10 The The - Black And White

7 AD10 (1980): Controversial Subject, Black And White

The The are Keith Laws, Matt Johnson, Tom Johnson and Triash. Produced by Bruce Gilbert (Wire) and Graham Lewis (Wire). Matt Johnson released an album under his own name on 4AD, CAD113, before leaving and signing to Some Bizzare. The run-out grooves read «Bilbo's last single!» «Bye, bye.».

1001 Throwing Muses - Counting Backwards

7 AD1001 (1991): Counting Backwards [CAD1002], Same Sun

12ep cd5 BAD1001, BAD1001CD (1991): AD1001, Amazing Grace [R TAD5017CD], Cottonmouth [R TAD2019CD]

Exit Leslie Langston. Enter Fred Abong. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Archer, Quinell and Dave Coppenhall. Engineered by Paul Kolderie. «Counting Backwards» engineered by John Beverly Jones. «Counting Backwards» produced by Dennis Herring.

1002 Throwing Muses - The Real Ramona

lp cas cd CAD1002, CADC1002, CAD1002CD (1991): Counting Backwards, Him Dancing, Red Shoes, Graffiti, Golden Thing, Ellen West, Dylan, Hook In Her Head, Not Too Soon, Honeychain, Say Goodbye [R CAD901], Two Step

This version of «Say Goodbye» is extremely different from the version on CAD901. «Dylan» is the name of Kristin Hersh's son. Produced by Dennis Herring. Engineered by John Beverly Jones. Sleeve by David Narcizo, Andy Catlin and Jim Anderson. «Red Shoes» coremixed by Paul Kolderie. «Not Too Soon» remixed by Csaba Petocz.

1003 The Wolfgang Press - Time

12ep cd5 BAD1003, BAD1003CD (1991): Time [R CAD6011], Time Less [R (*Time*) BAD1003], Dark Time [R (*Time*) BAD1003]

Sleeve by Andrew Gray, Christopher Bigg and The Wolfgang Press. Coproduced by Drostan Madden. Remixed by Martyn Young (Colourbox). «Dark Time» samples Pink Floyd's «Time».

1004 Spirea X - Chlorine Dream

7 AD1004 (1991): Chlorine Dream [R CAD1017], Spirea Rising

12ep cd5 BAD1004, BAD1004CD (1991): AD1004, Risk

Produced by Legion Of Universal Soul. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Ian McKinnell and Pirate Design.

1005 This Mortal Coil - Blood

lp cas cd DAD1005, DADC1005, DAD1005CD (1991): The Lacemaker, Mr. Somewhere, Andialu, With Tomorrow, Loose Joints, You And Your Sister, Nature's Way, I Come And Stand At Every Door, Bitter [R (*Acid Bitter And Sad*) CAD703], Baby Ray Baby, Several Times [R (*Several Times I*) CAD710], The Lacemaker II, Late Night, Ruddy And Wretched, Help Me Lift You Up, Carolyn's Song, D. D. And E., 'Til I Gain Control Again, Dreams Are Like Water, I Am The Cosmos, (Nothing But) Blood

Coengineered by Jon Turner. Featuring Caroline Crawley (Shellyan Orphan), Deidre Rutowski, Martin McCarrick (Siouxie and the Banshees), Jocelyn Pook, Sally Herbert, Sonia Slaney, Tim Freeman (Frazier Chorus), Jon Turner, Alison Limerick, Kim Deal (Pixies), Tanya Donelly (Throwing Muses), Louise Rutowski, Gini Ball, Ikuko Kozu, Jim Williams, Pieter Nooten, Anne Garrigues, Rain Parade, Dominic Appleton (Breathless) and Heidi Berry. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Nigel Grierson and Claire Lazarus. «The Lacemaker» cowritten by Martin McCarrick (Siouxie and the Banshees). «Mr. Somewhere» written by Paul M. Walsh. «With Tomorrow» cowritten by Clark and Davis. «Loose Joints» cowritten by Martin McCarrick (Siouxie and the Banshees). «You And Your Sister» written by Chris Bell (Big Star). «Nature's Way» written by Randy California (Spirit). «I Come And Stand At Every Door» written by Hikmet and Waters. «Several Times» written by Pieter Nooten. «The Lacemaker II» cowritten by Martin McCarrick (Siouxie and the Banshees). «Late Night» written by Syd Barrett. «Help Me Lift You Up» written by Mary Margaret O'Hara. «Carolyn's Song» written by David Roback (Opal/Mazzy Star/Rain Parade). «'Til I Gain Control Again» written by Rodney Crowell. «I Am The Cosmos» written by Chris Bell (Big Star).

