4ADM1 Kristin Hersh - Murder, Misery and then Goodnight

cd 4ADM1 (1998)

Internet release only.

UNK4 Kristin Hersh - Murder, Misery and Then Goodnight

cd UNK4 (2000): Down in the Willow Garden (04:55), I Never Will Marry (02:31), Sweet Roseanne (03:03), Poor Ellen Smith (02:11), Pretty Polly (02:06), Little Birdy (02:14), Mama's Gonna Buy (02:20), Fly Around My Blue Eyed Girl (01:21), Banks of the Ohio (03:36), Three Nights Drunk (02:01), What'll We Do With the Baby-O (02:20), Whole Heap of Little Horses (02:50)

NONCOX3 Clan of Xymox - Muscoviet Musquito

7 NONCOX3 (1987): Muskoviet Musquito

One-sided promo released by Virgin in France to promote «Lonely is an Eyesore» (SA 1214).

NONVAR37 Various - Music for the Masses

cd NONVAR37 (1999) (excerpt): Gus Gus: Monument

Depeche Mode tribute album.

NONRT6 Various - Music for the 90's: Vol 1

cd NONRT6 (1989): Pixies: Caribou [L MAD709], Ultra Vivid Scene: The Mercy Seat [CAD809]

Released by Rough Trade (CD 1-222).

NONRT5 Various - Music for the 90's: Vol 2

cd NONRT5 (1990) (excerpt): Ultra Vivid Scene: Lightning [CAD0005], Pale Saints: Time Thief (edit) [R CAD0002], Lush: Scarlet [JAD911]

Released by Rough Trade (CD 1-444).

NONRT2 Various - Music for the 90's Volume 5

cd NONRT2 (1993) (excerpt): Belly: Slow Dog (4:03) [BAD2009], Frank Black: Los Angeles (4:08) [CAD3004], Red House Painters: Mistress [DAD3008], Dead Can Dance: Toward the Within (7:06) [CADC3013], His Name Is Alive: Baby Fish Mouth [CAD3006]

Sampler released by Rough Trade (RTD 199.15999.2).

NONBP1 The Birthday Party - Mutiny

12ep NONBP1 (1983): Jennifer's Veil, Say A Spell, Swampland, Mutiny in Heaven

This EP was released by Mute Records, MUTE29. Featuring Blixa Bargeld (Einstürzende Neubauten). Sleeve by Anita Lane, Nick Cave and Bleddyn Butcher.

301 The Birthday Party - Mutiny / The Bad Seed

cd CAD301CD (1989): BAD301, NONBP1 (ep), Pleasure Avalanche, Six Strings That Drew Blood (original version)

«Pleasure Avalanche» and «Six Strings That Drew Blood» are unreleased tracks from the «Mutiny» sessions. The masters were lost. The tracks appear here as rough mixes.

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