say
    F               F#9
but that day only
     F                 F#9            F   D
when she wore dresses  she felt born

     F           D            F               D         D11  G*  D
that song  juno     say the words if you have streets
no one for me
said the she

     F               D           F       D
that song  juno they sung in the street
her husband of nineteen years
       D     D11    G*     D
danced madly at her feet
now i can be  balancing

--- end ---

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