1006 Spirea X - Speed Reaction

7 AD1006 (1991): Speed Reaction [CAD1017], Jet Pilot

12ep cd5 BAD1006, BAD1006CD (1991): Speed Reaction [CAD1017], What Kind Of Love, Jet Pilot [AD1006], Re: Action

Produced by Legion Of Universal Soul. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Schoerner, Ian McKinnell and Pirate Design.

1007 The Wolfgang Press - Mama Told Me Not To Come

7 AD1007 (1991): Mama Told Me Not To Come [GAD2104CD], Summer Time [R (*Time*) BAD1003]

cd5 BAD1007CD (1991): Mama Told Me Not To Come [GAD2104CD], Mama Told Me Not To Come (bad boy mix) [R GAD2104CD], Summer Time [R (*Time*) BAD1003]

12ep BAD1007 (1991): Mama Told Me Not To Come [GAD2104CD], Mama Told Me Not To Come (inside out mix) [R GAD2104CD], Summer Time [R (*Time*) BAD1003]

Coproduced by Drostan Madden. Remixed by Hugo Nicholson, Drostan Madden, Rew and Robin Brown. Sleeve by Christopher Bigg, The Wolfgang Press and Kevin Westenberg.

1008 Pixies - Planet Of Sound

7 AD1008 (1991): Planet Of Sound [CAD1014], Build High [GAD2103CD]

12ep cd5 BAD1008, BAD1008CD (1991): Planet Of Sound [CAD1014], Theme From Narc [GAD2103CD], Build High [GAD2103CD], Evil Hearted You [GAD2103CD]

Produced by Gil Norton. Engineered by Steve Haigler. Featuring Eric Drew Feldman (Pere Ubu). Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Simon Larbalestier and Christopher Bigg. There was also a promo release of the 12". «Theme From Narc» written by Nintendo. «Evil Hearted You» written by G. Gouldman. «Evil Hearted You» engineered by Ronnie Stone. «Evil Hearted You» originally released by the Yardbirds.

1009 Pale Saints - Flesh Balloon

12ep cd5 BAD1009, BAD1009CD (1991): Hunted [CAD2004], Porpoise, Kinky Love, Hair Shoes (demo version) [R CAD2004]

Produced by Hugh Jones. Sleeve by Matt Heslop. «Kinky Love» written by Dave Ellington. «Kinky Love» originally released by Nancy Sinatra.

1009 Pale Saints - Kinky Love

7 AD1009 (1991): Kinky Love [BAD1009], Hair Shoes (demo version) [BAD1009]

«Kinky Love» written by Dave Ellington. «Kinky Love» originally released by Nancy Sinatra.

101 Sort Sol - Marble Station

7 AD101 (1981): Marble Station, Misguided

Sleeve by Nigel Grierson. This is the only release by Sort Sol on 4AD, but they have released several albums in Denmark.

1010 Dead Can Dance - A Passage In Time

cas cd CADC1010, CAD1010CD (1991): Saltarello [CAD0007], Song Of Sophia [CAD808], Ulysses [CAD808], Cantara [CAD705], The Garden Of Zephirus [CAD0007], Enigma Of The Absolute [CAD512], Wilderness [CAD0007], The Host Of Seraphim [CAD808], Anywhere Out Of The World [CAD705], The Writing Of My Father's Hand [CAD808], Severance [CAD808], The Song Of The Sybil [CAD0007], Fortune Presents Gifts Not According To The Book [CAD0007], In The Kingdom Of The Blind The One-Eyed Are Kings [CAD808], Bird, Spirit

Sleeve by Christopher Bigg, Brendan Perry, N. Downer, Planet Earth Pictures and Sara Leigh Lewis.

1011 The Wolfgang Press - Queer

lp cas cd CAD1011, CADC1011, CAD1011CD (1991): Birmingham, Mama Told Me Not To Come [R GAD2104CD], Heaven's Gate, Riders On The Heart, Questions Of Time [R (*Time*) BAD1003], Louis XIV, Fakes & Liars, Honey Tree, Birdie Song, Dreams & Light, Sucker, Mother Valentine

Comixed by John Madden and Robin Brown. Sleeve by Christopher Bigg, The Wolfgang Press and Kevin Westenberg. «Birmingham» features samples from the Velvet Undergrounds «Waiting For the Man» and «I'll Be Your Mirror». «Honey Tree» features samples of Kraftwerk's «Europe Endless». Featuring Stephen Blake, Leslie Langston (Throwing Muses), Zannie Barrett, Robin Brown, Drostan Madden, Glass, Michelle Levi, Rew, Richard Thomas (Dif Juz), David Steiner (In Camera), The Man With 2 Brains and Annie Anxiety. Coproduced by Drostan Madden. Engineered by Ian Caple, Craig A. Thomson and John Madden. The limited edition of CAD1011 includes TWP 3 and a lyric sheet. «Mama Told Me Not To Come» coarranged by Leslie Langston (Throwing Muses). «Louis XIV» coarranged by Rew. «Fakes & Liars» cowritten by Leslie Langston (Throwing Muses). «Birdie Song» cowritten by Annie Anxiety.

