0001 v23 - Calendar 1990

blank XAD0001 (1990)

Indescipherabe calendar released on the occation of 4AD's tenth anniversary. Featuring work by Ian Walton, Diana Grandi, Beverley Carruthers, Christopher Bigg, Jim Friedman, Nigel Grierson, Robin Grierson, Shinro Ohtake, Vaughan Oliver, Russell Mills, Terry Dowling, Simon Larbalestier, Tamar Cohen.

NONFB11 Frank Black - Calistan

cd5 NONFB11 (1994): Calistan [DAD4009]

Promo released by Elektra in the US (9037-2).

NONUVS3 Ultra Vivid Scene - Candida

cd5 NONUVS3 (1993): Candida (4:05) [R CAD2017], She's a Diamond, Winter Song (4:52) [BAD3003], This Is The Way (part 2) (4:57) [(shuffle) (cd)], Candida (Theme from «Red Pressure Mounting») (5:05) [R CAD2017]

US promo release (OSK5111).

3011 The Breeders - Cannonball

12ep cd5 BAD3011, BAD3011CD (Aug 9 1993): Cannonball [CAD3014], Cro-Aloha [Re (*No Aloha*)], Lord Of The Thighs, 900

Exit Tanya Donelly (Throwing Muses). Enter Jim McPherson. Featuring Carrie Bradley. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Paul McMenamin and Jason Love. Recorded at Coast Recorders, San Francisco, Cro Magnon, Dayton, OH and Refraze, Dayton. Coproduced by Mark Freegard. Engineered by Joe Buben, John Shough and Daniel Presley. Initial copies of the 'Cannonball' 12" have a green metallic inner bag. «Lord Of The Thighs» written by Steve Tyler (Aerosmith).

BREED 1 The Breeders - Cannonball

10 BREED1 (1993): Cannonball [CAD3014]

One-sided promotional release.

NONTB6 The Breeders - Cannonball

cd5 NONTB6 (1993)

7" promo released by Virgin in France (922487); cassingle released by Elektra in the US (64566-4); two track cd single released by Virgin in France (92248 2); 1 track promo cd single released by Elektra in the US (PRCD 8800-2).

NONTB8 The Breeders - Cannonball

cd5 NONTB8 (1994): Cannonball [CAD3014], Hag [CAD3014]

Released by Mercury/Polydor in Canada (76974 3008 2).

8015 His Name Is Alive - Can't Always Be Loved

cd5 BAD8015CD (Aug 17 1998): Can't Always Be Loved (radio) (2:28) [R CAD8009], Wishing Ring (full length version) (17:14)

7 AD8015 (1998): Can't Always Be Loved (radio) (2:28) [BAD8015CD], Can't Wait (4-track) (1:41), Wishing Ring (First One) (4:09) [R BAD8015CD]

Coproduced by Steve King. Featuring Dee and Laura. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Timothy O'Donnell and Dominic Davies.

NONCR1 Various - Capitol Records New Music Sampler

cas NONCR1 (1988) (excerpt): Cocteau Twins: Carolyn's Fingers [CAD807], Cocteau Twins: A Kissed Out Red Floatboat [CAD807]

NONDCD2 Dead Can Dance - The Carnival is Over

cd5 NONDCD2 (1994)

Promo released in the US (PRO-CD-6700).

NONCT9 Cocteau Twins - Carolyn's Fingers

7 NONCT9 (7") (1988): Carolyn's Fingers [CAD807], Carolyn's Fingers [CAD807]

12 cd NONCT9 (12"), NONCT9 (cd) (1988): Carolyn's Fingers [CAD807], Ella Megalast Burls Forever [CAD807]

US release. 7" (7PRO-79477), 12" (SPRO-7940) and cd (DPRO-79405).

9010 Lakuna - Castle of Crime

cd GAD9010CD (1999): Lemongrass, Vega, The Veil, On The Floor, St. Paul's Piano, So Happy, Planet No. 3, The Very Next Day

NONCAT1 Various - The Catalogue

7 NONCAT1 (June 1989) (excerpt): Throwing Muses: Fall Down (New Orleans version) [R CAD901]

Flexi included with «The Catalogue» magazine (CAT 071).

NONCAT2 Various - The Catalogue

7 NONCAT2 (1990): Ultra Vivid Scene: Three Stars (Exclusive mix) [R CAD0005], The Breeders: Fortunately Gone (Exclusive mix) [R CAD0006]

7" flexi given away with the English magazine The Catalogue in May 1990.

3015 Unrest - Cath Carroll

12ep cd5 BAD3015, BAD3015CD (Sep 27 1993): Cath Carroll (10 cc mix) (7:11) [R CAD3012], Vibe Out! (8:51), Goodbye (3:26), Hydro (33:23)

Produced by Brian Paulson. Sleeve by Chris Bigg, (b.p.m.) and Joe Dilworth. This is the last release by Unrest. «Cath Carroll» produced by Simon le Bon and Brian Paulson.

NONUNR2 Unrest - Cath Carroll

cd5 NONUNR2 (1993): Cath Carroll (radio edit) [R CAD3012], Cath Carroll (acoustic) [R CAD3012], So Sick (acoustic) [R CAD3012], Where Are All Those Puerto Rican Boys? [(shuffle) (cd)], Hydro [BAD3015]

US promo released by 4AD/Warner (PR6787). «Cath Carroll» remixed by Guy Fixsen.

NONUN3 Unrest - Cath Carroll

7 NONUN3 (1993): Cath Carroll [CAD3012], So Sick [CAD3012], Capezio B.

Released by Teenbeat (105) on (at least) green vinyl.

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