Underground Lovers

Various - unknown

lp GUP1lp (1992) (excerpt): Underground Lovers: I Was Right [GU2LP]

Cover scan: UndergroundLovers.LeavesMeBlind.lp.jpg

Leaves Me Blind

lp cas cd GU2LP, GU2C, GU2CD (Oct 26 1992): Eastside Stories, Promenade, I was right, Holiday, Got of on it, Daze, Waves, Your eyes, Ladies choice, Get to know, Whisper me nothing

Initial quantities of the LP contains GU2S. Underground Lovers are Richard Andrew, Maurice Argiro, Glenn Bennie, Vincent Giarrusso and Philippa Nihill. Coproduced by Wayne Conolly. Engineered by Wayne Conolly, Michelle Barry, Tim Northam and Peter Lees. Recorded at Paradise and RICH. Mastered by Don Bartley. Sleeve by The Senate. Previous releases (all on Show Records): «Round & Round» (7"), «Looking For Rain» (7"), «Lick The Boot» (Cdsingle), «Nice» (cdsingle), «Underground Lovers» (lp/cd) and «I Was Right» (cdsingle on Polygram Australia).


7 GU2S (1992): Leaves Me Blind (demo version), Mumble Head (demo version)

Free single included with the first pressing of GU2LP.

I Was Right

12ep GU24612" (1992): I Was Right (Extended Mix) [R GU2LP], I Was Right [GU2LP], I Was Right [R GU2LP]

Promo release.

Your Eyes

12 GUP212" (1993)

Promo release.

Various - Mai Pen Rai

cd NONIPR1 (1993) (excerpt): Underground Lovers: Promenade [GU2LP]

Various - 4AD Presents The 13 Year Itch

cd (shuffle) (cd) (1993) (excerpt): Underground Lovers: Your Eyes [Re GU2LP]

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