1012 Heidi Berry - Love

lp cas cd CAD1012, CADC1012, CAD1012CD (1991): Washington Square, Up In The Air, Gloria, Great Big Silver Key, Wake, Cradle, Hand Over Head, Silver Buttons, Lonely Heart, Bright As Day, Lily

Produced by Peter Walsh. Mixed by Peter Walsh. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Christopher Bigg and Kevin Westenberg. Featuring Peter Walsh, Rocky Holman, Christopher Berry, Ian Kearey, Vivian Kubrick, Laurence O'Keefe (Levitation), Hossam Ramzy, Terry Bickers (House Of Love), Lol Coxhill, Dave Morgan, Peter Astor (The Weather Prophets), Sue Dench, Peter Lale, Martin McCarrick (Siouxie and the Banshees) and Audrey Riley. Heidi Berry released two albums on Creation Records prior to this album. «Up In The Air» written by Bob Mould (Hüsker Dü). «Cradle» cowritten by Laurence O'Keefe (Levitation).

1013 His Name Is Alive - Home Is In Your Head

lp cas cd CAD1013, CADC1013, CAD1013CD (1991): Are You Coming Down This Weekend?, Her Eyes Were Huge Things, The Charmer, Hope Called In Sick, My Feathers Needed Cleaning, The Well, There's Something Between Us And He's Changing My Words, The Phoenix, A Pool Of Ice, Are We Still Married?, Put Your Finger In Your Eye, Home Is In Your Head, Why People Disappear, Her Eyes Are Huge, Save the Birds, Chances Are We Are Mad, Mescalina, Sitting Still Moving Still Staring Outlooking, Very Bad A Bitter Hand, Beautiful And Pointless, Tempe, Spirit And Body, Love's A Fish Eye, Dreams Are Of The Body, The Other Body

Tracks 4-6 are collectively called «Song Of Schizophrenia». Featuring Melissa Elliott, Jymn Auge, Damian Lang and Denise James. Mixed by Ivo (This Mortal Coil) and John Fryer. Mastered by Gus Shaw. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver and Dominic Davies. The original mixes of this album is available on cassette from Warren. Exit Angie Carozzo. The last track isn't listed on the sleeve, and the tape ran out when they were recording it, so it really *is* supposed to sound like that.

1014 Pixies - Trompe Le Monde

lp cas cd CAD1014, CADC1014, CAD1014CD (1991): Trompe Le Monde, Planet Of Sound, Alec Eiffel, The Sad Punk, Head On, U-Mass, Palace Of The Brine, Letter To Memphis, Bird Dream Of The Olympus Mons, Space (I Believe In), Subbacultcha, Distance Equals Rate Times Time, Lovely Day, Motorway To Roswell, The Navajo Know

cd CADLCD1014 (1991): Rock Music [L CAD0010], Hang Wire [L CAD0010], Monkey Gone to Heaven [L CAD905], Isla de Encanta [L MAD709]

Produced by Gil Norton. Engineered by Steve Haigler, Andrew Ballard, Scott Blockland, John McDonnell, Ken Gardner and Philippe Tousche. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Christopher Bigg, Paul McMenamin, Simon Larbalestier, Steve Appleby and TPP LTD, London. Featuring Jef Feldman and Eric Drew Feldman (Pere Ubu). The extra tracks onthe limited edition cd was recorded in Utrecht, Septemper 25 1990. Released in the US by Elektra (9 61118). This is the last release by Pixies. «Head On» written by William Reid (The Jesus And Mary Chain) and Jim Reid (The Jesus And Mary Chain).

1015 Throwing Muses - Not Too Soon

7 AD1015 (1991): Not Too Soon [CAD1002], Cry Baby Cry

12ep cd5 BAD1015, BAD1015CD (1991): AD1015, Him Dancing [R CAD1002], Dizzy [R CAD901]

Produced by Dennis Herring and Gary Smith. Engineered by Paul Kolderie. Sleeve by Christine Cano and The American Bandana. Released in the US by Sire on CD (40135-2) in a digi-pak featuring a blow-up of the artwork of BAD1015. «Cry Baby Cry» written by Lennon and McCartney.

