0001 v23 - Calendar 1990

blank XAD0001 (1990)

Indescipherabe calendar released on the occation of 4AD's tenth anniversary. Featuring work by Ian Walton, Diana Grandi, Beverley Carruthers, Christopher Bigg, Jim Friedman, Nigel Grierson, Robin Grierson, Shinro Ohtake, Vaughan Oliver, Russell Mills, Terry Dowling, Simon Larbalestier, Tamar Cohen.

0002 Pale Saints - The Comforts Of Madness

lp cas cd CAD0002, CADC0002, CAD0002CD (1990): Way The World Is, You Tear The World In Two, Sea Of Sound, True Coming Dream, Little Hammer, Insubstantial, A Deep Sleep For Steven, Language Of Flowers, Fell From The Sun, Sight Of You, Time Thief

Tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 9, 10 produced by John Fryer. The rest produced by Gil Norton and engineered by Al Clay. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Christopher Bigg, Sarah Tucker and Bleddyn Butcher. Initial quantities of the LP had postcards included. «Fell From The Sun» appears on the "Early Recordings" album from Opal. «Fell From The Sun» written by Opal.

0003 Lush - Mad Love

12ep cassingle cd5 BAD0003, BADC0003, BAD0003CD (Feb 1990): De-Luxe (3:26) [GAD2K22CD], Leaves Me Cold (2:55), Downer (2:39), Thoughtforms (2:43) [R JAD911]

Produced by Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins). Engineered by Lincoln Fong. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Christopher Bigg and Jim Friedman. The run-out grooves read «hey hey Howard...» «what are you like?».

0004 Ultra Vivid Scene - Staring At The Sun

7 AD0004 (1990): Staring At The Sun [CAD0005], Three Stars (*** version) [R CAD0005]

12ep cassingle cd5 BAD0004, BADC0004, BAD0004CD (1990): AD0004, Crash [R CAD809], Something Better

Enter Richard Close, Byron Guthrie and Kristin Kramer. Engineered by Hugh Jones and Malt Lane. Featuring Joy Roy. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver. «Staring At The Sun» produced by Hugh Jones. «Something Better» written by Goffen and Mann.

0005 Ultra Vivid Scene - Joy 1967-1990

lp cas cd CAD0005, CADC0005, CAD0005CD (1990): It Happens Every Time, Staring At The Sun, Three Stars, Special One, Grey Turns White, Poison, Guilty Pleasure, Extra Ordinary, Beauty #2, The Kindest Cut, Praise The Low, Lightning

Initial quantities of CAD0005 includes a fold-out triptych. Featuring B. J. Cole, Kim Deal (Pixies), Caroline Lavelle, Rob McKahey, Nick Muir and Margaret Thorby. Produced by Hugh Jones. Engineered by Guy Fixsen. Mixed by Hugh Jones and Helen Woodward. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver.

0006 The Breeders - Pod

lp cas cd CAD0006, CADC0006, CAD0006CD (1990): Glorious, Doe, Happiness Is A Warm Gun, Oh!, Hellbound, When I Was A Painter, Fortunately Gone, Iris, Opened, Only In 3's, Lime House, Metal Man

blank 0006 (postcard) (1990)

The Breeders are Kim Deal (Pixies), Tanya Donelly (Throwing Muses), Josephine Wiggs (The Perfect Disaster) and Shannon Doughton. Featuring Michael Allen (The Wolfgang Press). Engineered by Steve Albini (Big Black). Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver and Kevin Westenberg. «Glorious» cowritten by R. Halliday. «Doe» cowritten by R. Halliday. «Happiness Is A Warm Gun» written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

0007 Dead Can Dance - Aion

lp cas cd CAD0007, CADC0007, CAD0007CD (1990): The Arrival And The Reunion, Saltarello, Mephisto, The Song Of The Sybil, Fortune Presents Gifts Not According To The Book, As The Bell Rings The Maypole Spins, The End Of Words, Black Sun, Wilderness, The Promised Womb, The Garden Of Zephirus, Radharc

Featuring John Bonnar, David Navarro Sust, Robert Perry, Andrew Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Anne Robinson and Honor Carmody. Sleeve by Brendan Perry.

0008 His Name Is Alive - Livonia

lp cas cd CAD0008, CADC0008, CAD0008CD (1990): As We Could Ever, e-nicolle, If July, Some and I, fossil, E-Nicolle, Caroline's Supposed Demon, Fossil, reincarnation, You And I Have Seizures, How Ghosts Affect Relationships, Darkest Dreams

blank 0008 (poster) (1990)

His Name Is Alive are Warren Defever, Karin Oliver and Angie Carozzo. Featuring Damian Lang, Jymn Auge and Tracy. Mixed by Ivo (This Mortal Coil) and John Fryer. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Beverley Carruthers and Christopher Bigg. They have released several cassettes in the US. The original mixes of this album is available on cassette from Warren.

0009 Pixies - Velouria

7 cassingle AD0009, ADC0009 (1990): Velouria [CAD0010], I've Been Waiting For You [GAD2103CD]

12ep cd5 cassingle BAD0009, BAD0009CD, BADC0009 (1990): ADC0009, Make Believe [GAD2103CD], The Thing [RR (*The Happening*)]

Featuring Robert F. Brunner. Engineered by Alistair Clay and Steve Haigler. Produced by Gil Norton. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Simon Larbalestier and Anne Garrigues. Original quantities of the 12" included a poster. Released in the US by Elektra (9 66616). «I've Been Waiting For You» written by Neil Young.

