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Dark Entries

7 AXIS3 (7") (1980): Dark Entries, Untitled [MAD2105CD]

blank AXIS3 (flyer) (1980)

Bauhaus are Daniel Ash, Kevin Haskins, David Jay and Peter Murphy.

Cover scan: Bauhaus.DarkEntries.single.jpg

Dark Entries

7 AD3 (1980): Dark Entries [AXIS3 (7")], Untitled [MAD2105CD]

Also released as BEG37 in an identical sleeve and with the same label as well as with a different label. Rereleased by 4AD in '82 with a different label. Also released in Holland by Beggars Banquet (144.760). Sleeve by Ink in the small hours and Paul Delvaux.

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Terror Couple Kill Colonel

7 AD7 (1980): Terror Couple Kill Colonel [CAD13CD], Scopes [CAD13CD], Terror Couple Kill Colonel [R CAD13CD]

Recorded at Southern, Spaceward and Beck.

Cover scan:

In The Flat Field

lp cas CAD13, CADC13 (1980): Double Dare, In The Flat Field, God In An Alcove, Dive, Spy In The Car, Small Talk Stinks, St. Vitus Dance, Stigmata Martyr, Nerves

cd CAD13CD (1980): CADC13, AD3, AXIS3 (7"), Terror Couple Kill Colonel, Scopes, God In An Alcove [R CAD13]

Sleeve by Duane Michals. «God In An Alcove» was originally released on a 7" flexi.

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Telegram Sam

7 AD17 (1980): Telegram Sam, Crowds

«Telegram Sam» written by Marc Bolan.

Telegram Sam

7 AD17T (1980): AD17, Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores

Various - Natures Mortes - Still Lives

lp CAD117 (1981) (excerpt): Bauhaus: Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores [AD17T]

cd CAD117CD (1981): CAD117 (excerpt),

Cover scan: Bauhaus.GodInAnAlcove.flexi.jpg

A God in an Alcove

7 NONBAU1 (1982): A God in an Alcove [CAD13CD]

Blue 7" flexi included with Flexipop magazine #23, 1982 in the UK (FLEXIPOP 023/LYN-12106).

Various - 4AD Dark Paths

lp NONVAR13 (1982) (excerpt): Bauhaus: Telegram Sam [AD17], Bauhaus: Crowds [AD17]


lp BAD312 (1983): AD3, AD7, AD17T, AD17

This is the last Bauhaus release at 4AD. They left to sign to Beggars Banquet.

Various - Document: Pleasantly Surprised 82-85

cas NONPS12 (1985) (excerpt): Bauhaus: Dark Entries (very live) [R AXIS3 (7")]

Various - Lilliput

cd Lilliput1&2 (1992) (excerpt): Bauhaus: Dark Entries [AXIS3 (7")]

Various - Dust Distorts

cd NONVAR22 (1998) (excerpt): Bauhaus: In The Flat Field [CAD13]

Various - Clustered and Clipped

cas 4ADMC1 (1998) (excerpt): Bauhaus: Terror Couple Kill Colonel [CAD13CD]

Various - Clustered and Clipped

cd 4ADCD1 (1998) (excerpt): Bauhaus: Terror Couple Kill Colonel [CAD13CD]

Various - Kiddy's Got Four Fingers

cd PUP1 (1998) (excerpt): Bauhaus: Terror Couple Kill Colonel [CAD13CD], Bauhaus: Telegram Sam [AD17]

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