NONLIQ2 Liquorice - Stalls

7 NONLIQ2 (1995): Stalls, ? [R NONHNIA3], Squawk of the Town

Released by Simple Machines (SMR 38). Produced by Warren Defever (His Name Is Alive). «Squawk of the Town» written by The Pretenders.

NONGUS5 Gus Gus - Standard Stuff for Drama

cd5 NONGUS5 (cdsingle) (Oct 28 1997): Polyesterday [DAD7005CD], Barry (A/B) [R DAD7005CD], Gun Acid [NONGUS10], Believe (16B Radio Edit) [R DAD7005CD], Believe (Underdog Instrumental) [R DAD7005CD], Polymovie (Polyesterday video version) [R NONSS1]

12ep NONGUS5 (ep) (1997): Polydistortion [BAD6013], Believe (remix) [R DAD7005CD], Barry (A/B) [NONGUS5 (cdsingle)], Gun Acid [NONGUS10]

Released in the US by Warner Brothers (43941-2 & 43941-0).

606 The Wolfgang Press - Standing Up Straight

lp cd CAD606, CAD606CD (1986): Dig A Hole, My Life, Hammer The Halo, Bless My Brother, Fire-Fly, Ghost, Rotten Fodder, Forty Days Thirty Nights, I Am The Crime

Featuring Gini Ball, Martin McCarrick (Siouxie and the Banshees), Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins) and John Fryer. Coproduced by John Fryer. Sleeve by 23 Envelope, The Wolfgang Press, Christopher Bigg and Ruth Rowland.

3002 Belly - Star

lp cas cd lp cd CAD3002, CADC3002, CAD3002CD, CADD3002, CADD3002CD (1993): Someone To Die For, Angel, Dusted, Every Word, Gepetto, Witch, Slow Dog, Low Red Moon, Feed The Tree, Full Moon, Empty Heart, White Belly, Untogether, Star, Sad Dress, Stay

CAD D 3002 had two limited edition postcards. Coproduced by Tracy Chisholm. Engineered by Tracy Chisholm, Graham Lewis (Wire), Linelle and Dave Buchanan. Featuring Chick Graning and John Douglass. Written by Tanya Donelly (Throwing Muses). Track 3, 5, 7 and 9 produced by Gil Norton. Recorded at Sound Emporium, Nashville, Sixteenth Avenue, Nashville and Amazon Studios, Liverpool. Sleeve by Chris Bigg, Chris Gorman and Michael Levine. «Full Moon, Empty Heart» remixed by Brian Harden. «White Belly» written by Fred Abong (Throwing Muses) and Tanya Donelly (Throwing Muses). «White Belly» remixed by Brian Harden.

0004 Ultra Vivid Scene - Staring At The Sun

7 AD0004 (1990): Staring At The Sun [CAD0005], Three Stars (*** version) [R CAD0005]

12ep cassingle cd5 BAD0004, BADC0004, BAD0004CD (1990): AD0004, Crash [R CAD809], Something Better

Enter Richard Close, Byron Guthrie and Kristin Kramer. Engineered by Hugh Jones and Malt Lane. Featuring Joy Roy. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver. «Staring At The Sun» produced by Hugh Jones. «Something Better» written by Goffen and Mann.

UVS 1 Ultra Vivid Scene - Staring At The Sun

12 UVS1 (1990): AD0004

Promotional release. 1000 copies released.

9004 Gus Gus - Starlovers

12ep BAD9004 (1999): Starlovers (edit) [R CADD9006], Starlovers (Red Snapper Mix) [R CADD9006], Starlovers (Dirty Bix Mix) [R CADD9006]

cd5 BAD9004CD (1999): \cddb [CAD9002CD], 1a03ee03 150 17650 46970 1008, Starlovers (edit) [BAD9004], Starlovers (Red Snapper Mix) [BAD9004], Starlovers (Freddy Fresh Main Mix) [R CADD9006]

cd5 BADD9004CD (1999): \cddb [CAD9002CD], 16044803 150 17635 46032 1098, Starlovers (edit) [BAD9004], Starlovers (House of 909 Mix) [R CADD9006], Starlovers (Megatron Man Got Together 97 Mix) [R CADD9006]

9019 Cuba - Starshine

cd5 BAD9019CD (Nov 1 1999): \cddb [CAD9002CD], 1b039a03 182 16335 47032 924, Starshine (edit), White Shadow [TAD9003], Starshine (Rae & Christian Remix) [R BAD9019CD]