0010 Pixies - Bossanova

lp cas cd lp CAD0010, CADC0010, CAD0010CD, CADD0010 (1990): Cecilia Ann, Rock Music, Velouria, Allison, Is She Weird, Ana, All Over The World, Dig For Fire, Down To The Well, The Happening, Blown Away, Hang Wire, Stormy Weather, Havalina

Featuring Robert F. Brunner. Produced by Gil Norton. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Simon Larbalestier, Kevin Westenberg, Christopher Bigg, Pirate Design and Anne Garrigues. Engineered by Alistair Clay and Steve Haigler. CAD D 0010 included a booklet. Released in the US by Elektra (9 60963).

0011 Cocteau Twins - Iceblink Luck

7 cassingle AD0011, ADC0011 (1990): Iceblink Luck [CAD0012], Mizake The Mizan

12ep cassingle cd5 BAD0011, BADC0011, BAD0011CD (1990): ADC0011, Watchlar

Sleeve by Paul West and Andy Rumball. Original quantities of the 12" included a poster. BAD0011 released in the US on cassette (4JM-44618) and 12". Also released as a 3" CD in Germany by Rough Trade (RTD 120.1087.3). Also released as a 1-track promo CD in the US by Capitol (DPRO-79686).

0012 Cocteau Twins - Heaven Or Las Vegas

lp cas cd CAD0012, CADC0012, CAD0012CD (1990): Cherry-Coloured Funk, Pitch The Baby, Iceblink Luck, Fifty-Fifty Clown, Heaven Or Las Vegas, I Wear Your Ring, Fotzepolitic, Wolf In The Breast, Road River And Rail, Frou-Frou Foxes In Midsummer Fires

Sleeve by Paul West and Andy Rumball. Released in the US on LP (c1-93669), CD (c2-93669), advance cassette and cassette (c4-93669). This is the last release from Cocteau Twins on 4AD. They have now signed to Polygram Records outside America, and to Capitol in the US.

0013 Lush - Sweetness And Light

7 cassingle AD0013, ADC0013 (Oct 1990): Sweetness And Light (5:19) [GAD2K22CD], Breeze (2:47)

12ep cd5 BAD0013, BAD0013CD (1990): ADC0013, Sunbathing (3:09)

Produced by Tim Friese-Green (Talk Talk). Engineered by Ed Buller. Featuring Phil Overhead. Recorded at The Greenhouse and Wessex Studio. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Christopher Bigg and Jim Friedman. The run-out grooves read «cool, fresh, milk float». The run-out grooves read «what's hiding under the sheets?».

0014 Pixies - Dig For Fire

7 cassingle AD0014, ADC0014 (1990): Dig For Fire [R CAD0010], Winterlong [GAD2103CD]

12ep cd5 BAD0014, BAD0014CD (1990): ADC0014, Velvety Instrumental Version [GAD2103CD], Santo [GAD2103CD]

Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Simon Larbalestier, Christopher Bigg and Pirate Design. Released in the US by Elektra (9 66596). «Dig For Fire» produced by Gil Norton. «Velvety Instrumental Version» produced by Gil Norton.

0015 Pale Saints - Half-Life

cd5 BAD0015CD (1990): Half-Life Remembered, Babymaker [PS2CD], Two Sick Sisters, A Revelation

12ep BAD0015 (1990): BAD0015CD, The Colour Of The Sky

«The Colour Of The Sky» is hidden after the last track on side two. The needle hangs and you have to pick it up and put it down on the track yourself. It's mostly a spoken word thing and it wasn't named or mentioned anywhere on the sleeve, but was given this name on the Japanese CD «Mrs. Dolphin». Enter Meriel Barham. Produced by Chris Allison. Engineered by Paul Corkett. Sleeve by v23, Dominic Davies, Claude Nuridsany and Marie Perennou. The run-out grooves read «Babies in the laughter» «Into the fog» (BAD0015). «Half-Life Remembered» remixed by John Fryer. «A Revelation» remixed by John Fryer.

0016 Ultra Vivid Scene - Special One

7 AD0016 (1990): Special One [CAD0005], Kind Of A Drag

12ep cd5 BAD0016, BAD0016CD (1990): Special One [CAD0005], Lightning (72 b.p.m / 4 a.m.) [R CAD0005], Kind Of A Drag [AD0016], A Smile And A Death Wish

The seven inch did not have a picture sleeve. Engineered by Guy Fixsen. Featuring Guy Fixsen and Kim Deal (Pixies). Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver. Also released as a promo. «Special One» produced by Hugh Jones.

0017 Lush - Gala

lp cas cd CAD0017, CADC0017, CAD0017CD (Nov 1990): JAD911CD, BAD0003CD, BAD0013CD, ADC0013, Hey Hey Helen (2:27), Scarlet (3:53) [R JAD911]

blank 0017 (postcard) (1990)

The initial printing of the LP and CD has an extra outer sleeve with images both on the inside and outside. Released in the US by Reprise (9 26463-1,2,4 (lp, cd, cas)). «Hey Hey Helen» produced by Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins). «Hey Hey Helen» written by Benny Andersson (Abba) and Björn Ulvaeus.

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