M3 Kristin Hersh - Selected Videos from Throwing Muses & Kristin Hersh

video M3 (1999): Kristin Hersh: Echo [CAD9008CD], Kristin Hersh: A Loon [CAD4002], Throwing Muses: Shark [CAD6014], Throwing Muses: Bright Yellow Gun [CAD5002]

Mail order only VHS compilation.

M2 The Hope Blister - Underarms

cd M2 (Apr 6 1999): \cddb [CAD9002CD], 56098e07 150 35173 65181 76366 85430 103656 165146 2448, Sweet Medicine, Friday Afternoon, Iota, Dagger Strings, White on White, Sweet Medicine 2, Happiness Strings

Mail order album featuring remixes of tracks from the album.

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