2007 Michael Brook - Cobalt Blue

lp cas cd CAD2007, CADC2007, CAD2007CD (1992): Shona Bridge, Breakdown, Red Shift, Skip Wave, Slipstream, Andean, Slow Breakdown, Ultramarine, Urbana, Lakbossa, Ten, Hawaii

Recorded at Hybrid Studio and Brian Eno's studio. Mastered by Tony Cousins. Featuring Hahn Rowe, James Pinker (Heavenly Bodies), Nell Catchpole, Brian Eno, Roger Eno, Ben Arion, Daniel Lanois, Richard Henderson and Jo Burgess. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Chris Bigg, Russell Mills, Simon Larbalestier, Douglas Brothers and Pirate Design. «Slow Breakdown» cowritten by Brian Eno.

NONCT12 Cocteau Twins

lp cd NONCT12 (lp), NONCT12 (cd) (1991): Aikea-Guinea [AD501], High Monkey-Monk [CT1CD], Sigh's Smell of Farewell [BAD610], Pearly-Dewdrops'Drops [AD405], Dials [CT1CD], Hazel [CADC211], Quisqouse [BAD501], Sugar Hiccup [CAD313], Orange Appled [BAD610CD], Pink Orange Red [BAD510]

Promotional release for the box set from Capitol. It has the same cover as the bonus CD in the box set.

NONCT8 Cocteau Twins - Cocteau Twins Collector Disk KRBE 104

cd NONCT8 (1991): Sigh's Smell Of Farewell [BAD610], Wax And Wane [CAD211], Sugar Hiccup [CAD313], Lorelei [CAD412], Little Spacey [CAD602], Carolyn's Fingers [CAD807], Plain Tiger, Iceblink Luck [CAD0012]

Promo released in the US by Capitol (DPRO-79354). «Plain Tiger» written by Fraser/Guthrie/Hinnigan.

315 Colourbox

lp MAD315 (1983): Shotgun, Keep On Pushing, Nation, Justice

cd MAD315CD (1983): MAD315, BAD604, AD604, Breakdown, The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme (12")

Featuring Steve Wright, Michael Smith and Bunny McKenzie. Produced by Paul «Graucho» Smykle. Copostproduced by John Fryer. «Keep On Pushing» cowritten by Ian Robbins. «Nation» written by Ian Robbins. «Justice» written by Ian Robbins.

508 Colourbox

lp CAD508 (1985): Sleepwalker, Just Give 'Em Whiskey [Re (*Sex Gun*) NONPS6], Say You, The Moon Is Blue, Inside Informer, Punch, Suspicion, Manic, You Keep Me Hanging On, Arena

cd CAD508CD (1985): CAD508, Edit the Dragon, Hipnition, We Walk Around The Streets, Arena II [R (*Arena*) NONVS1]

cas CADC508 (1985): CAD508, MAD509

Featuring Chris Karan, William Orbit and Tony Parsons. Engineered by Jon Turner, John Madden and Rico. Sleeve by 23 Envelope and The Duvet Bros. The first 10000 copies of CAD508 included MAD509. It is rumoured that CAD C 508 has MAD509 on side two. «Say You» written by U. Roy. «Punch» produced by Bob Carter. «You Keep Me Hanging On» written by Holland, Dozier, Holland (Motown). «You Keep Me Hanging On» originally recorded by the Supremes. «Arena» mixed by Hugh Jones. «Hipnition» written by Ian Robbins.

NONC2 Colourbox

cd NONC2 (1985): CAD508CD, CAD508

Released in Japan by Columbia with a different sleeve, similar to inside cover of the UK release (YQ-7046 (lp) and 30CY-1654 (cd)).

509 Colourbox

lp MAD509 (1985): Edit the Dragon [CAD508CD], Hipnition [CAD508CD], We Walk Around The Streets [CAD508CD], Arena II [RR (*Arena*) NONVS1], Manic II [R (*Manic*) CAD508], Fast Dump, Sex Gun

Included free with the first 10000 copies of CAD508. Released in Australia by Virgin with a different sleeve. «Hipnition» written by Ian Robbins.

NONC1 Colourbox

lp cas NONC1 (lp), NONC1 (cas) (1988): MAD315, BAD604, AD604, Breakdown [AD304], The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme [AD605]

This was released by PolyGram (Canada), LP834 221-1, MC834 221-4. It is essentially the same as MAD315CD, except that the versions of «Breakdown» and «The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme» are the 7" mixes here and the 12" mixes on MAD315CD. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver and Christopher Bigg.

