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She Screamed

12ep BAD806 (1988): She Screamed [R CAD809], Walkin' After Midnight, Not In Love (Hit By A Truck) ((Dedicated To Hank Williams & Marquis de Sade))

cd5 BAD806CD (1988): BAD806, You Know It All

Ultra Vivid Scene are Kurt Ralske. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver. «Walkin' After Midnight» written by Block and Hecht.

Cover scan: UltraVividScene.UltraVividScene.lp.jpg

Ultra Vivid Scene

lp CAD809 (1988): She Screamed, Crash, You Didn't Say Please, Lynn-Marie #2, Nausea, Mercy Seat, A Dream Of Love, Lynn-Marie #1, This isn't Real, The Whore Of God, Bloodline, A Kiss And A Slap, How Did It Feel, Hail Mary

cas cd CADC809, CAD809CD (1988): CAD809, CD extra track

The extra track on the CD is really called «CD extra track». It's short and lo-fi. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver.

Cover scan: UltraVividScene.MercySeat.ep.jpg

Mercy Seat

12ep BAD906 (1989): Mercy Seat [R CAD809], Codeine, H Like In Heaven, Mercy Seat [CAD809]

The ep came in two colors - the ordinary olive green with the hole and a more rare gray one without the hole. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver and Zoe Leonard. Coproduced by Steve Haigler. «Codeine» written by Buffy St. Marie.

Cover scan: UltraVividScene.SomethingToEat.postcard.jpg

Something to Eat

7 AD908 (1989): Something to Eat (demo), H Like in Heaven (demo) [R BAD906]

blank 908 (postcard) (1989)

Promotional release. Written by Kurt Ralske. Recorded at Bair Tracks, New York. The label of this single reads: «This record is a gift from Ultra Vivid Scene, available free of charge, via 4AD. Anyone who takes money for this record is no friend of ours.»

Various - Gigantic

cas NONNME4 (1989) (excerpt): Ultra Vivid Scene: Lynn-Marie

Various - Music for the 90's: Vol 1

cd NONRT6 (1989) (excerpt): Ultra Vivid Scene: The Mercy Seat [CAD809]

Cover scan: UltraVividScene.StaringAtTheSun.ep.jpg

Staring At The Sun

7 AD0004 (1990): Staring At The Sun [CAD0005], Three Stars (*** version) [R CAD0005]

12ep cassingle cd5 BAD0004, BADC0004, BAD0004CD (1990): AD0004, Crash [R CAD809], Something Better

Enter Richard Close, Byron Guthrie and Kristin Kramer. Engineered by Hugh Jones and Malt Lane. Featuring Joy Roy. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver. «Staring At The Sun» produced by Hugh Jones. «Something Better» written by Goffen and Mann.

Staring At The Sun

12 UVS1 (1990): AD0004

Promotional release. 1000 copies released.

Cover scan: UltraVividScene.Joy1967-1990.lp.jpg

Joy 1967-1990

lp cas cd CAD0005, CADC0005, CAD0005CD (1990): It Happens Every Time, Staring At The Sun, Three Stars, Special One, Grey Turns White, Poison, Guilty Pleasure, Extra Ordinary, Beauty #2, The Kindest Cut, Praise The Low, Lightning

Initial quantities of CAD0005 includes a fold-out triptych. Featuring B. J. Cole, Kim Deal (Pixies), Caroline Lavelle, Rob McKahey, Nick Muir and Margaret Thorby. Produced by Hugh Jones. Engineered by Guy Fixsen. Mixed by Hugh Jones and Helen Woodward. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver.

Various - The Catalogue

7 NONCAT2 (1990) (excerpt): Ultra Vivid Scene: Three Stars (Exclusive mix) [R CAD0005]

Cover scan: UltraVividScene.SpecialOne.cdsingle.jpg Cover scan: UltraVividScene.SpecialOne.ep.jpg

Special One

7 AD0016 (1990): Special One [CAD0005], Kind Of A Drag

12ep cd5 BAD0016, BAD0016CD (1990): Special One [CAD0005], Lightning (72 b.p.m / 4 a.m.) [R CAD0005], Kind Of A Drag [AD0016], A Smile And A Death Wish

The seven inch did not have a picture sleeve. Engineered by Guy Fixsen. Featuring Guy Fixsen and Kim Deal (Pixies). Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver. Also released as a promo. «Special One» produced by Hugh Jones.

