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12ep cd5 BAD5012, BAD5012CD (Oct 2 1995): Sometimes, You Said, Baby Size (version), Take You Anywhere, Unlisted track

Scheer have previously released «Wish You Were Dead» (3 track 7", July 1993) and «Psychobabble» (12", July 1994), both on Son Records.

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Wish You Were Dead

12ep NONSC1 (1995): Wish You Were Dead [R CAD6006], Green Room Sex Kitten [R (*Cannon*)], Don't Know Why

Released by Son Records.

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7 SCHEER1 (1995): Demon (live demo version) [R CAD6006], Howling (live demo version)

Promo release.

Various - ...think I'm getting the hang of it

cd 7625 (1995) (excerpt): Scheer: Sometimes [BAD5012]

Various - Facing The Wrong Way

cd FTWW1 (1995) (excerpt): Scheer: Take You Anywhere [BAD5012]

Various - Facing The Wrong Way

12ep FTWW23 (1995) (excerpt): Scheer: Take You Anywhere [BAD5012]

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7 AD6003 (1996): Shéa [CAD6006], You Said (acoustic) [R BAD5012]

cd5 BAD6003CD (1996): Shéa [CAD6006], My World, Demon (acoustic) [R CAD6006], Nemesis

Various - Shaving the Pavement

cas NONSTP1 (1996) (excerpt): Scheer: Screaming [CAD6006], Scheer: You Said (electric version) [R BAD5012]

Various - Shaving Kit Music

cd NONSTP2 (1996) (excerpt): Scheer: Shéa [CAD6006], Scheer: Wish You Were Dead [CAD6006], Scheer: Screaming [CAD6006], Scheer: Babysize

Wish You Were Dead

7 AD6005 (1996): Wish You Were Dead [CAD6006], Hanging on the Telephone

cd5 BAD6005CD (1996): Wish You Were Dead [CAD6006], Sad Loved Girl (acoustic version) [R CAD6006], Hanging on the Telephone [AD6005], Cannon (instrumental)

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lp cas cd CAD6006, CADC6006, CAD6006CD (April 22 1996): Shéa, Howling Boy, Wish You Were Dead, In Your Head, Demon, Baby Sized, Sad Loved Girl, I Started Something, Screaming, Goodbye

blank 6006 (flyer) (1996)


cd NONSCH1 (1996): CAD6006CD, Demon (acoustic) [BAD6003CD]

Promo released in the US by Warner Bros.

Various - Volume 15

cd NONVOL15 (1996) (excerpt): Scheer: Don't Know Why [R NONSC1]

Various - Yeah, but...

7 NONVAR24 (1996) (excerpt): Scheer: Don't Know Why (live demo) [R NONSC1]

Various - You Can Rely On Toast

cd 326 (1996) (excerpt): scheer: Shae

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First Contact

cd5 SCHEER4CD (1996): First Contact (demo), (green room) Sex Kitten

Promo release.

Various - Shoe Pie

cd unknown (1997) (excerpt): Scheer: Demon [CAD6006]

Cover scan: Scheer.Demon.BAD7006CD.jpg


cd5 BAD7006CD (1997): Demon [CAD6006], Obsession, (Green Room) Sex Kitten [SCHEER4CD]

Produced by Head. Limited edition. «Demon» mixed by Mike "Spike" Drake.

Various - Joyride

cd NONJOY1 (Nov 18 1997) (excerpt): scheer: Canon) (instrumental)

Various - Anakin

cd TAD8001CD (Feb 2 1998) (excerpt): scheer: Say What You Came To Say

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