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On the way down from the moon palace

cd lp NONLG2 (cd), NONLG2 (lp) (1993): On The Way Down From The Moon Palace, Guessing Game (or The Music Business), Blue Monday, calling..., Hangin' With A Deadman, screaming angels dancing in your garden, Riding My Bike, simply tony, Dig My Own Grave, Cry Baby, bye bye little doggie, The Other One, dark irie

Originally released on Lisa Germano's own Major Bill records, later re-released on Egg Records in 1993.


cd NONLG5 (1993): Around The World [CAD4005], You Make Me Want To Wear Dresses, Happiness [CAD4005], Bad Attitude [CAD4005], Sycophant [CAD4005], Miamo-Tutti [CAD4005], Energy [CAD4005], Cowboy [CAD4005], Puppet [CAD4005], These Boots Are Made For Walkin', Breathe Across Texas, Everyone's Victim [CAD4005], The Darkest Night Of All [CAD4005]

Original version of the album released by Capitol (98691-2).

Cover scan: LisaGermano.InconsiderateBitch.cdsingle.jpg

Inconsiderate Bitch

12ep cd TAD4003, TAD4003CD (1994): Happiness (8:17) [R CAD4005], Energy (3:49) [R CAD4005], Puppet (4:03) [R CAD4005], Sycophant (5:29) [R CAD4005], (Late Night) Dresses (4:16) [R (*The Dresses Song*)]

Limited edition. All songs written by Lisa Germano. Produced by Malcolm Burn. Mixed by Ivo Watts-Russell (The Hope Blister) and John Fryer. Featuring Ronald Jones, Kenny Aronoff, Daryl Johnson, Toby Myers, Jay Joyce, Bill Dillon, John Keane and Malcolm Burn. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Chris Bigg, Cathy Fenwick and Andrew Catlin. Recorded at Kingsway Studios, New Orleans and Blackwing Studios, London. «Sycophant» cowritten by Jay Joyce.

Cover scan: LisaGermano.Happiness.lp.jpg Cover scan: LisaGermano.Happiness.cd.jpg Cover scan: LisaGermano.Happiness-us.postcard.jpg


lp cas cd CAD4005, CADC4005, CAD4005CD (1994): Bad Attitude, Destroy the Flower, Puppet, Everyone's Victim, Energy, Cowboy, Happiness, The Earth, Around the World, Sycophant, Miamo-Tutti, The Dresses Song, The Darkest Night of All

A slightly different version of this album was released by Warner in 1993. This version lacks one track from that release, have had two tracks remixed, and has a different track sequence. Produced by Malcolm Burn. Featuring Ronald Jones, Daryl Johnson, Bill Dillon, Malcolm Burn, Jay Joyce, Michael Radovsey, Kenny Aronoff, Toby Myers and John Keane. Recorded at Kingsway Studios, New Orleans, Bloodsucker Studios and Champagne Studios, Nashville. Engineered by Malcolm Burn, Mark Howard, Wayne Lorenz, John Keane, Trina Shoemaker, Giles Reaves and Mike Griffith. Mixed by Malcolm Burn, Trina SHoemaker, Jay Joyce, Mike Griffith, Ivo Watts-Russell (The Hope Blister) and John Fryer. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Adrian Philpott, John Weber and Malcolm Burn. «Destroy the Flower» produced by Jay Joyce. «Destroy the Flower» remixed by Ivo (This Mortal Coil). «Sycophant» coproduced by Joy Joyce. «Sycophant» remixed by Ivo (This Mortal Coil).

Various - Secret Tracks 2

cas NONSEL1 (1994) (excerpt): Lisa Germano: Energy [CAD4005]

Various - All Virgos Are Mad

cd 45789 (cd) (1994) (excerpt): Lisa Germano: Geek The Girl [CAD4017]

video 45789 (video) (1994) (excerpt): Lisa Germano: Puppet [CAD4005]

Cover scan: LisaGermano.GeekTheGirl.cd.jpg

Geek the Girl

lp cas cd CAD4017, CADC4017, CAD4017CD (Oct 24 1994): My Secret Reason, Trouble, Geek the Girl, Just Geek, Cry Wolf, ...a psychopath, Sexy Little Girl Princess, Phantom Love, Cancer of Everything, A Guy Like You, ...of love and colours, Stars

Featuring Malcolm Burn and Kenny Aronoff. Engineered by Mark Hood, Pat Keating and Ron Black. Recorded at Echo Park, Bloomington, Indiana. Sleeve by Paul McMenamin and Dominic Davies. «Just Geek» cowritten by Malcolm Burn. «Cry Wolf» cowritten by Jay Joyce. «Sexy Little Girl Princess» cowritten by Malcolm Burn.

Cry Wolf

cd5 NONLG1 (1994): Cry Wolf (edit) (4:07) [R CAD4017], The Mirror is Gone (2:41), Cancer of Everything (remix) (3:44) [R CAD4017], Secy Little Girl Princess (remix) (3:45)

Promo released in the US (PRO-CD-7347).