NONTMC4 This Mortal Coil - Come Here My Love

7 NONTMC4 (1986)

Might have been released by Virgin in France (SA 1082).

709 Pixies - Come On Pilgrim

lp MAD709 (Mar 1987): Caribou, Vamos, Isla de Encanta, Ed Is Dead, The Holiday Song, Nimrod's Son, I've Been Tired, Leviate Me

Pixies are Black Francis, David Lovering, Kim Deal and Joey Santiago. Kim Deal is listed as «Mrs. John Murphy» on MAD709 and CAD803, but she later divorced the guy and dropped the name. Released in the US by Rough Trade as «Rough US 43». Produced by Gary Smith. Engineered by Paul Kolderie. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver and Simon Larbalestier.

0002 Pale Saints - The Comforts Of Madness

lp cas cd CAD0002, CADC0002, CAD0002CD (1990): Way The World Is, You Tear The World In Two, Sea Of Sound, True Coming Dream, Little Hammer, Insubstantial, A Deep Sleep For Steven, Language Of Flowers, Fell From The Sun, Sight Of You, Time Thief

Tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 9, 10 produced by John Fryer. The rest produced by Gil Norton and engineered by Al Clay. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Christopher Bigg, Sarah Tucker and Bleddyn Butcher. Initial quantities of the LP had postcards included. «Fell From The Sun» appears on the "Early Recordings" album from Opal. «Fell From The Sun» written by Opal.

2103 Pixies - Complete 'B' Sides

cd GAD2103CD (2001): River Euphrates (03:24) [CAD803], Vamos (Live) (03:29) [R MAD709], In Heaven (Lady In The Radiatior Song) (Live) (01:47), Manta Ray (02:39), Weird At My School (01:59), Dancing The Manta Ray (02:14), Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf) (03:00) [R CAD905], Into The White (04:43) [DADD7011CD], Bailey's Walk (02:24), Make Believe (01:55), I've Been Waiting For You (02:46), The Thing (01:59), Velvety Instrumental Version (02:04), Winterlong (03:07), Santo (02:17), Theme From Narc (01:48), Build High (01:43), Evil Hearted You (02:37), Letter To Memphis (Instrumental) (02:42) [R CAD1014]

NONFB4 Frank Black - Conversation and Music with Frank Black

cd NONFB4 (1994)

Promo interview disc released by Elektra (PRCD-8829-2).

NONLU15 Lush - Cookie

cd5 NONLU15 (1994): White Wood [BADD4010], Girl's World [AD4010], Lovelife (suga bullit remix) [BADD4010], Love at First Sight [GAD2K22CD], Cat's Chorus [AD4008], Undertow (Spooky remix) [BADD4008]

Released in Japan (COCY-78365).

1001 Throwing Muses - Counting Backwards

7 AD1001 (1991): Counting Backwards [CAD1002], Same Sun

12ep cd5 BAD1001, BAD1001CD (1991): AD1001, Amazing Grace [R TAD5017CD], Cottonmouth [R TAD2019CD]

Exit Leslie Langston. Enter Fred Abong. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Archer, Quinell and Dave Coppenhall. Engineered by Paul Kolderie. «Counting Backwards» engineered by John Beverly Jones. «Counting Backwards» produced by Dennis Herring.

NONTM5 Throwing Muses - Counting Backwards

cd5 NONTM5 (1991): Counting Backwards [CAD1002], Same Sun [AD1001], Amazing Grace [BAD1001]

Released in the US.

MUSE 1 Throwing Muses - Counting Backwards

12ep MUSE1 (1991): Counting Backwards [CAD1002], Say Goodbye [CAD901], Hook In Her Head [CAD1002]

Promotional release.

NONHNIA8 His Name Is Alive - Country Girl

cd5 NONHNIA8 (Feb 1997): Country Girl (Radio Version) (3:15) [R PUP1], The Beech Boys Story (Excerpts from a KCRW intervie) (3:41), Nice Day (1:50) [JAD7009CD], This World Is Not My Home (New Version) (3:34) [R CAD6010]

Promo released in the US (PRO-CD-8651). In a card sleeve designed by v23. `The Beech Boys Story' is an interview.

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