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Firefly - A Collection of Six Songs

12ep NONHB1 (1987): Out of my Hands, Firefly [R (shuffle) (cd)], Nobody Tells on You, Will It All Change, Houses Made of Wood, Hasten the Buds to Bloom

Released by Creation Records.

Cover scan: HeidiBerry.BelowTheWaves.cd.jpg

Below the Waves

lp NONHB2 (lp) (1989): Ribbons, Below the Waves, Little Tragedy, Legacy, Northshore Train [GAD2K10CD], Gather All The Hours, Riversong, All For You, Living Memory, Dancer

cd NONHB2 (cd) (1989): NONHB1 (ep), NONHB2 (lp)

Released by Creation Records (CRELP 048 CD).

Cover scan: HeidiBerry.Love.cd.jpg Cover scan: HeidiBerry.Love.lp.jpg


lp cas cd CAD1012, CADC1012, CAD1012CD (1991): Washington Square, Up In The Air, Gloria, Great Big Silver Key, Wake, Cradle, Hand Over Head, Silver Buttons, Lonely Heart, Bright As Day, Lily

Produced by Peter Walsh. Mixed by Peter Walsh. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Christopher Bigg and Kevin Westenberg. Featuring Peter Walsh, Rocky Holman, Christopher Berry, Ian Kearey, Vivian Kubrick, Laurence O'Keefe (Levitation), Hossam Ramzy, Terry Bickers (House Of Love), Lol Coxhill, Dave Morgan, Peter Astor (The Weather Prophets), Sue Dench, Peter Lale, Martin McCarrick (Siouxie and the Banshees) and Audrey Riley. Heidi Berry released two albums on Creation Records prior to this album. «Up In The Air» written by Bob Mould (Hüsker Dü). «Cradle» cowritten by Laurence O'Keefe (Levitation).

Washington Square

cd HB1 (1991): Washington Square [CAD1012], Bright as Day [CAD1012], Lily [CAD1012]

Promo release.

Various - Lilliput

cd Lilliput1&2 (1992) (excerpt): Heidi Berry: Gloria [CAD1012]

Various - Mai Pen Rai

cd NONIPR1 (1993) (excerpt): Heidi Berry: The Moon and the Sun [CAD3009]

Cover scan: HeidiBerry.HeidiBerry.cd.jpg

Heidi Berry

lp cas cd CAD3009, CADC3009, CAD3009CD (Jul 5 1993): Mercury, Little Fox, The Moon And The Sun, One-String Violin, Darling Companion, Distant Thunder, Heart Like A Wheel, For The Rose, Follow, Ariel, Dawn

Produced by Hugh Jones. Mixed by Hugh Jones and Helen Woodward. Engineered by Huw Price. Recorded at Blackwing. Tracks 8 and 10 cowritten by Laurence O'Keefe. Featuring Caroline Lavelle, Christopher Berry, Jon Brookes, Laurence O'Keefe (Levitation), Peter Astor (The Weather Prophets), Robert Lord, Nick Ingham, Gavin Wright, Preston Heyman, Sonia Slaney, Danny Thompson, Julian Swales (Kitchens of Distinction), Terry Bickers (House Of Love) and B. J. Cole. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Chris Bigg, Simon Larbalestier, Kevin Westenberg and Victoria Edwards. «Heart Like A Wheel» written by Anna McGarrigle.

Distant Thunder

cd5 NONHB4 (1993)

4 track promo released in the US (PRO-CD-6544).

Cover scan: HeidiBerry.TheMoonAndTheSun.cdsingle.jpg

The Moon And The Sun

12ep cd5 BAD3010, BAD3010CD (Jul 19 1993): The Moon And The Sun [CAD3009], Unholy Light, Zither Song, You Upset The Grace Of Living When You Lie

Produced by Hugh Jones. Mixed by Hugh Jones and Helen Woodward. Engineered by Huw Price. Recorded at Blackwing Studios, London. Featuring Laurence O'Keefe (Levitation), Jon Brookes, Cristopher Berry, Peter Astor (The Weather Prophets), Terry Bickers (House Of Love), Robert Lord, Preston Heyman and Sonia Slaney. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Chris Bigg, Simon Larbalestier and Kevin Westenberg. The CD was also released as a promo. «You Upset The Grace Of Living When You Lie» written by Tim Hardin.