Various - Radio Odyssey

cd NONRO1 (1995) (excerpt): Lisa Germano: My Secret Reason [L CAD4017]

Various - No Balls

cd 7300 (1995) (excerpt): Lisa Germano: Cry Wolf [CAD4017]

Various - Red Hot + Bothered, The Indie Rock Guide To Dating #1

cd NONRHB1 (1995) (excerpt): Lisa Germano: The Mirror Is Gone [NONLG1]

Various - Anon

cd NONAN1 (1995) (excerpt): Lisa Germano: Angels Turn To Devils

Various - Shaving the Pavement

cas NONSTP1 (1996) (excerpt): Lisa Germano: Small Heads [CAD6012]

Cover scan: LisaGermano.ExcerptsFromALoveCircus.cd.jpg Cover scan: LisaGermano.ExcerptsFromALoveCircus.german_flyer.jpg

Excerpts from the Love Circus

lp cas cd CAD6012, CADC6012, CAD6012CD (Sep 9 1996): Baby on the Plane, a Beautiful Schizophrenic, "where's Miamo-Tutti?" by Dorothy, Bruises, I Love a Snot, Forget it it's a Mystery, Victoria's Secret, "just a bad dream by Miamo-Tutti", Small Heads, We Suck, Lovesick, Singing to the Birds, Messages from Sophia, "there's more kitties in the world than just Miamo-Tutti" by Lisa and Dorothy, Big Big World

Coproduced by Paul Mahern. Featuring Kenny Aronoff, Bill Bottrell, Dane Clark, Dorothy, Emily Goethals, Glenn Hicks, John Hicks, Demian Hostetter, Mark Maher, Paul Mahern, Miamo-Tutti, Allana Redecki, Craig Cross, Josh Silbert, Jake Smith, John Strohm, Thor and Wyndham Wallace. Recorded at Echo Park, Bloomington IN and Toad Hall, Pasadena CA. Engineered by Mark Cross. Sleeve by Paul McMenamin, Matthew Welch and Michael Wilson. «Victoria's Secret» produced by Bill Bottrell.

Cover scan: LisaGermano.LittleHeads.cdsingle.jpg

Small Heads

7 AD6019 (1996): Small Heads [CAD6012], Fun, Fun For Everyone (Acoustic)

cd5 BAD6019CD (Aug12 1996): Small Heads [CAD6012], Fun Fun For Everyone (Acoustic) [AD6019], Tom, Dick And Harry, Messages From Sophia (Instrumental) [R CAD6012]

Featuring Jake Smith, John Strohm and Dane Clark. Coproduced by Paul Mahern. Recorded at Echo Park, Bloomington IN. Sleeve by Paul McMenamin and Mattew Welch. Write to Lisa Germano, PO Box 93595, Los Angeles, CA 90093, USA.

Various - You Can Rely On Toast

cd 326 (1996) (excerpt): Lisa Germano: Bruises [CAD6012]

Various - Shoe Pie

cd unknown (1997) (excerpt): Lisa Germano: I Love A Snot [CAD6012]

Cover scan: LisaGermano.ILoveASnot.cdsingle.jpg

I Love A Snot

cd5 NONLG3 (1997): I Love A Snot (Tchad Blake Mix) [R CAD6012], Baby On The Plane [CAD6012], Forget It, It's A Mystery [CAD6012], I Love A Snot (KCRW Version) [R CAD6012]

Promo released in the US (PRO-CD-8649). «I Love A Snot» remixed by Tchad Blake.

Various - Time And Love - The Music of Laura Nyro

cd NONLN1 (1997) (excerpt): Lisa Germano: Eli's Comin'

Various - Anakin

cd TAD8001CD (Feb 2 1998) (excerpt): Lisa Germano: Reptile [CAD8013]

Cover scan: OP8.Slush.cd.jpg

OP8 - OP8

cd NONLG8 (1998)


lp cd CAD8013, CAD8013CD (1998): Way Below the Radio, No Color Here, Tomorrowing, Electrified, Slide, If I Think Of Love, Crash [CAD809], Wood Floors, Turning Into Betty, Guillotine, Reptile

Produced by Tchad Blake. Engineered by S. Huskey Hoskulds. Recorded at Sound Factory, Los Angeles. Featuring Tchad Blake, Jerry Marotta, Joe Gore, Jerry Scheff, Craig Ross, Mitchell Froom and Pete Thomas. Sleeve by Paul McMenamin, Matthew Welch and Paige Imatani. Write to Lisa Germano, PO Box 93595, Los Angeles, CA 90093, USA.

Various - Dust Distorts

cd NONVAR22 (1998) (excerpt): Lisa Germano: Tomorrowing [CAD8013]

Various - Clustered and Clipped

cas 4ADMC1 (1998) (excerpt): Lisa Germano: Reptile [CAD8013]

Various - Uncut CD

cd NONVAR25 (Nov 1998) (excerpt): Lisa Germano: Tomorrowing [CAD8013]

Various - Kiddy's Got Four Fingers

cd PUP1 (1998) (excerpt): Lisa Germano: Reptile [CAD8013]

Various - Antennae #1

cd NONVAR38 (1999) (excerpt): Lisa Germano: Geek the Girl [CAD4017]

Cover scan: LisaGermano.InTheMaybeWorld.cd.jpg

In The Maybe World

cd NONLG9 (2006): The Day (01:58) [CAD503], Too Much Space (02:54), Moon In Hell (03:29), Golden Cities (02:55), Into Oblivion (04:10), In The Land Of Fairies (02:39), Wire (01:36), In The Maybe World (02:10), Red Thread (03:37), A Seed (01:55), Except For The Ghosts (03:03), After Monday (03:21)

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