8014 Throwing Muses - In A Doghouse

cd DAD8014CD (Sep 14 1998): BADC701, CAD607CD, NONTM13 (cas), Catch, Lizzie Sage, Clear and Great, Doghouse, People

Also released by Throwing Music/Rykodisc (RCD10377/78) in the US. Double cd release. Includes the video to ``Fish''. The last five tracks on the second CD are older TM songs that were recorded in 1997; produced by David Narcizo. Sleeve by David Narcizo, Chris Gorman (Belly), Vicky Cessna, Joseph Narcizo, Richard Donelly and Ryder.

NONNME3 Various - In a Field of Their Own

cd NONNME3 (Jun 1992) (excerpt): The Breeders: Iris [L CAD0006], Lush: Starlust [L CAD4011]

Double cd lasting over 130 minutes available only from the NME (glaston1dcd). A track each from most (or all) groups appering in the Glastonbury music festival the 26th to the 28th June 1992. All profits went to Greenpeace.

NONTB5 The Breeders - In Concert

cd NONTB5 (1993)

Promo released by Westwood One (SHOW #95-06[30.01.1994]).

4003 Lisa Germano - Inconsiderate Bitch

12ep cd TAD4003, TAD4003CD (1994): Happiness (8:17) [R CAD4005], Energy (3:49) [R CAD4005], Puppet (4:03) [R CAD4005], Sycophant (5:29) [R CAD4005], (Late Night) Dresses (4:16) [R (*The Dresses Song*)]

Limited edition. All songs written by Lisa Germano. Produced by Malcolm Burn. Mixed by Ivo Watts-Russell (The Hope Blister) and John Fryer. Featuring Ronald Jones, Kenny Aronoff, Daryl Johnson, Toby Myers, Jay Joyce, Bill Dillon, John Keane and Malcolm Burn. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Chris Bigg, Cathy Fenwick and Andrew Catlin. Recorded at Kingsway Studios, New Orleans and Blackwing Studios, London. «Sycophant» cowritten by Jay Joyce.

NONXM1 Xmal Deutschland - Incubus Succubus

12ep NONXM1 (1982): Incubus Succubus, Zu Jung Zu Alt, Blut Ist Liebe

Released by Zickzack Records in Germany, ZZ110.

311 Xmal Deutschland - Incubus Succubus II

7 12 AD311, BAD311 (1983): Incubus Succubus II, Vito

Produced by Ivo (This Mortal Coil) and John Fryer. The original 5000 copies have a "grass" label while subsequent releases have a "lightening" label.

NONXD1 Xmal Deutschland - Incubus Succubus II

12 NONXD1 (1983)

Released by Nexus International in Japan (K15P 518).

NONVAR20 Various - Independent20 #16

cd NONVAR20 (1993) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Firepile [CAD2013], Belly: Dusted [BAD2009]

Produced by Malcolm Burn.

NONNME5 Various - Indie City

lp cas NONNME5 (lp), NONNME5 (cas) (1984) (excerpt): Colourbox: The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme [AD605], Cocteau Twins: The Spangle Maker [BAD405], This Mortal Coil: Song To The Siren [CAD411]

Released by the New Musical Express on a triple DJ promo lp and a double cassette (PRO 8 & NME036/037).

NONIND8 Various - Indie Top 20 Vol. VIII

cd lp NONIND8 (cd), NONIND8 (lp) (1990) (excerpt): Pale Saints: Sight of You [BAD910]

Released by Beechwod Music (TT08 CD).

NONIND11 Various - Indie Top 20 Vol XI

cd lp NONIND11 (cd), NONIND11 (lp) (1991) (excerpt): Pale Saints: Half-Life, Remembered [BAD0015CD], Pixies: Dig for Fire [AD0014]

Released by Beechwood Music (TT011 CD).

UNK21 Paula Frazer - Indoor Universe

cd UNK21 (2001): That You Know (04:02), This is a Song (02:56), Gone (05:40), Think of Me (02:40), Not So Bad, But Not So Good (03:13), Stay As You Are (03:29), Mean Things (04:02), Everywhere (03:34), Deep Was the Night (04:20), We Met by the Love-Lies-Bleeding (03:39), The Only One (03:36)

6006 Scheer - Infliction

lp cas cd CAD6006, CADC6006, CAD6006CD (April 22 1996): Shéa, Howling Boy, Wish You Were Dead, In Your Head, Demon, Baby Sized, Sad Loved Girl, I Started Something, Screaming, Goodbye

blank 6006 (flyer) (1996)

NONSCH1 Scheer - Infliction

cd NONSCH1 (1996): CAD6006CD, Demon (acoustic) [BAD6003CD]

Promo released in the US by Warner Bros.

