1002 Throwing Muses - The Real Ramona

lp cas cd CAD1002, CADC1002, CAD1002CD (1991): Counting Backwards, Him Dancing, Red Shoes, Graffiti, Golden Thing, Ellen West, Dylan, Hook In Her Head, Not Too Soon, Honeychain, Say Goodbye [R CAD901], Two Step

This version of «Say Goodbye» is extremely different from the version on CAD901. «Dylan» is the name of Kristin Hersh's son. Produced by Dennis Herring. Engineered by John Beverly Jones. Sleeve by David Narcizo, Andy Catlin and Jim Anderson. «Red Shoes» coremixed by Paul Kolderie. «Not Too Soon» remixed by Csaba Petocz.

2013 Throwing Muses - Red Heaven

lp cas cd CAD2013, CADC2013, CAD2013CD (1992): Furious, Firepile, Dio, Dirty Water, Stroll, Pearl, Summer St, Vic, Backroad, The Visit, Dovey, Rosetta Stone, Carnival Wig

lp cd CADD2013, CADD2013CD (1992): CAD2013CD, KH1 (cd)

Limited editions of the LP sold through The Chain With No Name included the free LP KH1. The initial quantities of the CD was a slim-line double CD box and was mislabeled CAD2013CD. (The «D» for «Deluxe» was dropped.) Coproduced by Steve Boyer, Paul Q. Kolderie and Artie Smith. Featuring Leslie Langston and Bob Mould (Hüsker Dü). Recorded at Power Station, NYC and Fort Apache, Cambridge, MA. Engineered by Steve Boyer and Victor Deyglio. A Japanese version of «Red Heaven» was released that had most of the tracks from KH1 on the same disc as «Red Heaven». It lacked «Bea» and «Delicate Cutters».

NONRHB1 Various - Red Hot + Bothered, The Indie Rock Guide To Dating #1

cd NONRHB1 (1995) (excerpt): Freedom Cruise: Sensational Gravity Boy, Liquorice: Little League, Lisa Germano: The Mirror Is Gone [NONLG1]

Freedom Cruise features Kim & Kelley Deal.

3008 Red House Painters

lp cas cd DAD3008, DADC3008, DAD3008CD (May 24 1993): Grace Cathedral Park, Down Through, Katy Song, Mistress, Things Mean A Lot, Fun House, Take Me Out, Rollercoaster, New Jersey, Dragon Flies, Mistress (piano version) [R DAD3008], Mother, Strawberry Hill, Brown Eyes

Double album. Sleeve by Simon Larbalestier.

3016 Red House Painters

lp cas cd CAD3016, CADC3016, CAD3016CD (Oct 19 1993): Evil, Bubble, I am a Rock, Helicopter, New Jersey [R DAD3008], Uncle Joe, Blindfold, Star Spangled Banner

Written by Mark Kozelek. Sleeve by v23 and Simon Larbalestier. «I am a Rock» written by Paul Simon. «Helicopter» cowritten by Jerry Vessel. «Star Spangled Banner» written by Smith & Key.

NONRT1 Various - Red Tape

cas NONRT1 (Oct 1990) (excerpt): Cocteau Twins: Pitch the Baby [R CAD0012], Lush: De-Luxe [GAD2K22CD], Pixies: Allison [CAD0010], Pale Saints: Insubstantial [CAD0002], Dead Can Dance: Song of the Sybil [CAD0007]

Free with the UK monthly magazine «Select» vol. 1, no. 4 (RT 1).

NONXD2 Xmal Deutschland - Reigen

7 NONXD2 (1984): Reigen [CAD407], Eiland [CAD407]

Promo (including postcard) released in Spain by DRO (DRO-094).

111 The Birthday Party - Release The Bats

7 AD111 (1981): Release The Bats [R CAD9005CD], Blast Off [R CAD9005CD]

Coproduced by Nick Launey. The run-out grooves read «Dirtness is next to antigodliness» «Mister Pierre forvever».

GUS 6 Gus Gus - Remix

cd5 GUS6 (1997): Cold Breath '79 (Hüsmix) [GUS 2 (12")], Believe (16b remix) [GUS3], Believe (LFO remix) [BAD7002], Polydistortion [BAD6013]

Promo release. Also released as a bonus disc for the "Polodistortion" album in Canada (as GUS 6), in the US (as 9 46375-2), and in Europe.

