AXIS4 Shox - No Turning Back

7 AXIS4 (1980): No Turning Back, Lying Here

Shox are John Peters, Jacqui Brookes and Mike Atkinson. Recorded by Mark Lusardi. Recorded at Gooseberry. Sleeve by Phil Hide.

AXIS1 The Fast Set - Junction One

7 AXIS1 (1980): Junction One, Children Of The Revolution

The Fast Set are D. Knight. Sleeve by J. Maybury. Produced by Peter Kent and John Lewis. «Children Of The Revolution» written by Marc Bolan.

AXIS3 Bauhaus - Dark Entries

7 AXIS3 (7") (1980): Dark Entries, Untitled [MAD2105CD]

blank AXIS3 (flyer) (1980)

Bauhaus are Daniel Ash, Kevin Haskins, David Jay and Peter Murphy.

AXIS2 Bearz - She's My Girl

7 AXIS2 (1980): She's My Girl, Girls Will Do

Produced by David Lord. Recorded at Crescent. Bearz are John Goddard, David Gunstone, Mark Willis and David Lord. «She's My Girl» written by David Gunstone. «Girls Will Do» written by John Goddard.

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