405 Cocteau Twins - The Spangle Maker

12ep BAD405 (1984): Pearly-Dewdrops'Drops (12" remix) (5:13) [R AD405], Pepper Tree [AD405], The Spangle Maker

cd5 BAD405CD (1984): BAD405, Pearly-Dewdrops'Drops [AD405]

Enter Simon Raymonde. Simon Raymonde released some singles with Drowning Craze on Situation Two -- «Storage Case» (SIT 3), «Trance» (SIT 13), and «Heat» (SIT 16). The 12" is available with 2 cover versions: The initial copies have an embossed sleeve, the cover of the other ones are completely flat.

NONLU19 Lush - Sparky the High Voltage Wire

7 NONLU19 (1990): \live [DADD7011CD], Downer [BAD0003], Thoughtforms [JAD911], Second Sight [JAD911], Baby Talk [JAD911]

Released by Shocking Records (Uzbekistan).

NONCT14 Cocteau Twins - Speak No Evil

7 NONCT14 (1986): Speak No Evil [CADC211], Sky To Speak [R (*Orange Appled*)]

Released by the fan club, limited edition of 500 of ordinary vinyl and marbled vinyl. «Speak No Evil» is a demo for an unreleased 45 from 1982 and only released as a flexi-disc in a Dutch magazine. «Sky To Speak» is unreleased track left off of "Victorialand" album. Later released in Melody Maker vinyl Conflict 2 in a different re-mixed version, under different title «Orange Appled».

0016 Ultra Vivid Scene - Special One

7 AD0016 (1990): Special One [CAD0005], Kind Of A Drag

12ep cd5 BAD0016, BAD0016CD (1990): Special One [CAD0005], Lightning (72 b.p.m / 4 a.m.) [R CAD0005], Kind Of A Drag [AD0016], A Smile And A Death Wish

The seven inch did not have a picture sleeve. Engineered by Guy Fixsen. Featuring Guy Fixsen and Kim Deal (Pixies). Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver. Also released as a promo. «Special One» produced by Hugh Jones.

1006 Spirea X - Speed Reaction

7 AD1006 (1991): Speed Reaction [CAD1017], Jet Pilot

12ep cd5 BAD1006, BAD1006CD (1991): Speed Reaction [CAD1017], What Kind Of Love, Jet Pilot [AD1006], Re: Action

Produced by Legion Of Universal Soul. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Schoerner, Ian McKinnell and Pirate Design.

NONFB7 Frank Black - Speedy Marie

cd5 NONFB7 (1994): Speedy Marie [DAD4009], Freedom Rock [DAD4009], Fiddle Riddle [DAD4009]

Released by Play It Again Sam in BeNeLux (170.9001.22). Also released by Rough Trade in Germany on promo cd single (RTD 120.1893.3) and on promo 12" as «Freedom Rock» (RTD 199.1893.0).

NONME Modern English - Spin Radio Concert

lp NONME (1984): Ink and Paper [L], Life in the Gladhouse [L CAD206], After the Snow [L CAD206], Gathering Dust [L AD15], The Greatest Show [L], Hands Across the Sea [L CAD402], The Border [L], Night Train [L], I Melt With You [L CAD206], Don't Know The Answer [L]

Radio promo released by Entertainment Radio, inc (C 012).

NONP2 Various - Spiral Scratch

cd5 NONP2 (1989) (excerpt): Pixies: Tame (demo) [R CAD905]

Given away with an issue of Spiral Scratch on a 3" CD, SCRATCD6.

6008 Dead Can Dance - Spiritchaser

lp cas cd cd DAD6008, CADC6008, CAD6008CD, CAD6008CDP (Jun 4 1996): Nierika, Song of the Stars, Indus, Song of the Disposessed, Dedicace Outo, The Snake and the Moon, Song of the Nile, Devorzhum

CAD 6008 CD P is a promotional release. "Indus" quotes at length from "Within You, Without You" written by George Harrison. Recorded at Quivvy Church. Featuring Renaud Pion, Peter Ulrich, Lance Hogan, Ronan O'Snodaigh, Robert Perry and Klaus Vormehr. Sleeve by Chris Bigg and Kevin Westenberg.

512 Dead Can Dance - Spleen And Ideal

lp cas cd CAD512, CADC512, CAD512CD (1985): De Profundis (Out Of The Depths Of Sorrow), Ascension, Circum Radiant Dawn, The Cardinal Sin, Mesmerism, Enigma Of The Absolute, Advent, Avatar, Indoctrination (A Design For Living)

Featuring Gus Ferguson, Martin McCarrick (Siouxie and the Banshees), James Pinker (Heavenly Bodies), Tony Ayres, Richard Avison, Simon Hogg, Andrew Hutton and Carolyn Costin. Coproduced by John A. Rivers. Engineered by Jonathan Dee. Sleeve by Brendan Perry and Colin Gray.

