10 The The - Black And White

7 AD10 (1980): Controversial Subject, Black And White

The The are Keith Laws, Matt Johnson, Tom Johnson and Triash. Produced by Bruce Gilbert (Wire) and Graham Lewis (Wire). Matt Johnson released an album under his own name on 4AD, CAD113, before leaving and signing to Some Bizzare. The run-out grooves read «Bilbo's last single!» «Bye, bye.».

3004 Frank Black

lp cas cd lp CAD3004, CADC3004, CAD3004CD, CADD3004 (1993): Los Angeles, I Heard Ramona Sing, Hang on to Your Ego, Fu Manchu, Places Named After Numbers, Czar, Old Black Dawning, Ten Percenter, Brackish Boy, Two Spaces, Tossed (Instumental version), Parry the Wind High, Low, Adda Lee, Every Time I Go Around Here, Don't Ya Rile Them

blank 3004 (postcard) (1993)

blank 3004 (stuff) (1993)

The solo album from Pixie Black Francis. Featuring Eric Drew Feldman (Pere Ubu), Nick Vincent, Joey Santiago (Pixies), Morris Tepper, David Sardy, Bob Giusti, John Linnell and Kurt Hoffman. Coproduced by Eric Drew Feldman (Pere Ubu). Mixed by Al Clay. Engineered by Efren Herrera, Sean Leonard and Matt Packuko. Recorded at Clubhouse, Burbank, California, Planet, Sausalito and Master Control, Burbank. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Chris Bigg, Simon Larbalestier and Michael Halsband. CADD3004 is a limited edition LP released through the Chain With No Name. It has a special four colour silk-screened carboard envelope sleeve. «Hang on to Your Ego» written by Brian Wilson.

NONFB17 Frank Black - Frank Black Session

cd NONFB17 (1994)

Eight track promo released by Virgin in France (SA 3447).

9003 Cuba - Black Island

12 TAD9003 (1999): Black Island (instrumental) [R CAD9014], White Shadow

Limited 12" without a picture sleeve.

9016 Cuba - Black Island

12ep BAD9016 (Aug 30 1999): Black Island [CAD9014], Black Island (Agent Sumo Mix) [R CAD9014], Black Island (Groove Armada's Desert Island Disc Mix) [R CAD9014]

12ep BAD9016 (Aug 30 1999): \cddb [CAD9002CD], 1c042103 150 18247 44496 1059, Black Island [CAD9014], Black Island (Isla Negra) [R CAD9014], Black Island (Groove Armada's Desert Island Disc) [R CAD9014]

NONFB16 Frank Black - Black Session

cd5 NONFB16 (1994)

Released by Virgin in France (40134 2).

1016 Lush - Black Spring

7 cassingle AD1016, ADC1016 (1991): Nothing Natural [LUSH1CD], God's Gift

12ep cd5 BAD1016, BAD1016CD (1991): ADC1016, Fallin' In Love, Monochrome [CAD2002]

Produced by Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins). Engineered by Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins) and Mitsuo Tate. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver and Jim Friedman. The run-out grooves read AD «And who's in `ere?» «a little gum!». The run-out grooves read BAD «Lush and Ride at the Enormodrome» «They've got this much talent». «Fallin' In Love» written by Dennis Wilson.

711 Xymox - Blind Hearts

12ep BAD711 (1987): Blind Hearts, A Million Things, Scum

blank 711 (poster) (1987)

Produced by John A. Rivers. Engineered by John A. Rivers and Francisco Cabeza. Featuring Elisa Richards. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver and Jim Friedman. This is the last release by CoX on 4AD. They signed to Polydor. New versions of «Blind Hearts» and «A Million Things» are included on the lp Twist of Shadows. This band was only called 'Clan Of Xymox' on the record 'Medusa' and at their contribution to 'Lonely Is An Eyesore'. In all other cases they were 'Xymox'. Their first album was called 'Clan Of Xymox', which (in combination with the artwork by 23 Envelope) is probably the cause that they've changed their name for a while.

NONXY1 Xymox - Blind Hearts

12ep NONXY1 (12") (1987): Blind Hearts (3:47) [R BAD711], Senses Coalesce (4:04), Promises (3:51)

12ep NONXY1 (12") (1987): Blind Hearts (Club Mix) (6:00) [R BAD711], Shame (4:08), Blind Hearts (3:47) [R BAD711]

Released on Wing. Might be promo only.

