5016 The Amps - Pacer

lp cas cd CAD5016, CADC5016, CAD5016CD (1995): Pacer, Tipp City, I Am Decided, Mom's Drunk, Bragging Party, Hoverin', First Revival, Full on Idle, Breaking the Split Screen Barrier, Empty Glasses, She's a Girl, Dedicated

blank 5016 (flyer) (1995)

The CD was released in a digipak. Recorded at Easley Studios, Memphis, Pie, Long Island, Dreamland, Woodstock, Cybertechnics, Dayton, Totally Wired, Dublin and Conway, Los Angeles. Engineered by Doug Easley, Davis McCain, Fluss, Bryce Goggin, John Agnello, Sue Kappa, Dan McLoughlin, Dave Doughman, Ivan O'Shea, Tom Skerrit, Bryce Coggin and Bill Kinsley. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver and Timothy O'Donnell.

GU3 Bettie Serveert - Palomine

lp cas cd GU3LP, GU3C, GU3CD (1992): Leg, Palomine, Kid's Allright, Tom Boy, Under The Surface, Balentine, This Thing Nowhere, Healthy Sick, Sundazed To The Core, Palomine (small) [R GU3LP]

Bettie Serveert are Peter Visser, Berend Dubbe, Herman Bunskoeke and Carol van Dijk. The initial pressing of GU3LP included GU3S. GU3CD was released in a digipak. Coproduced by Edwin «Hank» Heath and Frans Hagenaars. Recorded at Sound Enterprise. Sleeve by Roel Siebrand, Diedrik van der Gonk and Reinier Veldman. The name of the group is taken from a Dutch TV show called «Bettie Serveert» which featured the tennis player Bettie Stöve. It means «Bettie Serves» (as in «serves the ball.») Bettie Serveert have signed to Matador/Beggars Banquet. «Healthy Sick» written by Lou Barlow (Sebadoh).

1010 Dead Can Dance - A Passage In Time

cas cd CADC1010, CAD1010CD (1991): Saltarello [CAD0007], Song Of Sophia [CAD808], Ulysses [CAD808], Cantara [CAD705], The Garden Of Zephirus [CAD0007], Enigma Of The Absolute [CAD512], Wilderness [CAD0007], The Host Of Seraphim [CAD808], Anywhere Out Of The World [CAD705], The Writing Of My Father's Hand [CAD808], Severance [CAD808], The Song Of The Sybil [CAD0007], Fortune Presents Gifts Not According To The Book [CAD0007], In The Kingdom Of The Blind The One-Eyed Are Kings [CAD808], Bird, Spirit

Sleeve by Christopher Bigg, Brendan Perry, N. Downer, Planet Earth Pictures and Sara Leigh Lewis.

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