2K18 Magnétophone - I Guess Sometimes I Need To Be Reminded Of How Much You Love Me

cd lp CAD2K18CD, CAD2K18 (2000): Oh Darlin' (02:02), Frankholmes' Drive (07:21), Didn't I Blow Your Mind? (05:50), Californium (02:24), Temporary Lid-Georgia (06:46), How I Learned To Love The Future (02:03), Machine Surrender-Milk Of The Commander (08:29), Air Methods (07:47), Why Stop When It Feels So Good? (03:54), Grateful Aren't We? (03:23), So Much As Hold My Hand (09:12), Humdahh (03:22), Love Needs You (02:16)

2K10 Heidi Berry - Pomegranate

cd GAD2K10CD (2000): Northern Country (07:02) [CAD6011], Time (03:46) [CAD6011], The Moon & The Sun (04:41) [CAD3009], Only Human (03:56) [CAD6011], Up In The Air (03:15) [CAD1012], Washington Square (03:32) [CAD1012], Northshore Train (07:10), The Mountain (demo) (05:45) [R CAD6011], Mercury (04:45) [CAD3009], One-String Violin (03:46) [CAD3009], Little Fox (04:45) [CAD3009], Follow (05:20) [CAD3009], Cradle (03:27) [CAD1012], Lost Girls: Needle's Eye (05:13)

The Lost Girls track is a collaboration between Berry and the vocalist from Kitchens of Distinctions. «Needle's Eye» featuring Patrick Fitzgerald (Kitchens of Distinction).

2K23 Various - Fwd>Motion

cd TAD2K23CD (2000): Minotaur Shock: Stencil, Magnétophone: Little Boy's Acorn, Paul Schutze and Simon Hopkins: Live in Nantes 2000 Official Bootleg

Initially available at the 4AD and Motion concert event "Fwd>Motion" held in an abandoned foam factory in London on September 30. Also available in limited quantities to Alma Road Mail Order subscribers.

2K24 Thievery Corporation - Sound File 002

10 TAD2K24 (2000): Shadows Of Ourselves (03:39) [CAD2K06], A Guide For I & I (04:00)

cd5 BAD2K24CD (2000): TAD2K24, DC 3000 (04:27), Barrio Alto (03:57)

2K22 Lush - Ciao! - Best of Lush

cd GAD2K22CD (2000): Ladykillers (03:13) [CAD6004], Single Girl (02:35) [CAD6004], Ciao! (03:31) [CAD6004], 500 (Shake Baby Shake) (03:21) [R CAD6004], Light from a Dead Star (03:17) [CAD4011], Love at First Sight (05:12), Hypocrite (02:53) [CAD4011], Desire Lines (07:39) [CAD4011], Lovelife (03:56) [CAD4011], When I Die (04:19) [CAD4011], Nothing Natural (05:54) [LUSH1CD], Untogether (03:34) [CAD2002], For Love (03:30) [CAD2002], Monochrome (05:06) [CAD2002], De-Luxe (03:28), Sweetness and Light (05:17), Thoughtforms (02:44) [JAD911], Etheriel (03:24) [JAD911]

2K05 Mojave 3 - Excuses for Travellers

lp cd CAD2K05, CAD2K05CD (May 15 2000): In Love With A View, Trying To Reach You, My Life In Art, Return To Sender, When You're Drifting, Any Day Will Be Fine, She Broke You So Softly, Prayer For The Paranoid [Acoustic], Bringin' Me Home, Got My Sunshine

2K04 Mojave 3 - Any Day Will Be Fine

7 AD2K04 (2000): Any Day Will Be Fine [CAD2K05], Always Right

cd5 BAD2K04CD (2000): Any Day Will Be Fine [CAD2K05], Always Right [AD2K04], Crazy Koz

2K09 Thievery Corporation - Sound File 001

10 TAD2K09 (2000): Focus On Sight (04:22) [R CAD2K06], Barrio Alto (03:57) [BAD2K24CD]

2K01 Kristin Hersh - A Cleaner Light

cd5 BAD2K01CD (Apr 10 2000): A Cleaner Light [CAD9008CD], Hate My Way (acoustic) [R CAD607], Garoux des Larmes (acoustic) [R MAD706], Cry Baby Cry (acoustic) [R BAD701]

2K06 Thievery Corporation - The Mirror Conspiracy

lp cd CAD2K06, CAD2K06CD (2000): Treasures (02:25), Le Monde (03:11), Indra (05:23), Lebanese Blonde (04:49), Focus on Sight (03:47), Air Batacuda (04:46), So Com Voce (02:47), Samba Tranquille (03:06), Shadows of Ourselves (03:38), The Hong Kong Triad (03:02), Illumination (04:38), The Mirror Conspiracy (03:45), Tomorrow (03:43)

2K03 Mojave 3 - In Love With A View

12 TAD2K03 (2000): In Love With A View [CAD2K05], Prayer For The Paranoid (electric)

Limited 7" single.

2K02 Gus Gus - Gus Gus vs. T-World

lp cd CAD2K02, CAD2K02CD (2000): Anthem, Northern Lights, Earl Grey, Purple [DAD7005CD], Rosenberg, Sleepytime, Esja

TWP 5 The Wolfgang Press - Remixes Number Two

12ep TWP5 (1995): Executioner (Adamson Mix) [GAD2104CD], 11 Years (Sabres Main Mix 1) [TWP6CD], Chains (Wobble Mix) [BAD5001], Going South (Country Style) [AD5001]

Sleeve by Chris Bigg. «Executioner» remixed by Barry Adamson. «Executioner» engineered by Steve Fitzmaurice. «11 Years» remixed by The Sabres of Paradise. «Chains» remixed by Jah Wobble. «Chains» engineered by Mark Ferda. «Chains» featuring B. J. Cole and Jah Wobble. «Going South» remixed by Michael Brook (Michael Brook). «Going South» engineered by Richard Evans.

TWP 4 The Wolfgang Press - Remixes Number One

12ep TWP4 (1995): Going South (@440 mix) [BAD5001], Christianity (Sherwood mix) [TWP6CD], Eleven Years (Sabres Main Mix 2)

Promo release. «Going South» remixed by Apollo 440. «Christianity» remixed by Adrian Sherwood. «Christianity» featuring Keith LeBlanc and Skip McDonald. «Christianity» engineered by Ando Montgomery and Darren Grant. «Christianity» recorded at On-U Sound Studio. «Eleven Years» remixed by The Sabres of Paradise.

TWP 1 The Wolfgang Press - Time

12 TWP1 (1991): Time [CAD6011], Time [CAD6011]

Promo release.

TWP 6 CD The Wolfgang Press - unknown

cd5 TWP6CD (1995): Executioner (Adamson Mix) [GAD2104CD], Christianity (Sherwood Mix) [R CAD4016], Going South (Adrenalin Mix) [R CAD4016], 11 Years (Sabres Main Mix 1) [R CAD4016]

Included with CAD D 4016 CD.

TWP 3 The Wolfgang Press - untitled

12ep TWP3 (1991): Sucker [R CAD1011], Sucker [R CAD1011], Mama Told Me Not To Come [R GAD2104CD]

Included with initial quantities of CAD1011. Remixed by Martyn Young (Colourbox).

TWP 2 The Wolfgang Press - Mama Told Me Not To Come

12 TWP2 (1991): Mama Told Me Not To Come [GAD2104CD], Mama Told Me Not To Come [GAD2104CD]

Promo release.

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