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Various - Lilliput

cd Lilliput1&2 (1992) (excerpt): Swallow: Tastes Like Honey [CAD2010], Swallow: Follow Me Down [CAD2010]

Cover scan: Swallow.Blow.cd.jpg


lp cas cd CAD2010, CADC2010, CAD2010CD (1992): Lovesleep, Tastes Like Honey, Sugar Your Mind, Mensurral, Peekaboo, Lacuna, Oceans and Blue Skies, Follow Me Down, Halo, Cherry Stars Collide, Head In a Cave

Swallow are Mike Mason and Louise Trehy. Produced by John Fryer. Engineered by John Fryer and Paul Doyle. Recorded at Palladium Studios, Edinburgh and Blackwing Studios, London. Featuring Jon Turner. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Jim Friedman, Dominic Davies, Scott Kuckler and Mary Mathieson.

Various - Volume 4

cd NONVOL4 (1992) (excerpt): Swallow: Lovesleep (vocal version) [R CAD2010]

Cover scan: Swallow.Blowback.cd.jpg


cd TAD2015CD (Sep 28 1992): Oceans and Blue Skies [R CAD2010], Head in a Cave [R CAD2010], Tastes Like Honey [R CAD2010], Peekaboo [R CAD2010], Sugar Your Mind [R CAD2010], Follow Me Down [R CAD2010], Mensurral [R CAD2010], Cherry Stars Collide [R CAD2010]

«Blowback» is remixes from the previously released album «Blow». Some versions are redically different and others are instrumental. Limited edition. Original recordings by John Fryer. Overdubs and remixes by Swallow with Paul Tipler. Assembly and edits by Paul Doyle. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver and Alexandra Murray. This is the last release by Swallow on 4AD.

Various - 92

cas UNV (cas) (1992) (excerpt): Swallow: Lovesleep [CAD2010], Swallow: Tastes Like Honey [CAD2010], Swallow: Sugar Your Mind [CAD2010]

Various - ...and dog bones, too

cas cd 21512 (cas), 21512 (cd) (1992) (excerpt): Swallow: Lovesleep [CAD2010]

Various - 4AD Presents The 13 Year Itch

video (shuffle) (video) (1993) (excerpt): Swallow: Oceans And Blue Skies [CAD2010]

Cover scan: Swallow.Hush.cdsingle.jpg


cd5 NONSWAL1 (1994): Hush, Flooded, Watching the Sun, Dear Mary

Released by Rough Trade (R3223). Sleeve by Swallow and David Bird. «Dear Mary» written by S. Miller.

Various - Joyride

cd NONJOY1 (Nov 18 1997) (excerpt): Swallow: Cherry Stars Collide [CAD2010]

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