9014 Cuba - Leap of Faith

lp cd CAD9014, CAD9014CD (1999): \cddb [CAD9002CD], 9b0ca50c 150 20515 49310 67396 75953 97567 121146 144632 162224 170073 191092 210138 3239, Cross the Line, Devil's Rock, Black Island, King of Kelty, Starshiney, Peak Flow, Winter Hill, Havana, Hail Mary [CAD809], Urban Light, Foxy's Den, Fiery Cross

2702 Kristin Hersh - Learn To Sing Like A Star

cd CAD2702CD (2007): In Shock (04:13), Nerve Endings (03:35), Day Glo (03:57), Christian Hearse (00:29), Ice (03:16), Under The Gun (03:10), Piano 1 (01:44), Sugarbaby (03:11), Peggy Lee (03:15), Piano 2 (00:48), Vertigo (04:00), Winter (02:33), Wild Vanilla (02:59), The Thin Man (04:18)

Also released on Yep Rock (Yep 2142). Featuring David Narcizo (Throwing Muses), Martin McCarrick (Siouxie and the Banshees) and Kimberlee McCarrick. Sleeve by Lakuna and Dina Douglass. Recorded by Steve Rizzo. Recorded at Stable Sound, Portsmouth RI. Mixed by Trina Shoemaker. Engineered by William Sender and Mike Paragone.

NONKH3 Kristin Hersh - Learn To Sing Like A Star (bonus)

blank NONKH3 (2007): Blackstone (02:45), Poor Wayfaring Stranger (03:22), Windowpane (02:47)

Free tracks given away on mp3 for those who bought the album online.

GU2 Underground Lovers - Leaves Me Blind

lp cas cd GU2LP, GU2C, GU2CD (Oct 26 1992): Eastside Stories, Promenade, I was right, Holiday, Got of on it, Daze, Waves, Your eyes, Ladies choice, Get to know, Whisper me nothing

Initial quantities of the LP contains GU2S. Underground Lovers are Richard Andrew, Maurice Argiro, Glenn Bennie, Vincent Giarrusso and Philippa Nihill. Coproduced by Wayne Conolly. Engineered by Wayne Conolly, Michelle Barry, Tim Northam and Peter Lees. Recorded at Paradise and RICH. Mastered by Don Bartley. Sleeve by The Senate. Previous releases (all on Show Records): «Round & Round» (7"), «Looking For Rain» (7"), «Lick The Boot» (Cdsingle), «Nice» (cdsingle), «Underground Lovers» (lp/cd) and «I Was Right» (cdsingle on Polygram Australia).

UNK22 Paula Frazer - Leave the Sad Things Behind

cd UNK22 (2005): Always On My Mind (03:49), Watercolor Lines (04:56), Waiting For You (03:31), It's Not Ordinary (03:29), Long Ago (04:21), Leave The Sad Things Behind (03:07), No Other (03:51), Taken (03:13), Funny Things (03:41), Where Did Time Go (05:05)

8017 Thievery Corporation - Lebanese Blonde

12 cd5 BAD8017, BAD8017CD (1998)

STEELE 6 Thievery Corporation - Lebanese Blonde

7 STEELE6 (1998): Lebanese Blonde (instrumental) [R CAD2K06], Coming from the Top

Promo release.

514 The Wolfgang Press - The Legendary Wolfgang Press And Other Tall Stories

lp CAD514 (1985): Heart Of Stone, I'm Coming Home (Mama), Sweatbox (version two) [R GAD2104CD], Tremble (My Girl Doesn't), My Way, Fire Eater (version two), Respect [R GAD2104CD], Deserve, Ecstacy

cd CAD514CD (1985): BAD409, Heart Of Stone [CAD514], I'm Coming Home (Mama) [CAD514], Muted, Sweatbox (version two) [CAD514], Tremble (My Girl Doesn't) [CAD514], My Way [CAD514], Fire Eater (version two) [CAD514]

In short, CAD514CD contains BAD409, BAD502 and BAD506 except that the tracks «Sweatbox» and «Fire Eater» were remixed. CAD514 has the same material as CAD514CD except that it lacks «Muted» and «The Deep Briney» and the track «Respect» is shortened. Sleeve by 23 Envelope, The Wolfgang Press, Albert Ricci and Jeff Veitch. «Sweatbox» coremixed by Martyn Young (Colourbox). «Sweatbox» engineered by John Fryer. «Fire Eater» coremixed by Martyn Young (Colourbox). «Fire Eater» engineered by John Madden.

9018 Lakuna - Lemongrass

12ep TAD9018 (1999): Lemongrass [GAD9010CD], Lemongrass (Schizoid Man remix) [R GAD9010CD], The Very Next Day [GAD9010CD], The Very Next Day (Grantby remix) [R GAD9010CD]

Limited edition 12" single.

603 Bulgarian Voices - Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares

7 AD603 (1986): Pritouritze Planimata, Polegnala e Todora [CAD603]

lp cas cd CAD603, CADC603, CAD603CD (1986): Pilentze Pee, Svatba, Kalimankou Denkou, Strati na Engelaki Doumansche, Polegnala Pschenitza, Messetschinko Lio Greilivko, Brei Yvane, Erghen Diado, Sableyalo Planinata, Mir Stanke Le, Schopska Pesen, Polegnala e Todora

Sleeve by 23 Envelope and Nigel Grierson. AD603 is a promotional single, of which 500 were pressed. David Byrne released a version of «Polegnala e Todora» on his album «Music For The Knee Plays».

601 Richenel - L'esclave Endormi

12 BAD601 (1986): L'Esclave Endormi, L'Esclave Endormi [R BAD601]

Richenel are Ricardo, Hans, Michiel and Richenel. Produced by Dirk Blanchart. Sleeve by 23 Envelope. Richenel signed to some other record company after releasing this EP. «L'Esclave Endormi» remixed by John Fryer and Ivo (This Mortal Coil).

NONPI2 Pixies - Letter To Memphis

cd5 NONPI2 (1991): Letter To Memphis [CAD1014]

One-track promo release by Elektra in the US (PRCD 8441-2). Has new artwork.

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