Tanya Donelly

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Sliding & Diving

cd5 BAD6018CD (Nov 25 1996): Bum [CAD7008], Restless, Human, Swoon [CAD7008]

Featuring Wally Gagel, Stacey Jones, Rich Gilbert, Dean Fisher and Dave Lovering. Coproduced by Wally Gagel. Recorded at Fort Apache, Canbridge, MA. Sleeve by Chris Bigg, Sara Fanelli and Richard Caldicott.

Sliding & Diving

12 T1 (1996)

Promo release.

Various - Shoe Pie

cd unknown (1997) (excerpt): Tanya Donelly: Bum [CAD7008], Tanya Donelly: Human [BAD6018CD]

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Pretty Deep/Lovesongs For Underdogs

cd5 TANYA2 (1997)

Promo release.

Lovesongs for Underdogs

video NONTD3 (1997)

VHS V-lite videocassette (styrofoam) 1997 reprise records promo only interview.

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Pretty Deep/Lovesongs For Underdogs

12ep TANYA3 (1997)

Promo release.

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Pretty Deep

7 AD7007 (1997): Pretty Deep [CAD7008], Vanilla

cd5 BAD7007CD (1997): Pretty Deep [CAD7008], Spaghetti, Morna

cd5 BADD7007CD (1997): Pretty Deep [CAD7008], These Days, Influenza

Coproduced by Willy Nagel. Sleeve by Chris Bigg and Andrew Catlin. The run-out grooves read «Turn D Masterpiece». «Vanilla» coproduced by Wally Gagel. «Vanilla» mixed by Wally Gagel.

Cover scan: TanyaDonelly.PrettyDeep.promo_cdsingle.jpg

Pretty Deep

cd5 NONTD2 (1997): Pretty Deep (Radio Edit) (3:51) [R CAD7008], Pretty Deep (4:22) [CAD7008]

Promo released in the US (PRO-CD-8918).

Cover scan: TanyaDonelly.LovesongsForUnderdogs.CADP7008CD.jpg Cover scan: TanyaDonelly.LovesongsForUnderdogs.postcard.jpg Cover scan: TanyaDonelly.LovesongsForUnderdogs.cd.jpg

Lovesongs for Underdogs

lp cas cd cd CAD7008, CADC7008, CAD7008CD, CADP7008CD (Sep 8 1997): Pretty Deep, Bright Lights, Land Speed Song, Mysteries of the Unexplained, Lantern, Acrobat, Breath Around You, Bum, Clipped, Goat Girl, Manna, Swoon

CAD 7009 is a limited, white vinyl release. CAD P 7009 CD is a promo release. Coproduced by Wally Gagel and Gary Smith. Mixed by Paul Q. Kolderie and Sean Slade. Featuring Dean Fisher, Wally Gagel, Rich Gilbert, Stacy Jones, Jonathan Williams, Bilken Mancini, Walter Halvorson, Br. Cleve, David Lovering (Pixies), David Narcizo (Throwing Muses), Chris Toppin and Brian Clague. Recorded at Fort Apache, cambridge, MA and Longview Farm, North Brookfield, MA. Sleeve by Chris Bigg and Andrew Catlin. «Acrobat» cowritten by Dean Fisher.

Lovesongs for Underdogs

cd NONTD1 (1997): CADP7008CD, AD7007, BAD7007CD, BADD7007CD

Released by Play It Again Sam in Benelux (170.7008.20). The second CD includes all the B-sides from the «Pretty Deep» singles.

Cover scan: TanyaDonelly.TheBrightLight.BADD7012CD.jpg Cover scan: TanyaDonelly.TheBrightLight.BAD7012CD.jpg Cover scan: TanyaDonelly.TheBrightLight.AD7012.jpg

The Bright Light

7 AD7012 (1997): The Bright Light, The Bright Light [L AD7012]

cd5 BAD7012CD (1997): The Bright Light [AD7012], Bury My Heart, How Can You Sleep

cd5 BADD7012CD (1997): The Bright Light [AD7012], Life on Sirius, Moon Over Boston

Coproduced by Wally Gagel. Sleeve by Chris Bigg and Andrew Catlin. Featuring Dean Fisher, Rich Gilbert, David Narcizo (Throwing Muses), Wally Gagel, Jonathan Williams, Russ Gershon, Garrison Fewell, Larry Roland, Syd Smart and Dave Lovering. «Moon Over Boston» written by Greg Kendall.

Various - Uncut CD

cd NONVAR25 (Nov 1998) (excerpt): Tanya Donelly: Lantern [CAD7008]

Cover scan: TanyaDonelly.Sleepwalk.cd.jpg


cd5 BAD2108CD (2001): The Storm (04:04) [CAD2201CD], After Your Party (02:54), Days of Grace (04:19), Last Rain (04:46)

Cover scan: TanyaDonelly.Beautysleep.cd.jpg


cd CAD2201CD (2002): Life Is But A Dream (02:48), The Storm (04:03), The Night You Saved My Life (03:59), Keeping You (04:20), Moonbeam Monkey (03:47), Wrap-Around Skirt (03:33), Another Moment (04:34), Darkside (03:50), So Much Song (04:38), The Wave (04:04), The Shadow (09:46)

US version features enchanced CD of the "Keeping You" music video.

Cover scan: TanyaDonelly.WhiskeyTangoGhosts.cd.jpg

Whiskey Tango Ghosts

cd blank CAD2418CD, EADA2418 (2004): Divine Sweet Divide (03:25), Every Devil (03:07), Whiskey Tango (03:11), Just In Case You Quit Me (03:28), Butterfly Thing (03:21), My Life As A Ghost (03:42), The Center (03:27), Golden Mean (04:16), The Promise (03:05) [CAD7003], Story High (04:21), Fallout (03:29), (untitled) (00:37) [MAD2105CD]

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