Colin Newman

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Provisionally Entitled The Singing Fish

lp CAD108 (1981): Fish One, Fish Two, Fish Three, Fish Four, Fish Five, Fish Six, Fish Seven, Fish Eight, Fish Nine, Fish Ten, Fish Eleven, Fish Twelve, Reprise

Featuring Robert Gotobed (Wire). Sleeve by Annette Newman. The last track was not given a separate listing on CAD108, but was named «Reprise» on CAD108/201CD.

Cover scan:

Provisionally Entitled The Singing Fish / Not To

cd CAD108/201CD (1988): CAD108, CAD201

The first 3000 copies included CN1.

Cover scan: ColinNewman.CN1.cdsingle_.jpg Cover scan: ColinNewman.CN1.cdsingle.jpg


cd5 CN1 (1981): AD209, You And Your Dog, H. C. T. F. R. [R (*Fish Five*) CAD108], No Doubt [R (*Fish One*) CAD108], The Grace You Know

Free 5" CD single included with the first 3000 copies of CAD108/201CD.

Cover scan: ColinNewman.NotTo.lp.jpg

Not To

lp CAD201 (1982): Lorries, Don't Bring Me Reminders, You Me And Happy, We Meet Under Tables, Safe, Truculent Yet, 5/10, 1, 2, 3, Beep Beep, Not To, Indians!, Remove For Improvement, Blue Jay Way

Featuring Robert Gotobed (Wire), Simon Gillham, Desmond Simmons and Bruce Gilbert (Wire). «Blue Jay Way» written by George Harrison (The Beatles).

Cover scan: ColinNewman.WeMeansWeStarts.single.jpg

We Means We Starts

7 AD209 (1982): We Means We Starts, Not To [R CAD201]

Featuring Charles Arthur, Simon Gillham, Tom, C. N., Desmond Simmons and Robert Gotobed (Wire). Engineered by Steve Parker. This version of «Not To» is minimally different from the original version. Colin Newman left and signed to Crammed Disks where he has released at least three albums. He is a member of Wire, who has released tons of albums an various record companies. They have now found a home at Mute.

Various - 4AD Dark Paths

lp NONVAR13 (1982) (excerpt): Colin Newman: Fish One [CAD108], Colin Newman: Fish Ten [CAD108]

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