TWP 4 The Wolfgang Press - Remixes Number One

12ep TWP4 (1995): Going South (@440 mix) [BAD5001], Christianity (Sherwood mix) [TWP6CD], Eleven Years (Sabres Main Mix 2)

Promo release. «Going South» remixed by Apollo 440. «Christianity» remixed by Adrian Sherwood. «Christianity» featuring Keith LeBlanc and Skip McDonald. «Christianity» engineered by Ando Montgomery and Darren Grant. «Christianity» recorded at On-U Sound Studio. «Eleven Years» remixed by The Sabres of Paradise.

TWP 5 The Wolfgang Press - Remixes Number Two

12ep TWP5 (1995): Executioner (Adamson Mix) [GAD2104CD], 11 Years (Sabres Main Mix 1) [TWP6CD], Chains (Wobble Mix) [BAD5001], Going South (Country Style) [AD5001]

Sleeve by Chris Bigg. «Executioner» remixed by Barry Adamson. «Executioner» engineered by Steve Fitzmaurice. «11 Years» remixed by The Sabres of Paradise. «Chains» remixed by Jah Wobble. «Chains» engineered by Mark Ferda. «Chains» featuring B. J. Cole and Jah Wobble. «Going South» remixed by Michael Brook (Michael Brook). «Going South» engineered by Richard Evans.

NONVAR33 Various - R.E.M. "Sponge" and others

cd NONVAR33 (1996) (excerpt): Kristin Hersh: Panic Pure [NONVAR32]

Promo released by Columbia (CSK 8219).

9011 Red House Painters - Retrospective

cd DAD9011CD (1999): \cddb [CAD9002CD], aa12440d 150 21717 39185 77068 90149 110101 154453 178729 213056 237994 258473 298507 331509 4678, \cddb [CAD9002CD], d60f940e 150 27834 59688 86400 112026 121131 139559 159174 179155 197015 223352 248944 269100 280680 3990, Shock Me, Grace Cathedral Park [DAD3008], Katy Song [DAD3008], Summer Dress [CADC5005], New Jersey [DAD3008], Medicine Bottle [CAD2014], Michael [CAD2014], San Geronimo [CADC5005], Bubble [CAD3016], Mistress [DAD3008], Drop [CADC5005], Evil [CAD3016], Rollercoaster [DAD3008], Funhouse (demo) [R DAD3008], Waterkill (demo), Uncle Joe (demo) [R CAD3016], Helicopter (demo) [R CAD3016], Brown Eyes (4 track demo) [R DAD3008], Dragonflies [DAD3008], Japanese to English [L CAD2014], Shock Me (live on KCRW) [R DAD9011CD], Over My Head (4 track demo) [R CADC5005], Brockwell Park (4 track demo) [R CADC5005], Shadows [CADC5005], Mistress (live on KCRW) [R DAD3008], Summer Dress (live on KCRW) [R CADC5005], Instrumental

2017 Ultra Vivid Scene - Rev

lp cas cd CAD2017, CADC2017, CAD2017CD (Oct 19 1992): Candida, Cut-throat, Mirror to Mirror, The Portion of Delight, Thief's Love Song, How Sweet, Medicating Angels, Blood and Thunder, This is the Way

blank 2017 (postcard) (1992)

1, 2 and 6 produced by Fred Maher. 1 and 6 engineered and 2 co-engineered by Lloyd Puckitt. Featuring Jack Daley, Julius Klepacz, Fred Maher, Matthew Sweet, Everett Breadley, Dorrit Chrysler, Sarah Walker, Melora Creager, Julia Kent and Serena U. Jost. The last three are Rasputina. Recorded at Zabriskie Point and Axis Studio. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver and Jim Friedman. Write to Ultra Vivid Scene, P.O. Box 4647, New York, N.Y. 10185-0040, USA.

NONUVS4 Ultra Vivid Scene - Rev

cd NONUVS4 (1993): CAD2017CD, BAD3003CD

Released by Chaos/Columbia in the US (O2K 53133). Released in a slim double cd box with OSK 74841, «Blood and Tunder».

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