UNK4 Kristin Hersh - Murder, Misery and Then Goodnight

cd UNK4 (2000): Down in the Willow Garden (04:55), I Never Will Marry (02:31), Sweet Roseanne (03:03), Poor Ellen Smith (02:11), Pretty Polly (02:06), Little Birdy (02:14), Mama's Gonna Buy (02:20), Fly Around My Blue Eyed Girl (01:21), Banks of the Ohio (03:36), Three Nights Drunk (02:01), What'll We Do With the Baby-O (02:20), Whole Heap of Little Horses (02:50)

UNK9 Beirut - Lon Gisland EP

cd5 UNK9 (2006): Elephant Gun (05:45), My Family's Role In The World Revolution (02:08), Scenic World (02:53) [CADD2619CD], The Long Island Sound (01:19), Carousels (04:23)

Included with initial quantities of the Gulag Orkestar cd.

unknown Various - Shoe Pie

cd unknown (1997): Lush: Runaway [CAD6004], Throwing Muses: Freeloader [CAD6014], Mojave 3: Mercy [CAD5013], Heidi Berry: Holy Grail [CAD6011], Dead Can Dance: The Snake And The Moon [DAD6008], Michael Brook: Arrival [CAD7003], Gus Gus: Polyesterday [DAD7005CD], Tanya Donelly: Bum [CAD7008], Pale Saints: A Thousand Stars Burst Open [CAD2004], The Breeders: Safari [BAD2003], Scheer: Demon [CAD6006], Lisa Germano: I Love A Snot [CAD6012], His Name Is Alive: Nice Day [JAD7009CD], Tanya Donelly: Human [BAD6018CD], Paladins: One Step

Promo released in the US in conjunction with Doc Martens. Sleeve by Paul McMenamin and Matthew Welch.

unknown Gus Gus - Polydistortion

cd unknown (1997): Oh [CAD0006], Gun [DAD7005CD], Believe [DAD7005CD], Polyesterday [DAD7005CD], Barry (White Pride), Cold Breath '79 [DAD7005CD], Why? [DAD7005CD], Remembrance [DAD7005CD], Is Jesus Your Pal? [DAD7005CD], Purple [DAD7005CD], Polybackwards

Promo released by 4AD.

UNK13 Magnétophone - Oh Darlin'

cd5 UNK13 (2001): Oh Darlin' (02:01) [CAD2K18CD], Come On The 'Phone (05:48), Lubeecha (04:18), Colourphone (04:56)

UNK2 Kristin Hersh - A Cleaner Light

cd5 UNK2 (2001): A Cleaner Light (04:09) [CAD9008CD], Hate My Way (Acoustic) (03:46) [BAD2K01CD], Garoux Des Larmes (Acoustic) (02:12) [BAD2K01CD], Cry Baby Cry (Acoustic) (03:58) [BAD2K01CD]

UNK24 Neil Halstead - Two Stones In My Pocket

cd5 UNK24 (2001): Two Stones In My Pocket (04:27) [CAD2202CD], Two Stones In My Pocket (Pedro Remix) (04:04) [R CAD2202CD], Two Stones In My Pocket (Fort Lauderdale Remix) (03:56) [R CAD2202CD], See You On Rooftops (Broadway Project Remix) (03:40) [R CAD2202CD], See You On Rooftops (06:37) [CAD2202CD]

UNK21 Paula Frazer - Indoor Universe

cd UNK21 (2001): That You Know (04:02), This is a Song (02:56), Gone (05:40), Think of Me (02:40), Not So Bad, But Not So Good (03:13), Stay As You Are (03:29), Mean Things (04:02), Everywhere (03:34), Deep Was the Night (04:20), We Met by the Love-Lies-Bleeding (03:39), The Only One (03:36)

UNK22 Paula Frazer - Leave the Sad Things Behind

cd UNK22 (2005): Always On My Mind (03:49), Watercolor Lines (04:56), Waiting For You (03:31), It's Not Ordinary (03:29), Long Ago (04:21), Leave The Sad Things Behind (03:07), No Other (03:51), Taken (03:13), Funny Things (03:41), Where Did Time Go (05:05)

UNV Various - 92

cas UNV (cas) (1992): Swallow: Lovesleep [CAD2010], Swallow: Tastes Like Honey [CAD2010], Swallow: Sugar Your Mind [CAD2010], Red House Painters: Michael [CAD2014], Red House Painters: Medicine Bottle [CAD2014]

blank UNV (postcard) (1992)

Given away at the CMJ showcase in November.

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