402 Modern English - Ricochet Days

lp cas CAD402, CADC402 (1984): Rainbow's End, Machines, Spinning Me Round, Ricochet Days, Hands Across The Sea, Blue Waves, Heart, Chapter 12

cd CAD402CD (1984): CADC402, BAD401, AD401, Breaking Away

blank 402 (poster) (1984)

Featuring Nick Barnard, Sally Beamish, Pandit Dinesh, Lorita Grahame (Colourbox), Nicky Holland, Caroline Lavelle, Nicola Lewis, Jeff Seopardie and Kate St. John (Dream Academy). Coproduced by Hugh Jones. Sleeve by 23 Envelope. The run-out grooves read «I said muvver» (CAD402). This was the last released by Modern English on 4AD. They have released at least one album after leaving. «Breaking Away» is a previously unreleased demo.

NONTM4 Throwing Muses - The River

12 NONTM4 (1988): The River [CAD802]

Promo released by Sire in the US, PRO-A-3070.

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