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Imperial f. f. r. r.

lp cas GU1LP, GU1C (1992): Volume Reference Tone (0:11), Suki (3:22), Imperial (7:35), I Do Beleive You Are Blushing (4:49), Champion Nines (3:16), Sugarshack (3:31), Isabel (2:12), Cherry Cream On (3:50), Firecracker (3:02), June (3:52), Loyola (5:46)

cd GU1CD (1992): GU1C, Yes She Is My Skinhead Girl (4:23), Hydrofoil no. 1 (2:00), Full Frequency (13:45) [R (*Imperial*) GU1LP], Wednesday & Proud (4:24)

Unrest are Mark Robinson, Phil Krauth and Bridget Cross. Initial pressing of GU1LP included GU1S. Featuring A. J. Chearno. Coproduced by Wharton Tiers. Engineered by Wharton Tiers. Sleeve by Isabel Bishop. Write to TeenBeat, P.O. Box 50373, Washington, DC 20091, USA. Unrest has released several items in the US before this album.


7 GU1S (1992): Yes She Is My Skinhead Girl [Re GU1CD], Hydrofoil no. 3 [Re (*Hydrofoil no. 1*) GU1CD], Range Recording [R (*Imperial*) GU1LP]

Single included with GU1LP.

Various - unknown

lp GUP1lp (1992) (excerpt): Unrest: Suki [GU1LP]

Bavarian Mods and Other Hits -

7 NONUN4 (1992): Bavarian Mods, She Is Today, Nova Scotia

Released by Teenbeat / Homestead Records (HMS 184-7 / teenbeat 84).

Various - Mai Pen Rai

cd NONIPR1 (1993) (excerpt): Unrest: Teenage Suicide [BAD3007]

Cover scan: Unrest.IsabelBishopEP.BAD3007CD.jpg

Isabel Bishop e.p.

12ep cd5 BAD3007, BAD3007CD (May 4 1993): Isabel (3:10) [R GU1LP], Teenage Suicide (3:11), Love To Know (2:49), Nation Writer (6:02), Wharton Hockey Club

The last track is not listed on the sleeve but tacked on to the end of «Nation Writer». The cd single is a rough cardboard digipak. The cd itself is very similar to the 4AD labels from 1980. Produced by Wharton Tiers. Sleeve by Chris Bigg and the Estate of Isabel Bishop. Also released in a jewel case by 4AD USA (45271-2). «Love To Know» written by Tracy Thorn (Everything but the Girl). «Love To Know» originally performed by The Marine Girls.

Isabel Bishop

cd5 NONUNR1 (1993): BAD3007CD, Yes She Is My Skinhead Girl [GU1CD], Wednesday and Proud [GU1CD]

Released by Teen Beat in the US.

Various - Soil Samples 13

7 NONSOIL2 (1993) (excerpt): Unrest: Folklore

Various - 4AD Presents The 13 Year Itch

cd (shuffle) (cd) (1993) (excerpt): Unrest: Where Are All Those Puerto Rican Boys?

video (shuffle) (video) (1993) (excerpt): Unrest: Isabel [BAD3007]

Cover scan: Unrest.PerfectTeeth.cd.jpg Cover scan: Unrest.PerfectTeeth.sticker.jpg

Perfect Teeth

lp cas cd CAD3012, CADC3012, CAD3012CD (Aug 23 1993): Angel I'll Walk You Home, Cath Carroll, So Sick, Light Command, Food & Drink Synthesizer, Soon It Is Going To Rain, Make Out Club, Breather x.o.x.o., West Coast Love Affair, Six Layer Lake, Stylized Ampersand

Cover scan: Unrest.PerfectTeeth.box_.jpg Cover scan: Unrest.PerfectTeeth.box.jpg Cover scan: Unrest.PerfectHairdo.comb.jpg

Perfect Teeth

blank NONUN1 (1993): Isabel [GU1LP], Love To Know [BAD3007], WHC [R (*Wharton Hockey Club*) BAD3007], West Coast Love Affair [CAD3012], Soon It Is Going To Rain [CAD3012], Cath Carroll [CAD3012], So So Sick [R (*So Sick*) CAD3012], Capazio Bowler [R (*Capezio B.*)], Angel I'll Walk You Home [CAD3012], Breather x.x.x. [R (*Breather x.o.x.o.*) CAD3012], Stylized Ampersand [CAD3012], Make Out Club [CAD3012], Food & Drink Synthesizer [CAD3012], Plastic Film, Light Command [CAD3012], Six Layer Lake [CAD3012]

6 7" box set released by Teen Beat in the US as TBX119. Each single has a separate catalogue number (TBX119[ACEFGIK]). All the singles are on coloured vinyl.

Cover scan: Unrest.CathCarroll.cdsingle.jpg

Cath Carroll

12ep cd5 BAD3015, BAD3015CD (Sep 27 1993): Cath Carroll (10 cc mix) (7:11) [R CAD3012], Vibe Out! (8:51), Goodbye (3:26), Hydro (33:23)

Produced by Brian Paulson. Sleeve by Chris Bigg, (b.p.m.) and Joe Dilworth. This is the last release by Unrest. «Cath Carroll» produced by Simon le Bon and Brian Paulson.


7 NONUNR3 (1993): Unrest: Foxlore

Promo released by Warner in the US (PR6413).

Cath Carroll

cd5 NONUNR2 (1993): Cath Carroll (radio edit) [R CAD3012], Cath Carroll (acoustic) [R CAD3012], So Sick (acoustic) [R CAD3012], Where Are All Those Puerto Rican Boys? [(shuffle) (cd)], Hydro [BAD3015]

US promo released by 4AD/Warner (PR6787). «Cath Carroll» remixed by Guy Fixsen.

Cath Carroll

7 NONUN3 (1993): Cath Carroll [CAD3012], So Sick [CAD3012], Capezio B.

Released by Teenbeat (105) on (at least) green vinyl.

Various - Where Are All Those Puerto Rican Boys?

7 NONUN2 (1993) (excerpt): Unrest: Where Are All Those Puerto Rican Boys? [R (shuffle) (cd)]

Various - Trademark of Quality

cd NONVAR1 (1993) (excerpt): Unrest: So So Sick [R NONUN1]

So Sick

7 NONUNR4 (1993): So Sick [CAD3012], Vibe Out [BAD3015]

Limited edition single released by Teen Beat given away at shows Aug-Sep '93 (TB98).

Various - All Virgos Are Mad

video 45789 (video) (1994) (excerpt): Unrest: Cath Carroll [CAD3012]

B.P.M. (1991-1994)

cd NONUN5 (1995): June [GU1LP], Cath Carroll (12" Re-Mix) [R CAD3012], When It All Comes Down, So So Sick [NONUN1], Hydrofoil No. 4, Winona Ryder (Xy Version), Winona Ryder (Xx Version) [R NONUN5], Folklore (Re-Mix) [R NONSOIL2], Imperial (Re-Mix Excerpt) [R GU1LP], Cherry Cherry (7" Re-Mix), Hey London! (Re-Mix), Bavarian Mods (Re-Mix) [R NONUN4], Vibe Out! (2" Version) [R BAD3015], Hi-Tec Theme, Wednesday & Proud (7" Mix) [R GU1CD]

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