Various - Music for the 90's: Vol 2

cd NONRT5 (1990) (excerpt): Ultra Vivid Scene: Lightning [CAD0005]

Various - Guitarrorists

cd NONUVS1 (1991) (excerpt): Kurt Ralske: Tar, Iodine, Blood and Lust

Various - Lilliput

cd Lilliput1&2 (1992) (excerpt): Ultra Vivid Scene: Mercy Seat [CAD809]

Cover scan: UltraVividScene.Rev.postcard.jpg Cover scan: UltraVividScene.Rev.cd.jpg


lp cas cd CAD2017, CADC2017, CAD2017CD (Oct 19 1992): Candida, Cut-throat, Mirror to Mirror, The Portion of Delight, Thief's Love Song, How Sweet, Medicating Angels, Blood and Thunder, This is the Way

blank 2017 (postcard) (1992)

1, 2 and 6 produced by Fred Maher. 1 and 6 engineered and 2 co-engineered by Lloyd Puckitt. Featuring Jack Daley, Julius Klepacz, Fred Maher, Matthew Sweet, Everett Breadley, Dorrit Chrysler, Sarah Walker, Melora Creager, Julia Kent and Serena U. Jost. The last three are Rasputina. Recorded at Zabriskie Point and Axis Studio. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver and Jim Friedman. Write to Ultra Vivid Scene, P.O. Box 4647, New York, N.Y. 10185-0040, USA.

Medicating Angels

12 UVS2 (1992): Medicating Angels [CAD2017], Mirror to Mirror [CAD2017]

Promo release.

Blood and Thunder

cd5 NONUVS2 (1992): Blood and Thunder [CAD2017], Blood and Thunder (radio edit) (5:30) [BAD3003]

Promotional release (in the US?).

Cover scan: UltraVividScene.BloodAndThunder.BAD3003CD.jpg

Blood and Thunder

12ep cd5 BAD3003, BAD3003CD (1993): Blood and Thunder (radio edit) [R CAD2017], Don't Look Now (Now!), Candida (theme from Red Pressure Mounting) [R CAD2017], Winter Song

The cd is in a digipak. Exit Richard Close, Byron Guthrie and Kristin Kramer. Featuring Julius Klepacz, Jack Daley, Tony Garnier, Graham Maybe, Doris Chrysler, Melora Creager, Julia Kent and Serena U. Jost. The last three people are «Rasputina». Recorded at Zabriskie Point. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver and Jim Friedman. This is the last release by Ultra Vivid Scene on 4AD. «Blood and Thunder» coremixed by John Hanlon. «Don't Look Now (Now!)» written by Mark Dumais. «Winter Song» written by John Cale.

Cover scan: UltraVividScene.Rev.double_cd.jpg Cover scan: UltraVividScene.Rev.bonus_cdsingle.jpg


cd NONUVS4 (1993): CAD2017CD, BAD3003CD

Released by Chaos/Columbia in the US (O2K 53133). Released in a slim double cd box with OSK 74841, «Blood and Tunder».

Various - Mai Pen Rai

cd NONIPR1 (1993) (excerpt): Ultra Vivid Scene: Blood and Thunder [CAD2017]


cd5 NONUVS3 (1993): Candida (4:05) [R CAD2017], She's a Diamond, Winter Song (4:52) [BAD3003], This Is The Way (part 2) (4:57) [(shuffle) (cd)], Candida (Theme from «Red Pressure Mounting») (5:05) [R CAD2017]

US promo release (OSK5111).

Various - Volume 6

cd NONV6 (Apr 13 1993) (excerpt): Ultra Vivid Scene: Cut Throat (5:13) [R CAD2017]

Various - 4AD Presents The 13 Year Itch

cd (shuffle) (cd) (1993) (excerpt): Ultra Vivid Scene: This Is The Way (part 2) [Re CAD2017]

video (shuffle) (video) (1993) (excerpt): Ultra Vivid Scene: Blood And Thunder [CAD2017]

Various - Dust Distorts

cd NONVAR22 (1998) (excerpt): Ultra Vivid Scene: Special One [CAD0005]

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