That Dog.

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That Dog.

lp cas cd GU6LP, GU6C, GU6CD (1993): Old Timer (2:08), Jump (3:15), Punk Rock Girl (2:07), Zodiac (2:02), You are Here (4:36), She (2:56), Angel (3:45), Westside Angst (1:49), She Looks at Me (2:30), Family Functions (2:19), Ralna (2:11), She Looks at Me (reprise) (0:52) [R GU6LP], Just Like Me (2:22), Paid Programming (2:50), This Boy (5:12)

That Dog. are Anna Waronker, Rachel Haden, Petra Haden and Tony Maxwell. The LP included a 7" single. Featuring Tanya Haden. Coproduced by Tom Grimley and Chrisa Sadd. Licenced from the Geffen Company. Recorded at Poop Alley Studios, Los Angeles. Sleeve by Chris Bigg, That Dog. and Paul McMenamin. Write to That Dog., P.O. Box 491999, Los Angeles, CA 90049-1999, USA.


7 GU6S (1993): Buy Me Flowers, Untitled

Single included with GU6LP.

Various - unknown

cd GUP3cd (1993) (excerpt): That Dog.: Old Timer [GU6LP], That Dog.: Angel [GU6LP], That Dog.: She [CAD2205]

Various - Volume Nine

cd NONVOL9 (1994) (excerpt): That Dog.: One Summer Night

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