NONLU20 Various - Splendor

cd NONLU20 (2000) (excerpt): Lush: Sweetness & Light [R GAD2K22CD]

Soundtrack album containing an incredible remix. «Sweetness & Light» remixed by My Bloody Valentine.

4011 Lush - Split

lp cas cd cd CAD4011, CADC4011, CAD4011CD, CADP4011CD (June 13 1994): Light From A Dead Star (3:15), Kiss Chase (3:17), Blackout (3:06), Hypocrite (2:53), Lovelife (3:56), Desire Lines (7:37), The Invisible Man (2:14), Undertow (4:57), Never-Never (8:04), Lit Up (4:00), Starlust (4:30), When I Die (4:17)

blank 4011 (postcard) (1994)

Tracks 1, 2, 4 & 8 by Berenyi; 3, 5-7, 9, 10, 12 by Anderson; 11 by Anderson/Berenyi. Coproduced by Mike Hedges. Engineered by Mike Hedges, Lance Phillips, Curtis Schwartz, Chris Ludwinski, Paul Read and Ronen Tal. Recorded at Blackfield Studios, Wales, Berry House, Sussex, Abbey Road, London and Swanyard Studios, London. Mixed by Alan Moulder. Arranged by Audrey Riley and Martin McCarrick (Siouxie and the Banshees). Featuring Martin Ditcham. Write to Lush Information Service, P.O. Box 2406, London, NW10 5NE. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Chris Bigg, Richard Caldicott and Melodie McDaniel. CAD P 4011 CD is a promotional release that came in a clear slip-case with white and orange vellum sleeve. The run-out grooves read «I've seen a council skip» «and a sunset strip».

NONLU14 Lush - Split

cd NONLU14 (1994): CADP4011CD, White Wood [BADD4010], Girl's World [AD4010], Lovelife (Suga Bullit remix) [BADD4010]

Double cd released in Austria and BeNeLux (the second cd is LUSH 22).

NONLU16 Lush - Split

blank NONLU16 (1994)

Promotional diskette for Macintosh machines released in the US featururing a short group bio, some music and graphics from the album. It comes in a cardboard envelope with a Lush sticker on it.

2002 Lush - Spooky

lp cas cd cd lp CAD2002, CADC2002, CAD2002CD, CADD2002CD, CADD2002 (1992): Stray, Nothing Natural [R LUSH1CD], Tiny Smiles, Covert, Ocean, For Love, Superblast!, Untogether, Fantasy, Take, Laura, Monochrome

blank 2002 (flyer) (1992)

CADD2002CD is a limited edition deluxe fold-out digipak. CADD2002 is a double 10" release. They both have similar sleeves, which are pretty different from the other formats. The run-out grooves read «What do you call Lush's...» / «bass player in Japan?» / «Rippon in Nippon...» / «...wise words mate.» (CADD2002). Produced by Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins). Engineered by Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins), Mitsuo Tate and Lincoln Fong. Recorded at September Sound, London. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver and Jim Friedman. Write to Lush Information Service, P.O. Box 2406, London, NW1 5NE.

2309 Mojave 3 - Spoon and Rafter

cd lp CAD2309CD, CADLP2309 (2003): Bluebird of Happiness (09:16), Starlight #1 (04:56), Billy Oddity (04:18), Writing to St. Peter (05:58), Battle of the Broken Hearts (06:38), Hard to Miss You (02:50), Tinkers Blues (05:09), She's All Up Above (03:38), Too Many Mornings (03:16), Between the Bars (05:02)

GU5 Spoonfed Hybrid

lp cas cd GU5LP, GU5C, GU5CD (1993): Heaven's Knot, Naturally Occurring Anchors, Tiny Planes, Stolen Clothes, Lynched, 1936, Getting Not to Know, Somehow Some Other Life, A Pocketful of Dust, Ecnalubma, Boys in Zinc

Spoonfed Hybrid are Ian Masters (Pale Saints) and Chris Trout (AC Temple). The LP included a 7" single. Coproduced by Duncan Wheat. Engineered by Iain McKinna and Duncan Wheat. Recorded at Palladium Studios, Edinburgh and Neptune, Sheffield. Sleeve by the Senate and Simon Cleave. Featuring Iain McKinna, Duncan Wheat and Ross Orton. Released in Japan including GU5S. Spoonfed Hybrid have yet to sign with any other label, but they released a limited 7" single on the French label Le Tatou Colerique in '95 and a cdsingle called "Hibernation Shock" on Farrago in the US in 1996. Contact Spoonfed Hybrid at

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