2K03 Mojave 3 - In Love With A View

12 TAD2K03 (2000): In Love With A View [CAD2K05], Prayer For The Paranoid (electric)

Limited 7" single.

2004 Pale Saints - In Ribbons

lp cas cd CAD2004, CADC2004, CAD2004CD (1992): Throwing Back the Apple, Ordeal, Thread of Light, Shell, There is No Day, Hunted, Hair Shoes, Babymaker [R PS2CD], Liquid, Neverending Night, Featherframe, A Thousand Stars Burst Open

The run-out grooves read «scene but not herd». Initial quantities of CAD2004 includes the free 7" single listed below. Coarranged by Hugh Jones. Produced by Hugh Jones. Recorded at Monnow Valley, Palladium Studios, Edinburg, Blackwing, Roundhouse, Ridge Farm, Swanyard Studios, London and Master Rock. Engineered by Hugh Jones, Phil Ault, Alan Branch, Kevin Hurley, Steve Bray, Paul Tipler, Goetz Botzenhardt and John O'Donnell. Featuring Caroline Lavelle. Sleeve by Christopher Bigg, Vaughan Oliver, Kevin Westenberg, Matt Heslop and Pirate Design. Write to Pale Saints, P.O. Box 1880, London N16 0DZ.

NONPS7 Pale Saints - In Ribbons

lp cas cd NONPS7 (lp), NONPS7 (cas), NONPS7 (cd) (1992): CAD2004CD, Blue Flower [BAD2008]

Released in the US. «Blue Flower» was originally released by Slapp Happy/Henry Cow, and has since been released by Mazzy Star. «Blue Flower» written by Peter Blegvad and Anthony Moore.

NONCOL3 Colourbox - Inside Informer

7 NONCOL3 (1985): Inside Informer [CAD508], Arena [CAD508]

Released by 4AD/Vertigo in Canada in a die-cut sleeve (SOV 2372).

NONLG6 Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke - The Insider

cd NONLG6 (Oct 26 1999) (excerpt): Tempest [CAD8004], Dawn of Truth, Sacrifice [CAD8004], The Subordinate, Exile, The Silencer, Broken [AD5007], Faith [CAD9008CD], Liquid Moon, Meltdown

Soundtrack released by Sony Music Soundtrax (63918).

NONCT7 Cocteau Twins - Interview Picture Disc

lp cd NONCT7 (lp), NONCT7 (cd) (1985)

Interview released by Baktabak on lp (BAK2016) and cd (ABCD010).

13 Bauhaus - In The Flat Field

lp cas CAD13, CADC13 (1980): Double Dare, In The Flat Field, God In An Alcove, Dive, Spy In The Car, Small Talk Stinks, St. Vitus Dance, Stigmata Martyr, Nerves

cd CAD13CD (1980): CADC13, AD3, AXIS3 (7"), Terror Couple Kill Colonel, Scopes, God In An Alcove [R CAD13]

Sleeve by Duane Michals. «God In An Alcove» was originally released on a 7" flexi.

NONLG9 Lisa Germano - In The Maybe World

cd NONLG9 (2006): The Day (01:58) [CAD503], Too Much Space (02:54), Moon In Hell (03:29), Golden Cities (02:55), Into Oblivion (04:10), In The Land Of Fairies (02:39), Wire (01:36), In The Maybe World (02:10), Red Thread (03:37), A Seed (01:55), Except For The Ghosts (03:03), After Monday (03:21)

3013 Dead Can Dance - Into the Labyrinth

cas cd CADC3013, CAD3013CD (Sep 13 1993): Yulunga (6:55), The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove (6:16), The Wind That Shakes The Barley (2:49), The Carnival Is Over (5:27), Ariadne (1:54), Saldek (1:07), Toward The Within (7:06), Tell Me About The Forest (5:42), The Spider's Strategem (6:42), Emmeleia (2:04), How Fortunate The Man With None (9:15)

lp DAD3013 (1993): CAD3013CD, Bird [CADC1010], Spirit [CADC1010]

The LP is a double album. Recorded at Quivvy Church. Sleeve by Chris Bigg, Brendan Perry, Touhami Ennadre, Ken Kavanagh and John Sherwin. «The Wind That Shakes The Barley» written by Dr. Robert Dwyer Joyce. «How Fortunate The Man With None» cowritten by Bertolt Brecht.

NONAM3 Various - Invisible Soundtracks (Macro 1)

cd NONAM3 (1997) (excerpt): Air Miami: Nevada 2007

Compilation releaesd by Leaf Records (REEL 12 CD).

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