1005 This Mortal Coil - Blood

lp cas cd DAD1005, DADC1005, DAD1005CD (1991): The Lacemaker, Mr. Somewhere, Andialu, With Tomorrow, Loose Joints, You And Your Sister, Nature's Way, I Come And Stand At Every Door, Bitter [R (*Acid Bitter And Sad*) CAD703], Baby Ray Baby, Several Times [R (*Several Times I*) CAD710], The Lacemaker II, Late Night, Ruddy And Wretched, Help Me Lift You Up, Carolyn's Song, D. D. And E., 'Til I Gain Control Again, Dreams Are Like Water, I Am The Cosmos, (Nothing But) Blood

Coengineered by Jon Turner. Featuring Caroline Crawley (Shellyan Orphan), Deidre Rutowski, Martin McCarrick (Siouxie and the Banshees), Jocelyn Pook, Sally Herbert, Sonia Slaney, Tim Freeman (Frazier Chorus), Jon Turner, Alison Limerick, Kim Deal (Pixies), Tanya Donelly (Throwing Muses), Louise Rutowski, Gini Ball, Ikuko Kozu, Jim Williams, Pieter Nooten, Anne Garrigues, Rain Parade, Dominic Appleton (Breathless) and Heidi Berry. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Nigel Grierson and Claire Lazarus. «The Lacemaker» cowritten by Martin McCarrick (Siouxie and the Banshees). «Mr. Somewhere» written by Paul M. Walsh. «With Tomorrow» cowritten by Clark and Davis. «Loose Joints» cowritten by Martin McCarrick (Siouxie and the Banshees). «You And Your Sister» written by Chris Bell (Big Star). «Nature's Way» written by Randy California (Spirit). «I Come And Stand At Every Door» written by Hikmet and Waters. «Several Times» written by Pieter Nooten. «The Lacemaker II» cowritten by Martin McCarrick (Siouxie and the Banshees). «Late Night» written by Syd Barrett. «Help Me Lift You Up» written by Mary Margaret O'Hara. «Carolyn's Song» written by David Roback (Opal/Mazzy Star/Rain Parade). «'Til I Gain Control Again» written by Rodney Crowell. «I Am The Cosmos» written by Chris Bell (Big Star).

NONUVS2 Ultra Vivid Scene - Blood and Thunder

cd5 NONUVS2 (1992): Blood and Thunder [CAD2017], Blood and Thunder (radio edit) (5:30) [BAD3003]

Promotional release (in the US?).

3003 Ultra Vivid Scene - Blood and Thunder

12ep cd5 BAD3003, BAD3003CD (1993): Blood and Thunder (radio edit) [R CAD2017], Don't Look Now (Now!), Candida (theme from Red Pressure Mounting) [R CAD2017], Winter Song

The cd is in a digipak. Exit Richard Close, Byron Guthrie and Kristin Kramer. Featuring Julius Klepacz, Jack Daley, Tony Garnier, Graham Maybe, Doris Chrysler, Melora Creager, Julia Kent and Serena U. Jost. The last three people are «Rasputina». Recorded at Zabriskie Point. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver and Jim Friedman. This is the last release by Ultra Vivid Scene on 4AD. «Blood and Thunder» coremixed by John Hanlon. «Don't Look Now (Now!)» written by Mark Dumais. «Winter Song» written by John Cale.

2010 Swallow - Blow

lp cas cd CAD2010, CADC2010, CAD2010CD (1992): Lovesleep, Tastes Like Honey, Sugar Your Mind, Mensurral, Peekaboo, Lacuna, Oceans and Blue Skies, Follow Me Down, Halo, Cherry Stars Collide, Head In a Cave

Swallow are Mike Mason and Louise Trehy. Produced by John Fryer. Engineered by John Fryer and Paul Doyle. Recorded at Palladium Studios, Edinburgh and Blackwing Studios, London. Featuring Jon Turner. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Jim Friedman, Dominic Davies, Scott Kuckler and Mary Mathieson.

2015 Swallow - Blowback

cd TAD2015CD (Sep 28 1992): Oceans and Blue Skies [R CAD2010], Head in a Cave [R CAD2010], Tastes Like Honey [R CAD2010], Peekaboo [R CAD2010], Sugar Your Mind [R CAD2010], Follow Me Down [R CAD2010], Mensurral [R CAD2010], Cherry Stars Collide [R CAD2010]

«Blowback» is remixes from the previously released album «Blow». Some versions are redically different and others are instrumental. Limited edition. Original recordings by John Fryer. Overdubs and remixes by Swallow with Paul Tipler. Assembly and edits by Paul Doyle. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver and Alexandra Murray. This is the last release by Swallow on 4AD.

807 Cocteau Twins - Blue Bell Knoll

lp cas cd lp CAD807, CADC807, CAD807CD, CADT807 (1988): Blue Bell Knoll, Athol-Brose, Carolyn's Fingers, For Phoebe Still A Baby, The Itchy Glowbo Blow, Cico Buff, Suckling The Mender, Spooning Good Singing Gum, A Kissed Out Red Floatboat, Ella Megalast Burls Forever

Initial quantities of CAD807 featured a gatefold cover. Sleeve by Paul West, Jeremy Tilston and Juergen Teller. Released in the US on gatefold LP and non-gatefold LP (c1-90892), advance cassette and cassette (c4-90892) and CD (c2-90892). CADT 807 is 4AD's only DAT release.

NONCT1 Cocteau Twins - Blue Bell Knoll Selections

cas NONCT1 (1988): Blue Bell Knoll [CAD807], Athol-Brose [CAD807], A Kissed Out Red Floatboat [CAD807], Ella Megalast Burls Forever [CAD807]

Promo released in Canada by Vertigo (PROC 12).

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