CT BOX 1 Cocteau Twins - 10 Disc CD Collection

blank CTBOX1 (1991): BAD303CD, BAD314CD, BAD501CD, AD501, BAD510CD, BAD511CD, BAD0011CD, ADC0011, CT1CD (cd), BAD213CD, BAD213, BAD405CD, BAD405, BAD610CD, BAD610, AD610

The «Iceblink Luck» cd is not a picture disc. The American box uses ordinary jewel cases, the English uses slimline jewel cases. The American version only has printing on the front of the inserts. Cloth-bound deep-red box. Also released in Japan by Columbia in a cardboard slipcase that included a booklet (COCY-5144/53).

CT BOX 2 Cocteau Twins - Lullabies to Violaine

blank CTBOX2 (2005): Feathers-Oar-Blades (04:27) [BAD213], Alas Dies Laughing (03:38) [BAD213], It's All But An Ark Lark (08:04) [BAD213], Peppermint Pig (7" version) (03:24) [R AD303], Laughlines (03:20) [AD303], Hazel (02:49) [CADC211], Sugar Hiccup (12" version) (03:38) [R CAD313], From The Flagstones (03:38), Hitherto (03:52) [BAD314], Because Of Whirl-Jack (03:27), The Spangle Maker (04:40) [BAD405], Pearly-Dewdrops' Drops (alternate version) (04:47) [R AD405], Pepper-Tree (03:58) [AD405], Aikea-Guinea (alternate version) (03:57) [R AD501], Kookaburra (03:19) [AD501], Quisquose (04:10), Rococo (03:06) [BAD501], Pink Orange Red (04:38) [BAD510], Ribbed And Veined (03:55) [BAD510], Plain Tiger (04:02) [NONCT8], Sultitan Itan (03:50) [BAD510], Great Spangled Fritillary (04:02) [BAD511], Melonalla (04:01), Pale Clouded White (05:00) [BAD511], Eggs And Their Shells (03:04) [BAD511], Love's Easy Tears (03:36) [AD610], Those Eyes, That Mouth (03:38) [AD610], Sigh's Smell Of Farewell (03:34) [BAD610], Orange Appled (02:50) [BAD610CD], Iceblink Luck (03:16) [CAD0012], Mizake The Mizan (03:00) [AD0011], Watchlar (03:16) [BAD0011], Evangeline (04:30), Mud And Dark (03:40), Summer-Blink (03:11), Winter Wonderland (02:51), Frosty The Snowman (02:55) [NONVOL5], Bluebeard (03:55), Three-Swept (03:37), Ice-Pulse (03:46), Bluebeard (Acoustic Version) (03:05) [R CTBOX2], Rilkean Heart (Acoustic Version) (02:22), Golden-Vein (Acoustic Version) (02:50), Pink Orange Red (Acoustic Version) (04:31) [R BAD510], Half-Gifts (Acoustic Version) (04:15), Feet-Like Fins (05:32) [CAD602], Seekers Who Are Lovers (05:41), Violaine (05:08), Cherry-Coloured Funk (05:46) [CAD0012], Tishbite (03:12), Primitive Heart (04:08), Flock Of Soul (03:37), Round (03:36), An Elan (04:37), Violaine (03:47) [CTBOX2], Smile (04:27) [CAD1017], Tranquil Eye (03:53), Circling Girl (03:34) [NONVOL15], Alice (04:28)

4 CD collection of all the Cocteau Twins EPs and singles.

CT1CD Cocteau Twins - untitled

cd CT1CD (1991): Dials, Crushed, High Monkey Monk, Oomingmak (instrumental) [R CAD602]

Included in the CT box set. The version of ``Oomingmak'' included here is the music played while the titles are rolling on the "Lonely is an Eyesore" video.

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