1016 Lush - Black Spring

7 cassingle AD1016, ADC1016 (1991): Nothing Natural [LUSH1CD], God's Gift

12ep cd5 BAD1016, BAD1016CD (1991): ADC1016, Fallin' In Love, Monochrome [CAD2002]

Produced by Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins). Engineered by Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins) and Mitsuo Tate. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver and Jim Friedman. The run-out grooves read AD «And who's in `ere?» «a little gum!». The run-out grooves read BAD «Lush and Ride at the Enormodrome» «They've got this much talent». «Fallin' In Love» written by Dennis Wilson.

1017 Spirea X - Fireblade Skies

lp cas cd CAD1017, CADC1017, CAD1017CD (1991): Smile, Nothing Happened Yesterday, Rollercoaster, Chlorine Dream, Fire And Light, Spirea 9, Speed Reaction, Confusion In My Soul, Signed D. C., Sisters And Brothers, Sunset Dawn

Coproduced by Dine. Engineered by Paul Doyle, Brian McNeil and Dave Pine. This is the last release by Spirea X on 4AD. «Signed D. C.» written by Arthur Lee.

102 The Past 7 Days - Raindance

7 AD102 (1981): Raindance, So Many Others

There's a small amount of bio/line-up info on Past 7 Days in Martin Lilleker's recent book «Beats Working For A Living: Sheffield Popular Music 1973-84».

103 My Captains - Four Track EP

7 AD103 (1981): Fall, Converse, History, Nothing

My Captains are Richard Rowland, John Lisle, Neil Henderson and Richard Tarver. The run-out grooves read «Thanks to Ivo».

104 The Birthday Party - Prayers On Fire

lp CAD104 (1981): Zoo-Music Girl, Cry, Capers, Nick The Stripper, Ho-Ho, Figure Of Fun, King Ink, A Dead Song, Yard, Dull Day, Just You And Me

cd CAD104CD (1981): CAD104, Blunder Town, Kathy's Kisses

The last two tracks on the CD are from the Australian Nick The Stripper single. Engineered by Tony Cohen. Sleeve by Jenny, Poly and Evan. «Capers» cowritten by Genevieve McGuckin. «Ho-Ho» cowritten by Genevieve McGuckin. «A Dead Song» cowritten by Anita Lane.

105 Modern English - Mesh & Lace

lp CAD105 (1981): Sixteen Days, Just a Thought, Move in Light, Grief, The Token Man, A Viable Commercial, Black Houses, Dance of Devotion (A Love Song)

cd CAD105CD (1992): CAD105, AD15, AD110, AD6, Home

blank 105 (poster) (1981)

Modern English are Robbie Grey, Gary McDowell, Michael Conroy, Richard Brown and Stephen Walker. Engineered by Ken Thomas. Recorded at Jacobs. Sleeve by 23 Envelope. The original version if the LP had a dark green border on the sleeve. The reissue had a black border.

106 B. C. Gilbert / G. Lewis - Ends With The Sea

7 AD106 (1981): Ends With The Sea, Hung Up To Dry Whilst Building An Arch

107 Mass - Labour Of Love

lp CAD107 (1981): Mass, Why, Ill, Why, Isn't Life Nice, Elephant Talk, F.A.H.T.C.F., Cross Purposes, Innocence

blank 107 (flyer) (1981)

Coproduced by Ian Little. Sleeve by 23 Envelope. Mass turned into The Wolfgang Press.

108 Colin Newman - Provisionally Entitled The Singing Fish

lp CAD108 (1981): Fish One, Fish Two, Fish Three, Fish Four, Fish Five, Fish Six, Fish Seven, Fish Eight, Fish Nine, Fish Ten, Fish Eleven, Fish Twelve, Reprise

Featuring Robert Gotobed (Wire). Sleeve by Annette Newman. The last track was not given a separate listing on CAD108, but was named «Reprise» on CAD108/201CD.

108/201 Colin Newman - Provisionally Entitled The Singing Fish / Not To

cd CAD108/201CD (1988): CAD108, CAD201

The first 3000 copies included CN1.

109 Dif Juz - Huremics

12ep BAD109 (1981): Hu [CAD505CD], Re [CAD505CD], Mi, Cs

Dif Juz are Gary Bromley, Alan Curtis, David Curtis and Richard Thomas. Recorded at Spaceward. Sleeve by Dif Juz.

109/116 Dif Juz - Soundpool

cd GAD109/116CD (1999): BAD109, BAD116, No Motion

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