I'll Give You Something To Cry About

cd lp NONTAR2 (cd), NONTAR2 (lp) (1994)

Released on Nuf Sed in the US.

Cover scan: Tarnation.GentleCreatures.cd.jpg

Gentle Creatures

lp cd CAD5010, CAD5010CD (1995): Game of Broken Hearts, Halfaway to Madness, The Well, Big O Motel, Tell Me It's Not So, Two Wrongs Won't Make Things Right, Lonely Lights, Gentle Creatures, Listen To The Wind, The Hand, Do You Fancy Me, Yellow Birds, Burn Again, Stranger in the Mirror, It's Not Easy

Tarnation are Lincoln Allen, Michelle Cernuto, Paula Frazer and Matt Wendell Sullivan. Write to P. O. Box 410772, San Francisco, CA 94141-0772. Written by Paula Frazer. Produced by Joshua Heller, Warren Defever (His Name Is Alive) and Wally Sound. Engineered by Myles Boisen. Recorded at Guerilla Euphonics, Oakland, CA, Warren's House, Livonia, MI and Wally Sound, San Francisco. Featuring Carla Fabrizio. «Burn Again» written by Michelle Cernuto. «Stranger in the Mirror» written by Lincoln Allen.

Cover scan: PaulaFrazer.TheHand.single.jpg

Paula Frazer - The Hand

7 NONTAR (1995): The Hand [Re CAD5010], Is She Lonesome Now [DAD7004], Two Wrongs Won't Make Things Right [Re CAD5010]

Released on Sunday Driver.

Cover scan: Tarnation.Live.cd.jpg


cd NONTAR1 (1995): Your Thoughs and Mine [L], Halfway to Happiness [L], A Place Where I Know [L DAD7004], The Hand [L CAD5010], I Didn't Mean It [L TAD7000], Two Wrongs Won't Make Things Right [L CAD5010], Game of Broken Hears [L]

Promo released in France.

Various - ...think I'm getting the hang of it

cd 7625 (1995) (excerpt): Tarnation: The Well [CAD5010]

Various - Facing The Wrong Way

cd FTWW1 (1995) (excerpt): Tarnation: The Well [CAD5010]

Various - Shaving the Pavement

cas NONSTP1 (1996) (excerpt): Tarnation: Halfway to Madness

Various - Yeah, but...

7 NONVAR24 (1996) (excerpt): Tarnation: His Middle Name

Various - Some of Our Best Friends Are

cd NONVAR34 (1997) (excerpt): Tarnation: Little Black Egg [DAD7004], Tarnation: There's Someone [DAD7004]

Cover scan: Tarnation.TheresSomeone.AD7000.jpg

There's Someone

12 TAD7000 (Jan 20 1997): There's Someone [DAD7004], I Didn't Mean It

Limited edition 7" single. Exit Lincoln Allen, Michelle Cernuto and Matt Wendell Sullivan.

Cover scan: Tarnation.YoullUnderstand.BAD7001CD.jpg Cover scan: Tarnation.YourThoughtsAndMine.ADD7001.jpg

You'll Understand

blank cd5 ADD7001, BAD7001CD (1997): Your Thoughts And Mine [DAD7004], You'll Understand [DAD7004], The Sad Things Behind, Land That Time Lost

ADD 7001 is a limited edition double 7". Coproduced by Dave Katznelson. Comixed by Mark Mooka Rennick. Featuring Joe Byrnes, Jamie Meagan, Alex Oropeza, Jim Passarell and Sheila Schat. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Timothy O'Donnell and Michele Turriani.

I Didn't Mean It

cd5 NONTAR3 (1997): I Didn't Mean It (edit) [R TAD7000], Last Dance (edit)

Promo released in France (VISA 4012). Included with initial copies of the Mirador CD.

Cover scan: Tarnation.Mirador.cd.jpg Cover scan: Tarnation.Mirador.small_postcard.jpg Cover scan: Tarnation.Mirador.promo-cd.jpg Cover scan: Tarnation.Mirador.promo-box.jpg Cover scan: Tarnation.Mirador.postcard.jpg Cover scan: Tarnation.Mirador.german_flyer.jpg Cover scan: Tarnation.Mirador.french_promo.jpg Cover scan: Tarnation.Mirador.cd_.jpg


lp cd DAD7004, CAD7004CD (1997): An Awful Shade of Blue, Wait, A Place Where I Know, Is She Lonesome Now, Your Thoughts And Mine, Christine, Destiny, There's Someone, Like a Ghost, Idly, Little Black Egg, You'll Understand

Coproduced by David Katznelson. Featuring Yuma Joe Byrnes, Jamie Meagan, Alex Orapeza, Jim Passarell, Shaila Schat and Arch Stanton. Recorded at Prarie Sun, Cotati, CA. Sleeve by Patrick Roques, Christine Shield, Lyn Gaza and Paula Frazer. «Little Black Egg» cowritten by Michael Stone.

Various - Soil Samples 22

7 NONSS3 (1997) (excerpt): Tarnation: Do You Fancy Me [CAD5010]

Various - Joyride

cd NONJOY1 (Nov 18 1997) (excerpt): Tarnation: Game of Broken Hearts [CAD5010]

Various - Dust Distorts

cd NONVAR22 (1998) (excerpt): Tarnation: Two Wrongs Won't Make Things Right [CAD5010]

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