6010 His Name Is Alive - Stars On ESP

lp cas cd CAD6010, CADC6010, CAD6010CD (June 1996): Dub Love Letter, This World is not My Home, Bad Luck Girl, What Are You Wearing Tomorrow, The Bees, What Else Is New List, Wall of Speed, Universal Frequencies, The Sand That Holds the Lakes in Place, I Can't Live in this World Anymore, Answer to Rainbow at Midnight, Famous Goodbye King, Across The Street, Movie, Last One

Recorded on Time STEREO 1992-1995. Produced by Warren Defever. Written by His Name Is Alive, Matthew Smith, Erika Hoffman, Mark Kozelek, Ian Masters, Denise James, and The ESP-Beetles except "Last One". Recorded at Warren's House. CAD 6010 is a mono remix of the album. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Timothy O'Donnell, Dominic Davies and Howard Hall / Oxford Scientific Films. «The Bees» cowritten by Erika Hoffman. «Universal Frequencies» cowritten by Matthew Smith. «The Sand That Holds the Lakes in Place» cowritten by Matthew Smith. «Across The Street» cowritten by Mark Kozelek (Red House Painters). «Movie» written by Trey Many.

NONPS2 Various - State Of Affairs

cas NONPS2 (1984) (excerpt): Cocteau Twins: In Our Angelhood [R CAD313], Modern English: Tables Turning [R CAD206], The Wolfgang Press: Prostitute [R (*Prostitute I*) CAD308]

Plesantly Surprised 003. «Tables Turning» remixed by Ivo (This Mortal Coil).

NONVAR21 Various - Step Right Up: The Songs Of Tom Waits

cd NONVAR21 (1995) (excerpt): Pale Saints: Jersey Girl

Tribute album released by Manifesto Records. The Pale Saints track was probably the last thing they recorded before breaking up.

NONKS1 Various - Stille Im Meine Hamburg

7 NONKS1 (1989) (excerpt): Kendra Smith: Stille Im Meine Hamburg

Released on clear vinyl (JENNY 02).

NONSTO1 Various - Stolar Tracks (vol. 1)

cd NONSTO1 (1992) (excerpt): Lush: Superblast! [CAD2002]

NONSTO2 Various - Stolar Tracks Vol. 2

cd NONSTO2 (1993) (excerpt): Belly: Feed the Tree [R CAD3002]

CD released as a promotional item for Stoli Vodka.

NONHEN1 Various - Stone Free

cd NONHEN1 (1993) (excerpt): Belly: Are You Experienced?

Jimi Hendrix tribute album. «Are You Experienced?» written by Jimi Hendrix.

8003 Kristin Hersh - Strange Angels

cd cas CAD8003CD, CADC8003 (Feb 2 1998): Home [CAD105CD], Like You, Aching for You, Cold Water Coming, Some Catch Flies, Stained, Shake, Hope, Pale, Baseball Field, Heaven, Gazebo Tree, Gut Pageant, Rock Candy Brains, Cartoons

Coproduced by Joe Henry. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, John Patrick Salisbury and Shinro Ohtake. «Like You» coproduced by Mike Rizzo.

KH 3 Kristin Hersh - Strange Angels

cd5 KH3 (1998): Like You [CAD8003CD], Home [CAD105CD], Gazebo Tree [CAD8003CD]

Promo release.

NONLU9 Lush - Stray - Drum Club Remixes

12ep NONLU9 (1993): Stray [R CAD2002], Stray [R CAD2002], Stray [R CAD2002]

Techno remixes by the Drum Club. (Emma has done some guitar for them). The run-out grooves read «the rule is - there are no rules!» «we're not taking sides!».

4006 Kristin Hersh - Strings

7 AD4006 (1994): A Loon [Re CAD4002], Velvet Days (instrumental) [Re CAD4002]

12ep cd5 BAD4006, BAD4006CD (Apr 5 1994): A Loon [AD4006], Sundrops [Re CAD4002], Me and My Charms [Re CAD4002], Velvet Days [Re CAD4002]

String arrangements by Martin McCarrick. Recorded at Blackwing Studios, London and The Outpust, Stoughton, Massachusetts. Engineered by John Fryer and Paul Q. Kolderie. Mixed by John Fryer and Martin McCarrick (Siouxie and the Banshees). Featuring Wilf Gibson, Perry Montague-Mason, Gavin Wright, Robert Smisson, Martin McCarrick (Siouxie and the Banshees) and Billy McGee. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Paul McMenamin and Shinro Ohtake.

NONKH1 Kristin Hersh - Strings

cd5 NONKH1 (1994): Beestung [CAD4002], A Loon [AD4006], Sundrops [BAD4006], Me And My Charms [BAD4006], Velvet Days [BAD4006], The Key [BAD4001], Uncle June And Aunt Kiyoti [BAD4001], When The Levee Breaks [BAD4001]

Promo released by Sire (9 45667-2).

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