710 Pieter Nooten / Michael Brook - Sleeps With The Fishes

lp cd CAD710, CAD710CD (1987): Several Times I, Searching, The Choice, After The Call [Re CAD613], Finally II, Instrumental, Suddenly II, Suddenly I, Clouds [Re (*Theme I*) CAD613], Finally I, Several Times II, Equal Ways [Re CAD503], These Waves, Several Times III

Pieter Nooten used to be in Clan Of Xymox. Produced by Michael Brook (Michael Brook). Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Christopher Bigg, Diana Grandi and Sarah Tucker.

711 Xymox - Blind Hearts

12ep BAD711 (1987): Blind Hearts, A Million Things, Scum

blank 711 (poster) (1987)

Produced by John A. Rivers. Engineered by John A. Rivers and Francisco Cabeza. Featuring Elisa Richards. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver and Jim Friedman. This is the last release by CoX on 4AD. They signed to Polydor. New versions of «Blind Hearts» and «A Million Things» are included on the lp Twist of Shadows. This band was only called 'Clan Of Xymox' on the record 'Medusa' and at their contribution to 'Lonely Is An Eyesore'. In all other cases they were 'Xymox'. Their first album was called 'Clan Of Xymox', which (in combination with the artwork by 23 Envelope) is probably the cause that they've changed their name for a while.

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