The Moon and the Sun

cd5 NONHB3 (1993): The Moon and the Sun [CAD3009]

Promo released in the US (PRO-CD-6321).

Various - Soil Samples 13

7 NONSOIL2 (1993) (excerpt): Heidi Berry: Unholy Light [BAD3010]

Various - 4AD Presents The 13 Year Itch

cd (shuffle) (cd) (1993) (excerpt): Heidi Berry: Firefly

video (shuffle) (video) (1993) (excerpt): Heidi Berry: The Moon And The Sun [CAD3009]

Various - unknown

cd NONBS1 (1993) (excerpt): Heidi Berry: Little Fox [CAD3009]

Various - All Virgos Are Mad

cd 45789 (cd) (1994) (excerpt): Heidi Berry: The Mountain [CAD6011]

video 45789 (video) (1994) (excerpt): Heidi Berry: The Moon and the Sun [CAD3009]

Various - No Balls

cd 7300 (1995) (excerpt): Heidi Berry: The Mountain [CAD6011]

Various - ...think I'm getting the hang of it

cd 7625 (1995) (excerpt): Heidi Berry: Miracle (new version) [FTWW1]

Various - Facing The Wrong Way

cd FTWW1 (1995) (excerpt): Heidi Berry: Miracle (new version) [R CAD6011]

Various - Shaving the Pavement

cas NONSTP1 (1996) (excerpt): Heidi Berry: The Devil

Cover scan: HeidiBerry.Miracle.cd.jpg


lp cas cd CAD6011, CADC6011, CAD6011CD (July 29 1996): The Mountain, Time, Holy Grail, Darkness Darkness, Miracle, The Californian, Queen, Only Human, Northern Country

Produced by Hugh Grant. Engineered by Helen Woodward. Featuring Christopher Berry, Jon Brookes, Laurence O'Keefe (Levitation), Anne Wood, Jay Posner, Rocky Holman, Hugh Jones, Michelle Douglass and Janet Ramus. Recorded at Rockfield, Orinoco and Blackwing. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Kevin Westenberg and Dominic Davies. This is the last release by Heidi Berry on 4AD. She has since surfaced as a member of the group «Lost Girls» (with Patrick Fitzgerald (ex-singer of the wonderful Kitchens of Distinction and Fruit) as the other of the two girls). Bad Parents Records released at least one single from them in 1999. «Darkness Darkness» written by Jesse Colin Young.

Cover scan: HeidiBerry.Miracle.cdsingle.jpg


cd5 NONHB5 (1996): Miracle [CAD6011], Holy Grail [CAD6011], Queen [CAD6011]

Promo CD released in the US (PRO-CD-8501) in a cardboard sleeve.

Various - You Can Rely On Toast

cd 326 (1996) (excerpt): Heidi Berry: Miracle [CAD6011]

Various - Shoe Pie

cd unknown (1997) (excerpt): Heidi Berry: Holy Grail [CAD6011]

Cover scan: HeidiBerry.Pomegranate.cd.jpg


cd GAD2K10CD (2000): Northern Country (07:02) [CAD6011], Time (03:46) [CAD6011], The Moon & The Sun (04:41) [CAD3009], Only Human (03:56) [CAD6011], Up In The Air (03:15) [CAD1012], Washington Square (03:32) [CAD1012], Northshore Train (07:10), The Mountain (demo) (05:45) [R CAD6011], Mercury (04:45) [CAD3009], One-String Violin (03:46) [CAD3009], Little Fox (04:45) [CAD3009], Follow (05:20) [CAD3009], Cradle (03:27) [CAD1012], Lost Girls: Needle's Eye (05:13)

The Lost Girls track is a collaboration between Berry and the vocalist from Kitchens of Distinctions. «Needle's Eye» featuring Patrick Fitzgerald (Kitchens of Distinction).

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